Angry at White, Female Fake-Feminists

Angry at White, Female Fake-Feminists

You tell me WHY NOT! Besides the regular, old people “will get hurt feelings!!!”
Written By Grandpa Dinosaur

I have a lot of white, female friends. Most of them, if not all of them are feminists and I also believe that a majority of them have image problems. I don’t want to showcase their names, how many there are or what their specific problems are. They want smaller breasts, bigger breasts, abs, they want more meat, less meat, to be skinny, curvy, want a different hair colour (black or blonde). They don’t like themselves and struggle to live up to unseen standards. I don’t understand completely why, but my research is incomplete and nothing here is recorded word for word but this is the experience of what I have seen.

What I also notice from watching these white, female feminists is their intense feelings of aggravation towards their male counter-parts. They blame men. Poor (good) men, that suffer from the secret, discreet anger or accidental outlashes towards them, the “I’m not angry at you, honey,” kind of rage towards men. They lash out their male loved ones, the media, people in magazines. They scoff at the beautiful fake women, and I wonder sometimes if they want to be that same woman. Sometimes I hear the type of thing like, “Oh, it’s men that want women to be beautiful oe else they wouldn’t want them” and then five minutes later, I would hear the response, “but not all men are like that, I guess.”

I think it’s all internalized self-hatred in the end.

Yes, there are negative images of beautiful women are in the media. (link taken from Racialicious Article on by Guest Contributor Alex Alvarez at Gunabee.)

Yes, your family may ask why you have a few extra pounds and threaten to feed you more vegetables claiming you are too fat.

The world has a perception of itself and of you, and by you I mean YOU white women. It’s up to you if you want to clock into that idea.

Eat or don’t eat. You watch what you eat, but you don’t know the basics. You’re getting sloppy!

And you can say: “but it’s everywhere. And everyone thinks like this!” Good if you want to quit, throw off your feminist sash, because you’re doing women everywhere an injustice. Buy into that idea and feel ashamed of yourself.

But it’s okay, because you put up some sort of half-assed fight and lost so don’t keep fighting until you address your misdirected self-hatred.

When I was a girl, I thought that feminists FOUGHT for the rights of women; including women like me! This kind of feminist, this fake-feminist isn’t doing a whole lot of shit for no one and is waiting for a sympathy hand out because she is sad that no one likes her or that she doesn’t feel pretty.

What about being denied a job because you’re a woman? I know I’ve been denied a job for not being pretty as well. I know girls who got denied jobs for being women—but I also know guys being denied jobs BECAUSE THEY AREN’T WOMEN! Fancy that!

Guess what?! You know what is ALSO everywhere? Racism, maybe? But you know, many think it’s not a problem… Or maybe they’re too colour-blind to notice.

Oh, you know what? People hate fat people too! But it must be okay, right? I don’t think it’s okay nor do I support it, especially since it seems everyone else is fat negative!

I studied Graphic Design for 3 years and an extra semester to break up the load work while caring for my ill mother with arthritis and depressed father. Now I know enough Graphic Design and marketing to realize all things are altered and hyper-modified to unrealistic ideals. People wanted perfect products after the first advertisement was run with the most beautiful fruits and vegetables selected. People after that wanted a perfect product that looked like what was inside the box and the standards rose. Now it’s hard to get Average Joe to pick up a less than stellar product.

I’m not doing Graphic Design right now, because I’m totally a human-loving fruit. HA! That “A” in my Morality and Social Responsibility course has always been a thorn in my side.

I’m not going to hate you for wanting the best for yourself, white feminists. (Linking order got changed, due to my inconsistencies.) But I don’t know if I can buy into your standards of beauty campaign. I don’t know if I can fight for your cause as much as you can’t fight for mine (and mostly because you don’t want to, I assume). I’m not so self-absorbed, however, I can sympathize with you, but it’s the boot out the door right after! Sometimes you are good, you try your best.

Maybe I don’t have such an image problem because of the fact that Cambodian Women don’t appear in magazines unless that magazine is a dirty mag for beating off to. And even then, it’s on the bottom rung of the porno-line because it’s not making money. In fact, I don’t see Cambodian women in a role other than a victim of sexual abuse or as a mail-order bride, OR WORSE YET the symbol of arranged marriages (Photoshop-version only, please). I look at the news and I am heart broken to see that Cambodian girls as young as three are being used as sex slaves on sex cruise lines.

Maybe that’s why I don’t have a poor body image view, I always laugh at my friends and think of it as a joke…

How can I think of myself as a beautiful, Cambodian woman when I’m not even being portrayed as a woman or even a child, or a little girl? (Let alone the Cambodian man or little boy.) We’re not even portrayed as human beings in Western society, you don’t even see us positively in the news! Since when have you last seen the face of a smiling, tanned South Asian woman with chubby cheeks?

That’s right, not even represented. Other than the basic right to be human, I do want to be a little taller. Taller than my brother, as I’m head to head with my dad.

Right now, I’m fighting for the rights for ALL women, Cambodian, Black, Jamaican, African, Mexican, Jewish, Vietnamese, Indian, Muslim, White, Irish, French, Fat, Skinny, Booty-licious, Whatever Woman you are, to feel beautiful.

Davita Cuttita explained it best when she said it, but I’m not going to mess up her awesome explanation of this. Instead, I will try to relay back as much as I can remember what the exact words were:

“Girls who think burlesque dancing is empowering are bullshitting themselves. They all want the right to be beautiful and dance on stage and have others accept that they are beautiful but what if a Hawaiian or Black or Asian fat chick were to jump on that stage and dance? Would they clap? Would they still think that was beautiful? Would they think she was being empowered?”

The current standards that have been addressed in white feminism are different than my own. My name is Grandpa Dinosaur.

I will fight for the right to be portrayed the way I want to—
and I will start by projecting a positive image of myself.

I’m proud of looking like this, even if it may be fat and un-photoshoped
(except to preserve details like awesome rays):
Gorgeous Me~!
I would like to be portrayed as such.

If you don’t like it, you can fuck off.

I’ll continue to fight for the right to look this beautiful, happy and happy to be alive.

I want to live my life like this:

And this:

This is my life.

This is my theme song:

I am not ashamed of it.

This is just a taste of who I am! And I will decide in the end, who I am. Not someone who doesn’t know me or care about me.

If your idea of feminism excludes coloured and fat people, you can take your shame and shift the blame, but leave your feminist sashes at the door. You can feel shitty about yourself, but don’t take the rest of us down with you.

I won’t let you make fat a bad word due to your misguided nature.

For the rest of you, who love Coloured Women, Fat Women and White Women and want to feel good about yourself then yeah, we can chill after I can save up money to get my own place (even though my brother and his wife have ruined yet another employment opportunity), get some drinks. Yeah, I’m no vegan but I’m okay if you’re a vegetarian (as I was for most of a year) if you’re okay that I eat meat half the time.

Other than this… Yeah.

Thank you, good night readers.

And keep reading. Because reading does your body good.


~ by l on April 13, 2008.

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