Anime North 2008


How delightful!


Sorry, I have been absent for like… More than a month. I’ve been cosplaying (costume play) and cosplaying makes me lose weight. I was pretty much 2 pounds from being underweight and I really want to be 2 pounds from being overweight so I’ve been on a strict diet of hamburgers. And wouldn’t mind being overweight but my dad would cut off my food supply after that—AGAIN. And hey, if I can eat hamburgers everyday than I will walk that slippery slope. And before you say it—the doctor says I also loose weight from stress so the fat is actually acting as a cushion to save my ass.

So the cats out of the bag, I’m a anime nerd. And if you haven’t noticed my user pic is actually Void (of the God Hand) from Berserk, so I’m pretty hardcore because NOBODY cosplays Berserk.

Last Year I was ______

This was last year, 2007! XD I’m in the middle!

(People died in that eclipse. THEY DIED!!!) And add to that I’m a 5′ 1 1/2″ Cambodian girl, hilarity ensues.

But in the end, I am glad I’m an anime nerd.

And that in itself is GREAT. I hope I continue on so that I may eventually die single and alone without pets, never truly finding love, body found amongst the sea of my anime RATHER THAN get married and become an extension of my spouse and dutifully raising children that I secretly abhor. And you’re all going “that not right, I’m sure you’ll find some who love—” Shut the fuck up! I WANT to live this way, I don’t want to aspire to your ideals of what a perfect life is like. And you may resent me, or even hate me, but I don’t want your lame everyday happiness.

Still with me, all right: Let’s-A-GO!

I’ve been going to Anime North for many, many years since it transferred from the Regal Constellation in 2003 to two hotels (the Doubletree, the Renaissance) and the Toronto Congress Centre as it currently remains. I think I started going to conventions since 2003 and I’ve only been to two (Anime North and ) but I’d like to increase it this year and am aiming for more Conventions.

I’m mostly here to give a con report and basically tell you I ditched you all to hang out with Naruto and Ichigo from Bleach (and I’ll do it again)!

Names are changed to protect the innocent.


Friday Morning, woke up at 8:30… Threw myself together. Had a bowl of yogurt and a glass of orange juice and ask Davita Cuttita rare is the day that I go without eating yogurt and drinking both orange juice and tea. She can vouch for that. Packed stuff for Nominoichi. Printed out the Hotel slips, Convention Group Reg. Slips, my cosplay, Nominoichi paper work, my books and crap to sell. And my laundry was still wet, but my parents work was slow so they helped me dry my laundry and pack.

Got my cosplay together (I need to finish my sword. I’ll do it…… in two week from now, after I go get my G1), I did Gut’s Berserker armor. So I’ll start with I’ve been working of constructing armour for a month and a half and yes… I only used cardboard, newspaper and carpenter’s glue. So you can imagine I was running late… I got pretty damn far, my one fatal mistake was I didn’t buy black clothes—that and I ran out of hot glue to attach the armour. I’m wearing it on Halloween. It’s FRIGGAN HUGE! (My pride and joy only based on the fact I was Guts from Berserk). I’m going to repaint the whole thing in Mars Black too.

Lion_Rose, the alias of the driver and my partner for the duration of the con for some reason, showed up late—I’m just joking, she was just doing stuff that I don’t remember. It’s usually me that’s late. My mom was home to help me ready the stuff and reminded me to throw out my cosplay before coming home. LOL It’s fair, I SERIOUSLY only do Mascots because believe it not I love cosplay, but I am incredibly shy.

So we arrive at the con, and you know you’re driving up to a Convention when Gin from Bleach is walking along side Urahara and just chillingly chatting with a Kingdom Hearts Cosplayer. Smells like Ani-con. Oh, Anime Conventions are NOTORIOUS for being filled with sweaty non-bathers but as I later learned that day, sometimes it’s the collective smell of girls wearing up to 150 different colognes that gives certain passage ways in the hotel that special urine smell.

Lion_Rose and I, finished getting our con badges (curse the fact I had no photo camera, BUT A VIDEO CAMERA!!! YES! I HAVE VIDEO! ) that would let us attend the convention happily. Later we would meet up with Lion_Rose’s boyfriend, who we will call Tricky and a SHIRTLESS MAN WHO WILL REMAIN NAMELESS (shameless) (O_O) to check into our hotel. I had gotten two rooms with a room occupancy of 4 people. Tricky was the person in the other hotel room and was greatly annoyed and disappointed that we couldn’t put down-payments… I assumed we could but the bitch that was serving us wanted things to be more convenient (thus actually making things less convenient) and being a hard ass about giving us the two other room cards causing Sarah-san to wait until she was finally be allowed up without a card to wait for Dani (one of the other roomers) us to line up twice once  arrived. It let us catch up, I was an asshole.

I hadn’t eaten solids (besides Sarah-san’s horribly fruit to go which I spat out) and it soon became 4:00pm.

For all the complaining that Tricky did about the Doubletree being a pain in the ass I’m glad that we weren’t in Park Plaza (AKA Puke Hall, where the parties go to puke). I heard a con story… LOL Actually Tricky’s friend’s hotel room being covered in puke from room party. DEAR LORD! Ironically, in Puke Hall.

So yeah, we took a break, then both Sarah-san and Dani had to had to line up again for their Con Badges so both Lion_Rose and I went to get hamburgers at Harvey’s, went to the Toronto Congress Centre, ate in the cafeteria, met up with Sarah and Dani. We also had to rush over to Nominoichi to do some vending where we met both Lion_Rose’s and Davita Cuttita‘s friend from University while selling. She like dating sims of the Moe variety, which means she likes computer games in which you date girls up to the age of 13, maybe older but overall the characters look like children—in short, that means she’s a bad person.

I sold everything at Nominoichi, which is a market in which you sell pre-used goods. T’was fun. I made 160 dollars. Taking forty and putting it towards the room.

Besides that, it was a laid back Con. Accept for me running around and painting in the dark with Lion_Rose… Thank you Lion_Rose.

We all chatted at night and passed out. I’m not used to not doing nothing. At that moment I missed my Vegeta loving ally. We watched the late night TV broadcast, of which I could name bomb all night.


Woke up the earliest. Showered. Lion_Rose left as it took forever to assemble both my and Sarah’s Cosplays. (Note: Cosplayers are notoriously messy and late.) Our day started at 12:00 (Why I filmed and and cosplayed? I dunno.)

Saturday is a big blur of mostly missed events. Went to the convention hall, and Gatsu was frightening and much hated. Hahaha. Except by true Berserk fans. I did it for you Berserk-ians. I met with Candidk***, Lion_Rose’s younger sister and glommed onto her. She was cosplaying a baterica from Moyashimon. We were a strange pair of horribly gruesome and cute.

I think I hung out with her a lot, but then I re-united with Lion_Rose (but not before hastily assembling my ugly cosplay! YES! BERSERK FAN’S FOR THE WIN!) to got to the Japanese Cooking class—that was full… And late… And not on time. OH CONVENTION’S! We skipped out and went to hang out under some fluttering, magenta trees. I likes it there. We should hold a mini-event there next year. After that I decided I would stay in the Renaissance next year. It always quiet and laid back there, 24/7.

I started falling ill and getting sick at 5:00pm (or something), when we united at ate at Swiss Chalet. No wonder I lost 10 pounds! One meal a day… Dude… And it wasn’t like… All fattening. I need fat in my food, I lose weight fast.

Eventually we all headed back to the room and then I met up with Rahiru and Candidk*** and Christine and DYlaan. I chilled in their car, until it was time to go to Anime Hell (but not before getting my second ice cream of the day. Anime Hell was all right, I liked it. Masquerade getting in was fail once again. LOL

Uhh… After I Re-united with Sarah-san, Rahiru and Lion_Rose. Dani had already left for home. We walked Christine and Rahiru back to their car with plans to go to the dance after… But the dance would not allow bags due to drug/alcohol abuse. Oh Sephiroth! So I handed away MY BLADE in order to go to the dance (Rahiru has it now), yeah I carry heat I have enough enemies as it is.

So yeah, went to the room. Sarah-san fell asleep, determined to go watch or do something Lion_Rose and I ventured off (for naught) and watched the last half of “Macross do you Remember Love. (A good movie.) Lion_Rose saw her cool friend, and I ended up ditching her due to fear of passing out. In front of my enemies? No thank you?

I went to bed.


Woke up… Showered, DID NOT KNOW HOW TO DRAIN THE BATH, thus Lion_Rose did not bathe after me. We managed to get our luggage down being the highest room, up! (SHWING!!) After that I decided I was going to attend ONE panel, going to none all three days before. We paid the hotel, we got a nice black lady this time and she was happy to get exact change. I took the twenty we had left over and allotted it to feed whoever wanted to be fed so I bought hot dogs. The hot dog stand hilariously only had ketchup, mustard, pickles and relish. (Don’t kid yourself, that’s all we want.)

Went to the Congress Centre, spent… Um…. 120 dollars (actually not that much at a con) on yaoi (gay porn) and met with Candidk*** and her BF and left the hotel with them. LOL I tried to protect Candidk***, but she was still hugged by a random guy. Um… Sorry? At least she wasn’t attacked.

So we chilled and read “Little Darling”, LOL I ditched Sarah-san in the Dealer’s Room. She was mad… Especially because it was for one hour, Hurr hurr hurr I ditched her again.

Went to the Phoenix Wright panel… LOL YOU ALL KNOW WHY I WAS THERE!!!

But we skipped out early to go shopping again (I think) and then to the Haruhi Dance Competiton… DELAYED! CRAPPY! NO ONE COULD DANCE! AND THEN…. LUCKY STAR DANCE!!

(I screamed a blood curdling scream.)

I fucking HATE LUCKY STAR!!!!


Then we went to Tricky’s Pizza Party… Eh… I really… Meh…My thoughts in part two!

Oh, And do you go to (anime) cons? If so, please share a Con Story. I love Con stories. Please share!!!

I\'m hiding!!

“Uhhuuuuu!!! See you next time!”


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