My Mortal Enemy, WE MEET AGAIN!

My Mortal Enemy, WE MEET AGAIN!

Sexism, Racism, Elitism/Classism, Privilege and the Loser-Face WALKTHROUGH
Written By Grandpa Dinosaur

Sometimes I feel like I’m a super hero is a retro-comic book, “Shounen Jump” hero or RPG Character dealing with all these things.

“If it isn’t the face of my old nemesis, SEXISM! Always trying to keep me down! There’s no way I’m cooking you breakfast! Do it—YOURSELF!”

SEXISM would be the librarian or store clerk that uses his day job as a disguise to secretly go about and commit crimes. SEXISM would be the type of villain that would whisper things like: “You’ll never catch me, woman!!” while they pass you by. Notice how I don’t specify sex at all, women can be victims and re-inforcers of sexist ideas as much as men.

Then there’s racism, RACISM is like the crooked cop or evil politician. Very insidious and tries to control your life through fear and horrible tactics. Nobody (white) believes the cop or politician is evil because they work in the the interest of the rich, white.

“Oh but RACISM just helped arrest those horrible black guns smugglers!”

“Oh RACISM, just stopped development in a endangered swamp area!”

RACISM does matter to most white people because it doesn’t effect them. I know, because no matter how much I try to talk to my white friends they try and drop the subject. Do you know? They can ignore RACISM and they think the solution to deal with RACISM is if they don’t do or say things that are racist. Which is pretty redundant if they tolerate racism, making them racist in association.

Do not worry, always remember that most “Non-racist, colour-blind people” are flame-based and weak against water and wind attacks. You will sometimes meet neutral-seeming based types, BE CAREFUL! They can be high-leveled with strong armor and often have darkness attacks. Wind and Water attacks do normal damage, it is best flee until you have armor that is a high enough level before approaching it.

And then there’s ELITISM and CLASSISM that sort of work hand in hand, it’s always a disembodied voice in the sky. Always talking down to you from a building or looking down their nose and probably in a building controlling a giant robot that tries to stomp on you. Meanwhile, there you are in your T-shirt and jeans, punching minor robots. “Where are you, ELITISM! Come down here and fight like a real man! What of you CLASSISM! Weaklings! The BOTH OF YOU!”

ELITISM and CLASSISM usually prevent you from getting the zenny or munny necessary to get the Ultima Weapon or Pirate King Set necessary to defeat PRIVILEGE. Usually you have to beat them in their own game, after you do, you either have their respect or their secret loathing.

PRIVILEGE is like the BIG BOSS at the end of a dungeon in an RPG. There is usually an orb. Or you have to fightv to get to the orb, in which you probably have to defeat all the arms and armor of the monster with a time limit to get to the orb in order to JUST to the orb until the body regenerates.


Until PRIVILEGE is defeated, it will usually spout nonsense like, “I am not racist” or “what have I done to benefit racism?” It will usually have special attacks like “why don’t you try a little harder?” which causes severe damage if you have are EARTH-based, for some reason. PRIVILEGE is usually a neutral element, but usually has almost and all darkness attacks. After you defeat PRIVILEGE, like most pillar, load bearing Bosses, you have a certain time limit to get out of the building.

If you are lucky, PRIVILEGE will become a member of your party allowing you to access secret areas and get special/rare items. But after PRIVILEGE becomes a member of your party he or she may not have the same attacks or even the same name. Their name would probably be something ordinary like STAN or JENN. You should usually take the time to level the character up a little. STAN or JENN is usually a pretty cool member of the team and was probably tainted and mind controlled by RACISM and it’s thoughts.


“MY OLD FRIEND, now enemy! How times have changed you into a weeping sack of lies! Where has your pride gone, your backbone?! BROKEN!” Yes LOSER FACE is the combination of all the above! LOSER-FACE is the member of your party that you don’t want and has bad skills no matter how much you try to level them up. LOSER-FACE is much like the Quina of FF9, you don’t know why it/she/he is in your party.

It sure eats a lot of food.

Remember to equip “FLEE” on LOSER-FACE, so that it is the last member to escape when the party is in danger. LOSER-FACE usually says, “I suck, I guess.” We don’t know why LOSER-FACE is in your party as SEXISM, RACISM, ELITISM/CLASSICM and PRIVILEGE do very little damage to it, but does very little damage in return. It is probably attributed to it’s low HOLY element and it’s high DARKNESS element due to it suffering through the various attacks by SEXISM, RACISM, ELITISM/CLASSICM and PRIVILEGE and turning LOSER-FACE to apathy.

It is best to put LOSER-FACE in the front row to soak-up damage and resurrect dead party members.

LOSER-FACE usually want to be in your party because she/he/it is lonely. There is really no reason to let LOSER-FACE into your party, as it is an optional character and has no impact on the main story-line and is not suitable for missions.

The level of seriousness of the above can be decided. I just wanted to do write something that wasn’t so dark or draining.

Good Luck on your long journey, may you level up many times and equip that Masamune some day.


~ by l on April 15, 2008.

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