The Person You Protect & The Silence of Others

The Person You Protect & The Silence of Others
Cut by: Davita Cuttita

If you have read “The Person You Protect” this is its daughter.

It’s angry, prodigal daughter.

Really and truly, I believe Grandpa Dinosaur said it best when she said “I believe there is too much fence-sitting in the feminist community”.

Nobody wants to get their fucking hands dirty; just like the partriarichal stereotype, women look the other way and submit, submit, submit, submit and submit some more. Not just to men now, NO NO! Now women, (fake?), White, feminist women; will pretty much swallow any kind of shit on command.

I am going to admit that I had never read Brownfemipower’s blog because, if I do have to say it again; I don’t *do* feminism and these kinds of circumstances is one of the reasons why. There’s nothing like believing you’re a part of a community until you’re thrown to the wolves while everyone else just keeps on washing their hands clean of everything. I am sorry BFP had to go through that because as a coloured woman, there is no escape. You do not win, ever. And you can join every feminist party in the universe and ban bras, throw your bloody tampon into the crowd even! Let’s go femicrazy, fuckers! RIGHTS FOR EVERYONE, JUST TAKE ‘UM!!

It doesn’t matter. Because in the end, you’re a speck in a snowbank and what happened to BFP stands as more than enough proof.

Will there be justice? Hold on…my niggasense is tingling–no, no there won’t be.

“But why, Davita? Why can’t you just believe?”

I can’t believe because of the silence of others.

Brownfemipower has silenced herself.
White women silence themselves in the face of racial adversity.
Coloured women silence themselves and creep around because when they talk about this kinda shit to their White counterparts, it goes in through one ear and out through the other. It goes off-topic into “I’m just like you, I’m human!” dialogues that go up the asshole and disappear.

Nothing gets done, no one can shave their legs, everyone complains, someone talks about something, and before we know it we’re RIGHT BACK WHERE WE STARTED.

I know not everyone is quiet on this issue, I know there’s a lot of other women; White women, Black women, Indian women, Asian women; screaming in this room beside me.

For a while I silenced myself because I have OUTRAGEOUS fucking no-nos towards feminism. Outrageous no-nos that don’t make friends and make the White women ruffle their feathers when I talk about it.

Because people, IT IS racial adversity when someone takes something from you and based on your race; people kinda look at you cock-eyed and are all like “Now, what do we do?”

SOMETHING, ya idiot.

Thank you for snipering BFP with your White priveledge! Coloured women barely get to talk about anything at all, we have no voice anywhere. Oh, what would us coloured women do without women like Amanda, slitting our throats in our sleep and bathing us in our own blood?

Thank you Amanda for slitting some coloured throats! Thank you Amanda for refusing to take responsibility for your actions! Thank you Amanda for making out yourself to be the victim because when coloured people talk, OF COURSE we’ve gotta White wash something they say, right?

What a mighty goddess we must serve! One I can’t wait to strangle with my bare hands. One I can’t wait to see perish, one that will not be attending the Second Coming.

One that really sucks.

I hope Amanda of Pandagon is so proud of herself her head explodes.
I hope the Feminists that did nothing are so proud of themselves too that they choke on their own pride.

I hope the people that did something, anything; learn from this.

Fuck Feminism. I’m SPEAKING.


~ by davitacuttita on April 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Person You Protect & The Silence of Others”

  1. Yes, I agree with you on the issue of dark skin colors in the mainstream media.

    I think you need to watch some good African TV show to see how different the situation can be.

    I would also like to ad that some really cool people see no black in people at all. All they see is dark brown, the shades of coffee and hues of dark orange.

  2. Hi Andre,

    Glad you agree! There are a few shows (unfortunately) outside of the mainstream media that really showcase Black individuals and the varying “shades” they come in. One of my favourites is a documentary on clowning/krumping dance called “Rize” by David LaChapelle. Check it out.

    Thanks for dropping by. ^_^

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