The Person you Protect

The Person you Protect
Written by Grandpa Dinosaur

“[…] I am angry/upset at these members of the feminist community for their similar remarks. Some of the comment threads have been vile. I am angry/upset at us, white feminists, for not properly addressing this. Yes, I am upset and angry with myself. Because I know that I can do better. I know that we can do better. We are supposed to be in this together, and as BFP said, we have been actively ignoring and rejecting the responsibility we have to others. When we do that, we are no longer behaving in a way that could be called feminist.”

-Jill at Feministe, Having “The Answers”

If you have read “Angry at White Feminists”, this is it’s sister article: “the person you protect.”

This is when I address and issue things by straight up pointing them out.

And believe me, White Feminists have a lot to be addressed. Such as what ideals and morals will protected and fought for and what indecency (lol spelling!) won’t. What will be condoned and what won’t be condoned.

There is too much fence sitting within the Feminist Community and believe me I hate fucking fence sitter’s more than most people should.

You let me down White Feminists… You, with your fence sitting and you’re wanting to play both sides and wanting to be everyone’s friend. You let me down by thinking you could strive to be better, but you just proved to be the best god damn fence sitter ever and you know that. And in response:

“That’s the reason why you can’t play goalie! You don’t even have the will to go to the CHAMPIONSHIPS!!! You and your wishy-washy attitude is gonna take down the team! Now run ten laps and ACTUALLY absorb some of the shit I’ve said!”—Is what I would say if this was a football manga.

Now I’m going to quote a friend of mine. She said: “the person you hate is someone else’s loved one.”

Despite her being a total bitch at times, I agree. The person you care about can do a lot wrong… But that doesn’t mean defend them to the point where they don’t learn their mistake. That’s an example of your privilege, ladies. You have bought many ideas to be shared with your voices and shown your support of what you think is right and what you think is wrong—and there in lies your FAILURE.

Let’s say your loved one insulted someone else, there’s a point where YOU step back and let them take responsibility for what they did. Who got hurt? BROWNFEMIPOWER. And this isn’t a new thing, I feel sorry for all your coloured friends that have to sneak around you because they know you don’t defend their asses. This is the exclusion and fence-sitting I am talking about, that a majority of White Feminists are to blame. A fence sitting that supports and belittles issues and displaces facts and history.

Excuse me, Fake Feminists. I don’t want to accidentally put in the good feminists in a box with the bad ones. You don’t even know what you’re fighting for anymore, you fake feminists. What do you want? The right for women to be considered human beings?

I CALL shenanigans on that shit right now. You only care about WHITE women being considered human beings and being treated with respect. You do VERY LITTLE to support coloured women with your voices, you will link to our cause. Just summarizing our problem and moving on, but when it comes to actions you do nothing. You are all hot air.

When I….. Me…. Grandpa Dinosaur… When I am on the streets, YOU BEST believe I’m reinforcing the idea that I should be a human being.

You don’t do that, White Feminists as soon as you are out of sight, you are rubbing elbows with the people who put us down. You tolerate it and you tolerate a lot of shit that I have worked VERY fucking hard for and many coloured women work hard to address if WRONG. That kind of fence-sitting in my eyes, that’s the equivalent of the Prime Minister of Canada jollying it up with Hitler—and that man’s face strikes fear in my heart.

Face it, you don’t care and you don’t have to care! That’s privilege! And acknowledge that you are IGNORING the problems of coloured women to foster and protect your relationships with OTHER PEOPLE. With privilege and ignorance and the arrogance to be all coy and cute about it.

Address that shit, and if this doesn’t apply to you, then good for you! We can get a drink sometime, I like Iced Tea! If you even TRY a little to address that shit, TRYING, TRYING is important, I will hug you! People don’t try, they just say and talk as if that makes things okay for now. I thought Feminists were trying to make things better, fight for the right to be human and for equal opportunities. Trying, even if failing is okay. It’s okay if you’re not the best Feminist, whatever colour you are, as long as you try.

As long as you try, that’s important. If you try and fail, it’s still a little closer to your goal.
If you just talk and talk, you go no where and help no one.

Those who have a voice and speak more loudly than anyone else YET CHOOSE not address the most simple problem, which is: the lack of respect within the feminist community.

The lack of the respect which has developed into the most foul and rancid stench emanating from Amanda. If someone does something wrong that person should take responsibility by acknowledging the wrongs that they has committed and takes steps to address how to change things.

Not cry or say, “what do you want to me do? Everyone’s giving me a hard time! WAHHHHHH” Amanda, I don’t even know you, but I’m calling YOU out on your shenanigans. That’s bullshit! You stole someone else’s ideas and research for ATTENTION and if you have ANY SORT of MORAL CODE you would know what you did was wrong! Clean up your shit, it’s STILL ALL OVER THE PLACE and rotting. It stinking up ever blog I got to.

The basic child care or basic pet care of cleaning shit up is a skill which, I see, you clearly lack, which is not surprising when understanding only person you care about is yourself, number one. So for that you should get treated like the garbage you are! I’m addressing you are garbage, and because you you we lost a good Feminist blogger who really cared about HUMAN BEINGS and people OTHER than herself! We lost that person’s selflessness and supported your SELFISHNESS. Which I will address, you are one selfish something.

A something that I will not consider worth to stand by myself.

Yeah, I’m fucking raw today. Best believe it.

I call bullshit on the idea: “The person you hate is someone else’s loved one.”

Stuff like is the REASON why Feminism is having problems recruiting more members: everyone is coming from different walks of life and can’t unite. There are too many different types of feminism, in fact THE FACT that the fact that White Feminist’s and Coloured Feminists can’t agree to fight for the same simple cause to be treated like HUMAN BEINGS is frankly disgusting and appalling. And it’s not like I’m not withdrawing my handshake of friendship, the slime from sitting on the fence is making it difficult to grab a hold of my hand. You better wash your hands, ladies. That is one slimy fence.

Oh White Feminists, you have failed us again! I owe Davita Cuttita a Grandpa Burger at A&W for being so right!

How much are you willing to let the rules bend for someone who is your friend. “He’s not mean to me,” those words will always remind me of the big divide between my white “feminist” friends and myself, and I know this.

Davita Cuttita asked me if it was okay to let some of my friends read this blog and I said straight up, “they don’t understand and they don’t care.” It’s something more than privilege that my friends have, they have the right to be ignorant and choose to be! And ignorance and privilege go hand in hand.

Davita Cuttita and I are both radicals in this respect, knowing for something as basic as getting respect for ourselves we could die. I tell Davita Cuttita ever now and then, “you know we’re radicals, right? You know we might get killed one day.”

I think we’ve been through enough bullshit that we can sacrifice a little comfort for the big picture.

I know I’m a radical, and I know I might get killed one day for writing the truth, with all the emotions—good and bad. You guys have got too much privilege to even understand that this problem I’m fighting to solve is more than issue of gender. But the ignorance, shit man. Fuck!

If you can turn away, you’ve got some nerve. That’s more than privilege, that’s fucking ignorance and you gotta be fucking arrogant and shit in order to do that. Women of colour suffer every, fucking day at the hands of carelessness and ignorance. They fall between the cracks and are often forgotten, and it is you who have forgotten them because of your privilege. You are so willing to ignore what is going on to maintain friendships and include people who have obviously done wrong things, at the expense of coloured women and the issues and perhaps I may go as far to say the issues of their children.

You have forgotten why you are a Feminist. If you are a White-Rights only Feminist, then leave your sash at the door. How dare you carry such a esteemed title with pride, let me be the one who exposes your shame. Do not even think that joining a cause or movement is easy.

It’s okay, I’m a radical. I know I might get killed one day for wanting to be human. And I’m glad that Davita Cuttita is okay with it too.

It’s sad just to know that it’s such a radical thought to want to walk down the street and not be harassed and jeered as a woman and a coloured person.

But it’s okay, I’d rather die then let someone deny me the right to be human and live a good life. I keep trying to keep the important thing in check: As long as I try, that’s important. Even if I fail, it’s still a little closer to my goal. But I’m not willing to throw my life away for a cause that suppresses or trivializes the problems of coloured people for friendships.

White Feminists, you got a lot more adressing to do.


~ by l on April 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Person you Protect”

  1. Well said Gpa.

    Also can I come to A&W too? I really really want a float and a burger.

  2. LOL Do you live in Canada? The Grandpa Burger has many patties!!

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