Best Friends Forever is goes up in flames

Best Friends Forever is Goes Up in Flames
This is the Potential Break-Up Song
Written by Grandpa Dinosaur

Something invaluable will burn quickly, I found as a child, like scrap. But sometimes invaluable things would burn slowly. Perfume was extremely flammable as I found, despite it’s expense. If I were to catch fire, I’d rather burn slowly so that I would have a chance to escape or I would try to wear things that would not burn at all. I took value in durability and quality after that, at least I had to unless I wanted to find myself in engulfed in flames.

When I was in grade school I had a girl who told me were best friends… That friendship ended badly after a month after moved away. It’s not that we lost contact, she was just fickle and wouldn’t talk to me when I called her. I later found out it was because she began to listen to the lies she got told by one friends who hadn’t moved away. Yeah, thanks. I’m glad had Davita Cuttita because the isolation and loneliness would have effect my personality detrimentally. When you’re in a new place where everyone knows each other and won’t give you the chance, every friend counts.

Years later, she feels nostalgic and wants to be friends again, because we were real best friends (she says) and I was her only real friend. She even pulled out our old exchange diaries and re-read my entries to me. UGH!

It made me feel sick.

I didn’t bother to return her responses, calls. Purposely killing any conversations she pulled up between us. Why the hell did she contact me four years later, she KNOWS what she did to me, she knows that SHE was the one who ignored me. I guess it’s true.

I tried to believe that I could be friends as long as I held on.

I guess real friends push real friends away. Up until today I felt really lonely… Really kicked down. I’m really struggling to be really nice… But fuck that!

I don’t believe in Best Friends. I did once, and it made me a chump.

There are no camaraderie between girls.

My sister-in-law is adding fuel to the fire, lying about me to save her and her husband’s ass.

And other stuff that sucks.

But I’m still looking for Nakama to find my One Piece, and if you qualify give-a-me a call.

Grandpa Dinosaur’s Rule of Friends:

1. Friends that don’t watch Akira by their own will aren’t your friend!
This my personal rule, what I find is true.
Those of my friends who have watched Akira = BFF
It doesn’t count if you watch Akira after reading this. Which leads to rule 2.

2. Best friends don’t ask you to call them best friends.
That’s not how best friends are made, Best Friends just happen. That’s just a death sentence for a friendship in my experience. Friendship is built with time and communication, the best friendships are the ones with time invested in them and mutual understanding of the other person. A friendship that is like best friends is like a marriage, where there is trust, some secrets and time away from one another–But without sex and kissing, that would be weird. I have been in long distance friendships and THEY work, I know how long distant relationships work. I am in fact have 90% long distant relationship (not because of the internet) and 10% internet friends (and growing), so when a friendship fails I know it’s not me. Friendships are a two way street.

3. Friends are like Family
Your spouse or significant other shouldn’t make you give up your friends, if IIIIIIIII AKA ME, had a significant other got between me and my NAKAMA I would totally tell them to hit the road AND I WOULD DO IT. My REAL friends, the friends I care about (which is why when friendships go bad and sour hurt) because my friends are like family. My friends are like my family I wouldn’t send them out on the street. Thank you for this one, Davita Cuttita.

4. REAL friends invest time with you
Real friends invest time with you. They don’t bring their boyfriend with them to the wave pool and make out with them as you are drowning. NOPE. Real friends call you on your birthday. If they can’t they make it up to you. It doesn’t count if they go out with their boyfriend afterwards, that means spending time with you is a chore and you are not their friend. I ALWAYS try to call at least once every two weeks or touch base, or at least have an understanding of what my friends are doing. Even if the conversation is “the same conversation,” I put weight in friendship where most people don’t unfortunately. Which is the friend…. And also the ship part. Because I like ships.

5. Real friends tell it how it is, but emphasize with you
Davita Cuttita tell me how it is all the time, but she understands that I’m living in a strict household and I dedicate a lot of time to taking care of my family and takes that into consideration. She may not always has time for me, but what little time she spends with me if it’s just going to the same mall over and over again is.

I was going to write more negative things… But in the end of the day. I want a friend that cares, I want to keep making friends. I don’t want to get upset because I had to study so much and balance my home life while in college and didn’t have a social life, and now that I have free time nobody wants to see me…

I want to move on, even if it means getting rid of old friends until they “smarten” up, because friendship is earned back.

Because really, do I want a friend that doesn’t know the fundamentals of friendship?

You see I’m gonna go off on a tangent now…

I’m gonna talk about this story I once read a story (hazy details) about a detective, once a long time ago. This detective was friends with this lady who had kids and was married and she was being pursued by some real bad guys. The detective comes and goes to confront some thugs about leaving her friend alone. So yeah, that’s said and done… She goes to her practice and it’s been burned down. Apparently if her female friend didn’t burn her house down, there would be some trouble for the lady. She had a family, yet she was gettin’ boned by this politician and to cover her tracks she burns her friends office down.

And you see, not matter how much you care about your friend… She’s gonna burn your office down to save her own skin. But you know what the moral of the story is?

What the ending of the story is?

The detective throws up her hands, the practice she spent a long time building, brick by brick has been burned down. As much as they were friends that were almost family, her friend betrayed her. In the end, Ms. Detective throw up her hands. No matter what happened, there was nothing she could do with no office anyway, her friend was on her own from now own.


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