What Are YOU Hungry For?

Cut by: Davita Cuttita


It is June and I just realized that it has been a year since stopped dieting.

I felt like Bob Barker just told me to “Come on down!”, I could hear “The Price is Right” theme music looping in my brains.

So let’s talk about dieting and who diets and why I talk about it here.

For my adorable stalkers who know me ever-so-well, it is a known fact that despite the fact I’m 5”7 and 130lbs I am a big fan of the Fatosphere. For those of you unfamiliar with what that is; it’s simply a compilation of blogs on the internet all toting the same message: Fat acceptance which, in a nutshell basically says “We’re here, We’re Fat, We’re People” (although some blogs on the Fatosphere are run by thin and average sized people).

I’ve already touched on how fat people are dehumanized and humiliated just because of their size quite a few times on PDDP already; if you’re so inclined; ya’ll can check one of those posts for more info if you haven’t done so already.

For those of you familiar with the Fatosphere, you know that there is this “law” that floats around all like “NO DIET TALK HERE” and “do not talk about diets!” and rar-rar-rar which is completely understandable because when people talk about diets; it usually goes something like this:

Dieter: I am on the {insert gimmick} diet! I lost twenty pounds in three weeks!

Non-Dieter: OK, good for you.

Dieter: THANKS! I was such a FAT COW before and it was so much HARD WORK but I do it to look good and take care of myself! I didn’t think I could ever lose the weight! You know, I did the {insert gimmick} diet before but it didn’t really work out; I gained it all back but this time I know it’s going to stay off for sure.

Non-Dieter: Oh, that’s good.

Dieter: Look! I lost {insert number} sizes! Don’t you think I look much better?

Non-Dieter: You look great.

Dieter: THANKS!

And it just goes on for FUCKING EVER like that! Did you see what just happened there?

Dieters just start fishing for compliments and reinforcement for what they’re doing. The only people who deserve that type of ass-kissing unprompted are people who save lives, punched a Nazi, fight poverty and social injustice or are/have been Nelson Mandela.

In retrospect, it’s easy to see why fat people don’t want this type of shit on their blogs; especially when they’re just trying to live their lives feeling like human beings in a world that lumps their appearances with the bovine gene pool and their emotional capacities with rocks.

Well, why are we talking about it here?

Because we need to, duh.

I believe there can be constructive diet discussions without it spiralling into a vanity-fest. We can talk about how we feel on diets, our experiences with diets, diets that made us feel good, diets that made us feel like crap, and so on.

She’s Black, he has a penis and that’s a gay couple, but you know what?

I bet you they’ve all been on a diet before!

Plus, diet doesn’t necessarily mean what kind of weight-loss gobbledigook you’re doing; no—a diet is what you eat and don’t eat on a regular basis.

So I’ve lay down a carpet, a little common ground if you will. Wanna talk about diets? OK. Not all diets are ridiculous like Beyoncé’s whole Maple syrup nonsense. Sometimes people have a detox diet for a little while trying to clear up free radicals or whatever. So, yay for cleansing! I dunno.


  • People talking about who “needs to” be on a diet and who doesn’t
  • People telling other people they should go on a diet

Am I encouraging people to start dieting? NO. 

Am I encouraging people to positively educate eachother on something that, is more often that not, explotative and shaming in nature? YES.

Other times though, people have scary diets. I did a year ago. They eat next to nothing, exercise excessively and in the worse case scenario, end up with horrible eating disorders like bulimia or anorexia. We need to talk about diets; all diets; the good the bad and the ugly. This way, we can exchange ideas, experiences and theories—hopefully people will read about a dangerous diet experience someone had and decide not to do it, maybe someone else will read about a safe and reasonable way to lose weight; if that’s their prerogative. And we’re all free to say whatever we want about each diet or even diets in general; when it comes to the human body and discussion, there should never be a “do not enter” sign.

Moving on.

So who diets?

When I typed “diet” into Google Images all I found was a lot of pictures of skinny White girls and White men covered in muscles. Beyonce was on page 5 but that girl has been on thin ice with me since ’04 so I’m not even gonna go there right now, that’s why I read Crunk & Disorderly.

Why so many White people?

A lot of Asian cultures also value thinness as the ideal; so why aren’t I seeing all these diet tips from them?

My Black Japanese friend I previously gushed about gets magazines (I think they’re the Japanese version of “Seventeen”) from Japan sent to her each month by her friends. I flip through the book, read the little I can and gaze upon the pretty pictures. There’s a lot on how to apply make-up, what jeans make your ass look nice and all the crazy positions you can have sex in but nothing on diets. I always ask her what’s going on in the mag of course but there’s nothing on diets. Not a word.

I read Ebony, a Black focused magazine, when I’m at the hair dresser seeking inspiration for a new style. Lots of relationship advice, great hair tips, fashion details, interviews with celebrities and a little bit of gossip. No diet advice though.

Hmn. Interesting.

Open up Elle or Vogue; fuck it, you don’t even have to open it! The advice is right on the cover of the magazine! I must be blind.

But wait—Oprah’s magazine tells you to lose weight, too and well, last time I checked Oprah was Black and has been on tons of diets.

This may have to do with the fact that in our society, White is pretty much seen as the pinnacle of perfection (tall & blonde ring a bell, anyone?) so they’re expected to uphold and portray impossible standards more than anyone else. REMEMBER! Society’s definition of beauty doesn’t really include people of colour much. Or at all. Sounds like another article I should write…

So fat people, regular people, skinny people, whatever people, aliens—please feel free to talk here about diets or even, not dieting. But if you come here looking for someone to praise your achievements and encourage you please go away and consult your Kindergarten teacher before I have to come to your house and throw hamburgers through your window and a brick of lard through your car’s windshield.

I’ll even put whole milk in your morning coffee.

This is about helping people stay informed, connected and educated; not ego-stroking.


~ by davitacuttita on June 6, 2008.

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