You standards are like a homo-buttsex-chain…

You standards are like a homo-buttsex-chain…
Very Gay
Written by Grandpa Dinosaur

I am probably the last person who should talk about worrying about being fat, or worrying about how a look in someone else’s eyes. I’m not saying that I haven’t been called fat. My dad calls me fat three times a day. Davitacuttita said I should write something about body acceptance and all I just think is, “what? I like myself… But I can’t train that…. What… I can’t make…”

I just don’t worry about it, and do you know why? Because two years ago I was working at a job that required me to run for a hour straight ON TOP of working an physically active job for eight hours causing be to go from a size 16 to a size 4 in four months. I’m serious. I lost twelve sizes. And guess what? I barely noticed! And if anything, I felt hungry, and tired and depressed. What caused me to gain back my weigh was an event that occurred when I was shopping at a grocery store. I was with Davitacuttita and my father, and Davitacuttita was complimenting me on my thin size in which I exclaimed, “I’m hungry and tired!”

It was then that my dad chimed in, “but you still need to loose a lot of weight.”

There are people (in my case, in my family) that will never be satisfied with your weight loss or body size. That people have different standards for beauty. LOL I got told off by this girl once when I said she looked fine and asked why she felt so insecure when I look like crap but feel great.

“Because I have standards,” and man she was mad too! What does mean? I wanted to laugh to her face. Why you have to get so mad for? That’s so stupid, you should be smiling and laughing. Only idiots masturbate to surly bishounen in the rain.

Standards are too high for me honey, I don’t want those standards, honey! YOU can have them. Go ahead. Feel ugly. Not me. Nuh uh.

I had lost twelve sizes once… That one time and NOT intentionally. I was a vegetarian, at the time, and ate a lot of organic food.

It was then I decided that “thin, healthy” lifestyle wasn’t for me. Sure, I still eat a lot of vegetarian meals and organic food, but I also make sure I enjoy myself once in a blue moon and so I get a hamburger. In truth, I DON’T CARE. As long as I don’t feel tired. And I don’t want to be skinny anyway, I love my curves. My tummy is so cute and plush. I’m s soft and squish-able. Eeee.

Currently I believe I am a size 10-7. I’m loving it.

On Sunday I had a hamburger and a fries supreme for breakfast. I didn’t care. But I wanted to eat healthy I could, I usually do! I don’t want to be obese, but I do want to have some meat on my body. My dad is going through a weight loss craze right now, he’s a former anorexic. He keeps pressuring me to loose weight. I’ll ride the exercise bike in the spring and summer, but don’t expect it to happen in the winter! I’m like a polar bear! I need my fat to keep me warm outside.

See? I failed about writing about body acceptance?

Why? I don’t have that stigma with my body. I’m RATHER sickly, yes, but my health has ALWAYS sucked. So if my body is “healthy,” I am pretty much satisfied. And that’s how I feel, I hate those fucking bitch girls, “eurh, well that’s not how I feel.” Shut up.

You see, I always try to have a “call to action” when I write, due to a CRAZY Graphic Design teacher (final year). But I don’t have one.

You know why? I can’t give someone confidence. I can’t make you feel good about your body. I can’t make you love yourself. Only you can do that.

For me, confidence is beautiful. I love when a girl is so confident, she’s wearing some crazy outfit, but she wears it! And how does she wear it and damn does she look good in it, because she works it! DAMN! And she can be fat or skinny, as long as she looks like she’s confident… Radiates confidence… I think she looks HOT!

I ALWAYS know I look good when I do, because when I put together an outfit to go out, I put on my confidence. I always go out confident! Might as well! Might as well be myself while I’m at it.

For me, I don’t have an issue with girls being too fat or skinny.

If you don’t feel confident in yourself, you’re never going to feel good. You’re always going to question what is going wrong, what went wrong. Blablablabla. Boring. I don’t see anything wrong… Unless you have a health problem… Do you? I do, but I try to not let that get to me. And to tell you the truth I don’t know how you can get that confidence. If I knew how to help you, honey, I would be a millionaire. But I don’t, so I’m not going to bother trying to talk about it.

Hopefully Davitacuttita won’t make me write about body acceptance again, because she’s gonna get another lame ass article.



~ by l on March 4, 2008.

One Response to “You standards are like a homo-buttsex-chain…”

  1. lol, are you saying this article is lame ass?

    funny story: i went for my physical examination a couple of weeks ago, and the doctor asked, what’re you doing nowadays? and I told her, i’m trying to get active, fit at least, started playing volleyball. and she said, didn’t do much good did it? you’re FAT.

    haha, i couldn’t even defend myself. i gained 15 pounds since my last examination.

    I think it’s more important to be healthy (by that, i don’t mean working out, eating healthy, etc, but i mean, overall, be in good health) and fit (as in, having enough stamina in case of an emergency, let’s say, having to run down flights of stairs because of a fire) than to be fat or skinny.

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