Fatties, Feminists, Racism, Oh My!

Keep the Sins and Schisms of Your “Isms” and “Ists” off Me, Bitch
Cut by: Davita Cuttita


I love my fatties on the fatosphere; many of them are nipple-lickingly good people.

My understanding of the matter at hand is that some comments had been made within the feminist blogsphere as Amanda of Pandagon had plagirized the work of a woman of colour; Brownfemipower, who has now shut down her blog.

A lot of people have very interesting thoughts on the matter. Firstly, I would like to highlight this post at Feministe as well as a great post on Fat Lot of Good in which the writer (Edit: I’ve been contacted by the writer; her name is Bri) does an excellent job of explaining her experiences as a white woman within an interracial marriage and dissects various racist thoughts she’s had and ADMITS to it; kalu-kalay, there is a God. I highly recommend this post because I say it all the time: you’ve gotta admit there’s a problem before you can fix it. Kudos to her; she’s got a new, Black, regular reader and everything she said took mounds of courage and was elegantly and above all; honestly done.

Also, we cannot forget the sharp opinions of the lovely ladies over at The Rotund and Nudemuse; my two favourite fat-power blogs.

Now…onto business.

All ya’ll know I don’t do feminism, period. Hell NO—so as I was going to post my opinion on the whole sticky mess of racism and feminism that’s been happening, I couldn’t think of what to type. After giving it a couple of tries and reading through some things to get my thoughts flowing, I realized that I already fucking wrote about this issue a while ago in my article Feministing101 during the painful birthing of this blog.

My pu$$y will never be the same.

When you’re done, you can probably take my refresher course on racism in Racist Bingo! or Grandpa Dinosaur can further point out white priveledge for you in He’s Not Mean To Me. We’re not being lazy, but the whole thing is:

1. I’m still reading up on details of what happened between Pandagon and BFP

2. I feel that in the past few weeks we’ve tackled the race issue so thoroughly, that it wouldn’t make sense to keep beating this dead horse. When you live your life with racism, you get tired of explaining to non-coloured people how bullshit it is over, and over and motherfucking over again. So by all means, please peruse all aforementioned literature as you see fit and if you haven’t already, click the linky to see what I thinky.

For further questions/comments/outrages on race or racism, the last (but not least!) KICK-ASS thing to check out is Saul Williams. The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust is one of the best albums ever; not to mention his song “List of Demands (Reparations)” putting the whole slavery/discrimination thing into perspective to a wicked beat; which was featured in that new Nike commercial so if you’ve got the balls/ovums to handle the truth of race and social constructs, Saul is your man (& mine).

Oh! And if for any reason you don’t click the video because you see his face and automatically think you’re gonna hear some hip-hop/rap lemme tell you that you’ve just had a very racist thought and should be ashamed of yourself. Not all black people are rappers; duh.

The music video for “List of Demands”


*PS: Speaking of justice, The Rotund is looking for a co-blogger. I’m obviously incapable of typing by her greatness so why duncha apply and give it a shot?


~ by davitacuttita on April 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Fatties, Feminists, Racism, Oh My!”

  1. Hey there! I am the blogger at Fat Lot of Good. Thanks for the link love. I was nervous about posting what I did, mainly because it is such a personal post and I have really put myself “out there” but at the same time I wanted to do that because it needs to be done. It is too easy for white people to just sweep the issue under the carpet and snuggle into our white privilege.

    Anyway, cheers from Down Under!

  2. Hi there, Bri!

    Thanks a lot for making your presence known. I appreciate honest people so look forward to me adding your blog to the blogroll in the near future and I’ll definitely be visiting you on a regular basis.

    Also, thank you for taking the time to come on over and give PDDP a look. We’ll be tackling the race issue EXTREMELY hard in the weeks to come…

    Warmth from Canada!

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