A Short Poem!

Filler Up! No, not the car, my cranium!
Cut by: Davita Cuttita

Aahhahahahah. Ya’ll thought I was gonna say “cunt” instead of “cranium” up there, didn’t ya? Nah, this bitch is too slick for shit like that. Plus I enjoy the occassional bad joke.

Popping in quickly with Randomness!

I hate most art but I do have a certain penchant for poetry. There’s just a certain je ne sais pas quoi about words that I’ve loved since I was a little gremlin.

I just love words! That’s why I get a lady boner everytime a man can use clauses and subclauses correctly and eloquently. And if he has goals in life.

And if he’s hot. So yeah; if you haven’t figured it out by now I’m pretty busy since I gotta make time for school, exercise, more school, Saturday school, traveling back and forth between towns, family, friends and of course; the new addition to my ever-expanding time consumation causes: penis (just one; I’m not a whore).

Terribly busy right now, you know, je suis en train d’ apprendre le français, and all this other crap so there is nothing I can do.

Hmmn. Hoo~hoo.

It’s soooo interesting what you can come up with when you neglect your (anti-psychotic) medication though! I’ll do a “real” post at some point this week. Si j’ai le temps libres (I will occasionally babble in other languages; including but not limited to my own native Jamaican patois, French, Japanese and German so feel free to translate any linguistic inconsistencies you wish with freetranslation.com)

Here ya go!

“REST EASY”–by Davita Cuttita

Rest easy

Always the first one out the door in the morning

Shaking hands with the neighbours

Recycling their cat

Swelling up with envy outside the Jones’ house

Careful to eat all the neurosis in your cornflakes



Don’t forget to take out the garbage,

pick up the dry cleaning and teach your spouse a painful lesson

With the lights off, the phone off the hook

The back of your heart on rewind in slow motion

Cover the Blood-stained magazines

lie to the police and ask them to come in for coffee

Everything guilty: in the cellar

Beartrap business meetings

Arthritis at 25:00 hours

a haircut

Slowing down

Clearing your plate


regretting last night

filling your lungs with Coca-Cola

On auto-pilot, hanging from the ceiling in an Armani suit

hoping for the best

nauseated, overdosed

Never, ever, asking for more.


Cut by yours truly. Well, that’s all kiddies! G’night, Imma study me some French verbs.


~ by davitacuttita on March 17, 2008.

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