EURO-CENTRIC, UNCE UNCE: Afro-Centric and Euro-centric Schools

[DISCLAIMER] If you are not acting out in the manner described and if you are not a “racist white person” then you should not take offence to what I have to say about this. Continue and beware! If you read this article and find yourself getting mad and saying “I’m not racist!” You are probably racist and yes, your friend who acts like how the following reading suggests might be racist.

If you are truly not racist, you can take a sigh of relief because Grandpa Dinosaur is not talking about you. I write in a stream of consciousness, so sorry for the jumps and leaps. (FACT: I’m actually really good at running on roof tops.) [DO THE DISCLAIMER DANCE]


Do you Drift?

Euro-centric, unce unce

I need some Two-Mixx on mah radio, we be driftin’

Written by Grandpa Dinosaur

I went to school in the Greater Toronto Area and I will tell you this: there were a noticeable amount of teachers who were very unhappy to teach coloured students and were outright racist. Even when there were White teenagers acting out, the only people who would be singled out were coloured students. You see, “Up North,” schools do not teach race tolerance. In places where I have seen the most White people in my life, King City, Schomberg, Nobleton, Kettleby, the lists goes on—racial slurrs are commonplace and stereotypical thoughts towards coloured people, foreigners and even non-blonde white people. Even seeking non-Eurocentric Classes to find that even World studies was just another study about American History.

Reflecting on all my experience in education, I remember growing up in Toronto, amongst other Coloured poor children. Being anti-racist and proud of your heritage were encouraged despite the school curriculum being taught by a majority of White teachers—these teachers taught positive change and positive thought to a group of children living in a crime and drug-filled world. I can get behind my Elementary School teachings, but I want all Coloured kids to get through Elementary. I want them to know the basics of life, I don’t want even some of them to drop out of school… and during basic Elementary School at that.

I was reading up on Racialicious, (because the name makes me think delicious! XD) and saw that Afro-centric Schools were being brought up, so I decided to write my thoughts on not Afro-centric Schools, but Euro-centric schools and give the old school system a little “jab-jab” with my knife. If you haven’t figured it out, I am very PRO-Afrocentric schools for the reason of do anything to keep these kids in school because they need a future and to be taught to do the right thing.

Usually, I keep my mouth shut until I have a suggestion and this time I have one:


If you’re thinking “Huh?”, then you’re dumb. I’m sorry.

Davita Cuttita and I often talk a lot, (being BOSOM PALS!!) and one of the things we usually discuss is the fact that in history lessons and studies, the textbooks tend to gloss over “touchy” subjects and portray only the parts that paint White people in a positive light when it comes to racism.

Davita Cuttita, in fact investigated her thirteen year-old brother’s textbooks to see if the history of hate crimes against Native people were included in it after he asked her if “the settlers and the Native People were friends.” Upon reviewing the chapter in which he claimed to have found this “fact”, Davita found that INDEED, the History textbook talked about how they shook hands and spent time together. Davita supposes that the supposed “shaking of hands” was a synoymn for “gave them and their famillies blankets infested with lethal diseases” and the time they spent together was brief as typically, the Natives only spent enough time with the White man to die.

If you don’t know what the White Settlers and Forefathers did to Canada’s original inhabitants, then you either have failed Canadian History or Canadian History has failed you. I won’t blame you either, it’s glossed over so fast or skipped over in the textbook it might have well never even happened. Like, whole races of Natives people weren’t “relocated” or wiped out. This is why Euro-centric Schools fail, people!

And if you don’t know basic history, you’re doomed to repeat it.

As I said before, (some) White people are afraid to reflect upon their own actions and history. They’re happy to ignore the problems of someone else if they don’t want to or don’t have to deal with them. They make up excuses, like “she’s just jealous!” in order to avoid thinking about the problem.

Some White people (but not all) are douche bags that try to make the problems that THEY have caused other people into someone else’s. Coloured people have been sighing for ages about this. I think if as a individual, you can’t reflect and say, “you know my sister, Kelli is a bit racist” then you aren’t worth my time.

And if you can’t even think of other people, besides yourself, your family and your friends for even five minutes—then reading this isn’t going to change your mind because you have already decided you don’t care.

Here, I’ll write your thoughts for you (if you’ve got “the apathy”): “Poor Poor/Native/Black/Coloured people. Oh well, it’s UNFORTUNATE you know. What can you do?”

Here’s what you do, you get out of my way because you’ve already shown that you don’t care and THIS ISSUE of Afro-centric Schools doesn’t effect you—oh wait! It does! Wouldn’t want them teaching Black children rap in school! (Just a little sarcasm. Okay non-racists, I’m not talking to you, but you can read along. I love you! *hugs*) “Wouldn’t want a Black Person to usurp me down the road in University, I’m lazy after all! Wouldn’t want there to be reverse-racism, it’s not like they’d teach RACE TOLERANCE—SHUCKS! We don’t even teach race tolerance!”

Sometimes I talk to people and they way they describe these schools make them sound not like schools, but places that are training soldiers for a war.

You guys… probably… Wonder about the type of people I talk to, don’t you?

Your apathy is the knife in my back, it’s the reasons why so many of my friends are gone and fallen and sorry if I’m not permitted to HATE the FUCK out of you. (Again, non-racist White people, I’m not talking to you. Don’t get all jittery! Racist White people, I mean RACIST! If you don’t pull or think this shit, it’s NOT ABOUT YOU!)

People are all up in arms, yelling “It’s segregation!”You wanna talk about segregation? Canada has just recognized the wrongs of their ancestors segregating the Native children from their families and putting them into Euro-centric Assimilation schools where they were often abused. It’s an extreme example, but guess what!? There are already Catholic schools and don’t tell me that those schools aren’t full of Italians man—Joking, my brother went to a Catholic school…. And he didn’t finish. (Urk…) There are a lot of religious schools and private schools filled with what? White learning designed only for White People. Black history month is once a year, White history month is every day of the year, six hundred years and counting.

For me, I want to see a struggling Black student GET from Kindergarten to University. If being exposed to a environment that enriches their life, teaches them who they are and can be and they are around students and faculty with a learning curriculum supports them; inspiring him or her, then please, by all means! I don’t want to hear that another Black child has dropped out of Elementary school! No more!

**Edit: I would like to add, because I might have neglected to, but this but after reading Restructure’s take on Africentric Schools, I would like to mention that this school allows people of all nationalities and backgrounds to attend. People think this is a segregation school, it is not. I don’t know what is so demeaning towards Black Children to force them to learn [Heads up to Loopzilla for making me think to add this point] their own history and feel proud of themselves as human beings. There is also an article in the Toronto Star on Afro-Centric Schools.**

I’m not saying that schools should be less White, not teach English and remove European History and Canadian History and the History of the first two Worlds out of the books—but I can’t agree to standards that gloss over the history of crimes done to Coloured people and fails to recognize it’s own internalized racism.

Most average, everyday white people fail to recognize coloured people as Canadian Citizens, owners of property and as people. AND by recognize as people, I mean as fellow human beings.

Let me explain:

Most Average White people fail to recognize their views are racist because their thoughts are an accepted perception of their world and their peers. Their friends, family and neighbours reinforce these ideals and teach them certain “values”. Look at the ads of top class magazines and you’ll see many stereotypical images of White people–rich, beautiful, smart, educated, normal, attractive. What are Coloured people? Exotic, non-normal, dehumanized, fetishized and of course, Whitewashed.

The favourite language of assimilation and choice is English. (Second being French and I fail at French. No really!) But where is this leading? I talk to a lot of White teachers and adults and they often speak of cities, towns and streets with ownership. Even if they no longer live there. “This is my town, this is my backyard, this is my street—but now it’s different.”

And if you don’t know what they mean by different, they mean that said place is developed and/or coloured people have moved in.

It doesn’t matter if I move in and have been living there before them. I talk to a lot of white people and they treat us like we’re the foreigners paying rent on their land. They speak as though they are demanding tithings. They don’t care about their ancestors killing off the Native’s peoples and they act as if they were the first Settlers washing up upon Virgin Soil.

They truly believe they own the land because the language is English and the schools are Euro-centric and the world they perceive is White. And they may not even realize that they are being racist, but I believe that these groups of white people can be blind in their self-centered nature.

In my neighbourhood, I always hear “this is/was my street, and now it’s different” (and I always hear it from a White person), I usually reply with: “Well, people need somewhere to live.”

A King City girl once tried to teach me once in these very words, “White is Right.” I’ll be fair, she was teaching me of how to remember my left from my right (I’ll admit I still have trouble), but even my Muslim friend’s jaw dropped. He started shaking his head, mouthing the words “Don’t listen”.

I still have trouble with left and right to this day but you can’t teach someone if you can’t even acknowledge that you can’t even recognize your own racism. You fail! REPEAT!

Actually—No, don’t repeat! I’ll teach, you stop teaching. I need to teach the right thing and it’s not going to be Euro-centric, but best believe I only teach in English. I believe there should be a teaching standard, but a fair one and not some game where I may win or lose.

I promise you I’ll do a better job then you EVER will. Your time is over, it’s my time to talk.

Is a Euro-centric teaching system positive for Students of Colour? I think it really fails not only us, but White Students as well as they are unaware of EVEN the current situation that Native people and children are dealing with right now as a result of what happened in the past. If there is to be no Afro-Centric Schools, I think the Canadian School Curriculum needs to change the curriculum to reflect the needs of it’s most struggling and needy students and it’s growing multicultural population.

Don’t give me this shit about Toronto being a World Class City!
Don’t give me that shit at all!

Not when children are failing Elementary School!



~ by l on June 18, 2008.

22 Responses to “EURO-CENTRIC, UNCE UNCE: Afro-Centric and Euro-centric Schools”

  1. But what about all those immigrant kids who succeed? I went to a private school where half the kids were not white. Even those partying, drug addicted, designer purse carrying Hong Kong girls managed to get themselves into university. These girls were like the Gossip Girl characters long before Gossip Girl existed….long before the WHITE GIRLS started to behave that way.

  2. What about those immigrant children that don’t succeed, but I’m not a successful immigrant despite how far I’ve come.

    I grew up in an area where immigrant children didn’t succeed—IN FACT, I’m the only person in my Cambodian Community until last year who graduated from college/post-secondary. That’s two out of seventy plus kids around 19-23, many of who didn’t complete high school.

    My OWN brother didn’t complete high school.

    I didn’t go to a private school unlike you, but good for you. You’re lucky. I was a poor minority, unlike you.

    I care about poor people who fall to the wayside and die, I’m trying to help people who are like me. I think you’ve missed my point, not everyone gets a good chance at a fair education EVEN if the WANT one.

    Some of us are on the chopping block and don’t get a good chance and have to go to public schools with racist or unknowingly racist teachers that don’t want us in their schools because WE are “bad kids.” <=edited for quotations

  3. Immigrant kids who succeed are few and far between, chinesecanuck.

    It’s actually a major problem, if you’ve been watching the news and not relating the experiences of poor Black/Coloured children to your, obviously slightly more privileged; up-bringing.

    POOR + RICH= Sing it with me: “One of these things is not like the other…”

    Indeed, you were fortunate. Good.

    But what about the vast majority of children, the ever-expanding number of children who are not?

  4. grandpa dinosaur:

    Plenty of public school kids succeed too. I don’t know which part of the GTA you’re from, but kids who go to schools like North Toronto, A.Y. Jackson or York Mills Collegiate are pretty much EXPECTED to not only graduate, but go to university. And Jackson is definitely NOT a predominantly white school. It was and probably still is, very, very Asian. Also, many of the kids there don’t even speak English at home.

    davi tacuttita:

    I would disagree with you that immigrant kids generally don’t succeed. Most immigrant parents emphasize education on their children, even if they are not middle or upper middle class. They don’t want their children to continue the cycle of poverty and the best way to get out of poverty is through education. You know how many Asian immigrant parents (or Nigerian immigrant parents) want their western-born/raised kids to become doctors? Not all of these kids grew up in cushy middle class suburbs.

  5. […] EURO-CENTRIC, UNCE UNCE: Afro-Centric and Euro-centric Schools « Pregnant Drug-Dealing Prostitutes “[White people] truly believe they own the land, because the language is English and the schools are Euro-centric and the world they perceive is White.” (tags: white Canada Toronto Ontario racism eurocentrism Africentric Afrocentric school education) […]

  6. Chinesecanuck:

    I think you’re still missing the point enormously.

    All evidence points to the fact that despite parents pushing their children there is still NOT ENOUGH Coloured Children moving on to post-secondary education or even finishing highschool.

    I’m not going to baby you with links to articles because if this issue is of any importance to you, I’m sure you’d do a quick google search which would point you to a plethora of current studies and news reports siting this as a CRISIS; especially considering the fact that by 2012, 50% of Toronto’s population will be NON-WHITE.

    Just because someone is expected to succeed, it doesn’t mean they will. ALL good parents expect their child to succeed but a proper education, encouragement and guidance are also crucial not just from parents; but from the education system as well in order to increase one’s chances of success.

    Parents can push their children all they want (and as the child matures, they too must take responsibility for themselves) but if the SYSTEM ITSELF that they must live, learn and someday work in, doesn’t even take their education seriously; what more can they do? And really, mainly White people are the only ones who are able to afford Medical school. Not that being White and going to school is a bad thing; a doctor is a doctor, but a lot of Coloured kids don’t have that oppurtunity.

    Grandpa Dinosaur and I ARE the ghetto children that grew up in the streets and are still here after all the blood, gunshots and drugs. Not much has changed in our old neighbourhood.

    If children are raised in an environment that doesn’t even acknowledge the history of who they are, that doesn’t even have the moral compass to tell them THE TRUTH, that doesn’t even portray them as anything more than victims; what will become of them when they grow up? What will this to do their self-esteem, confidence and sense of self? Many of them lose hope and are consumed by the vices in the ghetto because they are TAUGHT there is no way out and have almost no role-models. Nor do they have a powerful sense of personal history and self like their White counterparts.

    We’re not just sharing our on opinions here, we’re discussing facts we’ve been reading and watching on the news. The fact is that the Canadian government doesn’t care enough about the education of Coloured children to fairly represent their cultures in the curriculum and that a minority of them move on successfully. The fact is that Canada cannot afford to let this go out of control (because it’s starting to). Don’t even get me started on the racial “quotas” and systematic discrimination they will have to put up with after post-secondary.

    All children, espcially those in need deserve a proper, honest, fulfilling education. History’s mistakes should never be repeated and education on the lives of others may help to eliviate ignorance and fear (from both parties!) because remember: people fear what they cannot understand.

    Frankly, I am offended that you seem to be finding fault with people who are vouching for proper, fair, education for poor (Coloured) children and government action to keep them from dropping out of school. Especially for Coloured children, who are dropping out in record numbers and are openly marginalized not only by society as adults, but in school where they are growing up and thus do not yet have the intellectual capacity or maturity to properly defend themselves or properly question what they are being taught–that’s what you should be offended about.

    Let me reiterate: if you disagree, watch the news or read an article. We’re not making these things up or pulling them out of thin air. We want all children to be educated and believe they can become something other than a stereotype.

  7. You make it sound like MOST non-white kids aren’t succeeding, which isn’t true. It’s kids from CERTAIN GROUPS

  8. LOL I grew up in a “cushy middle class suburb,” but not Davita AND that’s after I left the ghetto! I was poor before that, ChineseCannuck.

    And I never escaped from the poor lifestyle I lived! It still governs my life and how I act and NOT ALL of my friends and family escaped that poor lifestyle—So don’t think I would just abandoned them now that I have a better home. All I have is just a nice house, that’s it and I endure more racism.

    I don’t just forget about poor people and my past, but I’m thinking you do? Or maybe you’re just apathetic, you don’t have to see the poor and uneducated as much as I do.

    It’s okay. Continue to DENY they exist, Chinese Cannuck. Continue to deny my brother and my friends and my family exist and those I know who live a impoverished lifestyle—not because we want to, but because we have no choice.

    Or maybe you think we’re lazy, because I’m not lazy. I try hard and if I didn’t why else would I have written this article.

    The only thing I’ll give you is after Elementary in the GTA I will agree I had a better chance of graduating, BUT DON’T EVEN THINK I could have not also equally failed because not body wanted me to succeed BUT ME and nobody gave a damn about my schooling BUT ME! The reason why I graduated was all me and my most of my teachers didn’t give a damn about me because I wasn’t white.

    You really don’t seem to understand and continue to fail to understand what we’re aiming for, why don’t you stop being so self-centered and self-absorbed and listen to what other people have to say. I understand you only care about yourself and will probably keep pulling up facts about Asian Immigrants that do well in Canada.

    And let me tell you something that you seem too defensive to understand, I don’t care about the people YOU KNOW who are successful Asian-Immigrants!

    WHAT I care about is MY FAMILY and MY FRIENDS WHO AREN’T SUCCESSFUL and want to do well and try and can’t and fail.

    I don’t know why you came here, but you’re bringing nothing to table table. You have shown me that don’t care about poor people. You have shown me that you don’t care about groups coloured immigrants other that yourself and those you know—especially if they are unsuccessful. And if the more unsuccessful the immigrants are, the more you have chosen to ignore them and pretend they don’t exist.

    You continue to make comments that show that you fail to understand why I have written that article. But maybe it’s because you can’t be less self-absorbed and as sympathetic towards failing students. You can’t see past the scope of your own world, I know about schools like the ones you keep talking about.

    I don’t give a fuck about rich Chinese girls who are retarded, you can read those tabloids!

    Why do you continue denying WE exist, stop bringing up facts about RICH IMMIGRANTS that do well in Canada. I DON’T CARE!

    What I want is for struggling poor students to do better and get a better future and for Canada to recognize the problems of it’s own education system. I DID NOT write this FOR successful immigrants, I wrote this for poor immigrants. For those I know and CHOOSE not to forget!

    Private schools don’t teach reading comprehension, do they?

  9. I don’t think specialized schools that cater to certain groups necessarily help (or not help). There are plenty of kids in the US who are from a similar (or worse) situation as you or Grandpa Dinosaur who have succeeded in universities after winning bursaries to private schools or spots at academic-focused public schools. There are also programs like Pathways to Education here in Toronto, which helps students in the Regent Park area. From what I understand, the drop out rate in Regent Park has dropped a great deal since the program launched in 2001 (2000?). It’s all about how the teachers/tutors/people nurture the kid, not necessarily what they learn (hey, the Hong Kong kids in my class learned next to zero Asian history (with the exception of Japanese internment)…most graduated high school with 80%something + averages). As I said, half the kids at my high school (at least in the upper grades) are not white. Every kid graduates and goes to university.

    It’s mainly white people who can afford medical school? I’m not too sure about that. U of T’s medical program is probably pretty diverse. It may not reflect the city itself, but I really doubt it’s more than 80% white. Law school may be a different story, but in my circle (Hong Kong Chinese), you’re more likely to be encouraged to go to med school than law school. Don’t know why, since med school is four years, while law school is three. Have you been to a hospital lately? I don’t think the vast majority of the new doctors even fit the traditional demographic of white males. Over half of all med students today are women and I’d say a large minority are non-white (at least at U of T).

    What you are essentially saying is that the school problem is a class thing, not a race thing. The newspapers/radio/Internet/TV often cite which ethnic groups have the highest drop out rates. These groups are also one of the poorest in the city. Chinese and Indians, who tend to be middle class, aren’t likely to drop out, for example.

  10. Why isn’t anyone watching the news?

    Why are none of our commentators thus far addressing BLACK CHILDREN?

    Yaspy Chick: Certain groups? Race does not count as a group?

    Why is everyone in such denial that YES, there is a problem and YES, we can fix it together as a community?

    Somebody, anybody, please think of the children!!

  11. There’s no point of having a further conversation with you, it’s obvious that you’re ignoring my point of you and concentrating on your own. You keep saying the same thing over and over again, using Chinese people as an example. It’s unfair, as well as I’m not Chinese nor have the “wealth of opportunities” as you say I do. I have better odds here than my own country, but here it’s a different struggle.

    You keep saying Chinese and it’s obvious that your experience are of a Chinese experience. I can not even begin to care about your opinions, if you cannot understand and sympathize with my own.

    Again, I think you have missed my point entirely and I must continue to state: I do not care about the rich who do nothing for the poor.

    I do not CARE about the educated refuse to help the uneducated.

    And you continue to fail at reading comprehension.

  12. Nobody’s helping the kids? What about programs like Pathways?

  13. Okay, I am not Canadian, nor have I ever been to Canada. With that said, this isn’t just a Canadian problem, it’s a white people writing history books problem. In my HONORS WORLD HISTORY CLASS in high school, I asked “Where are the African civilizations?” For some reason we had skipped from Egypt to Greece, and then onto Rome, and then onto the Middle Ages. I was told that Africans didn’t actually have civilizations. “Mud huts, tribes, why do you want to know about that?” Oh! I get it.

    Except, Africans did have civilizations. What about the Mwenemutapa empire in Zimbabwe? No? You haven’t heard of it? That’s not because African people didn’t have civilization, it’s because racist white people run the school board, run the class, and decide what’s okay for the white people of tomorrow to learn. It’s much easier to dismiss someone and their experience/struggles if you don’t know anything about them and where they came from. If you grow up thinking that people of color are heathen savages, obviously it’s much easier to forget they they are PEOPLE WITH RIGHTS AND FEELINGS, just like you.

    As long as this suckage exists, I think Afro-centric schools are a great idea. There’s no reason for children to grow up thinking that they are the second banana to white people, just because white people always want to be the first banana. An optimal situation would be studying all cultures, with equal respect and time devoted to each culture studied. This is clearly not going to happen any time soon, since white people continue to deny that there’s a problem. So what’s wrong with an Afro-centric school, that teaches children to consider themselves on the same level as another race?

  14. Chinese Cannuck:
    Continue to rest on your laurels as long as your people and the people around you can live without suffering. [edit: I don’t think there is enough being done for struggling students, I think there is a lot more that needs to be taught and isn’t. That needs to be done, but isn’t.] Continue to think that there is no problem, ChineseCannuck, and continue to think that you and people like you are not the problem.

    Continue to do nothing for others.

    I will continue to try to help other people.

    Especially, since you continue to not give a damn and refuse to listen and understand.

    ChineseCannuck, is English not your first language? I don’t have Word and have problems with grammar, if I’m not speaking concisely enough to understand, please state what you are having trouble understanding. Though I think I have spoon fed you enough for one post.

    Because there are people like you, people who are apathetic to the plight of others and who disregard the needs of other, proves to me that we need this program more than ever.

    That and… I don’t think your school taught reading comprehension. And don’t know if I’ve stated this enough, but you seem to have severe problems in reading.


    Yes, my writing is readable *and my feelings understandable !? Thank you!

  15. You still haven’t answered my question. What about programs like Pathways? Surely, you’ve heard of Pathways, no?

  16. I’ll answer your question Chinese Canuck.

    What ABOUT Pathways? You speak about this program as if it’s the Jesus of the education system. That’s right! Every single coloured kid in all of Canada can join Pathways or a program like it and POOF! Six hundred years of history will be gone and no longer have any effect upon their lives, sense of self or anything at all! Racism will just be solved over night.

    It’s a miracle! Hallelujiah!

    How could we have been so blind? Must be all the bling we’re wearing!

    Gee-whiz, I wonder how many drop-outs, new immigrantants, pregnant teens and Coloured famillies who can barely make rent and eat bread and mustard for dinner (been there, done that) Pathways and it’s counterparts can help?

    EVERYONE: Don’t worry! Pathways is here and all these problems will be gone just as soon as you stop making a big deal of racism!! Remain calm, everything is under control!!

    Nope, no point in taking a stand or discussing anything. We can just sit here and let Pathways take over and not take any responsibility as a community or individuals at all!

    Wow–I think you just discovered a way for us all to be EXACTLY like racist White people! Thanks, Chinese Canuck! ^_^

  17. Davita said what I was going to say, I shouldn’t use expressions such as “rest on our laurels.” Not many people understand what that means.

    Why do I do anything? We have Pathways! Let Pathways do all our work.

  18. Don’t bother arguing with chinesecanuck. She’s a sheltered rich girl who thinks like a rich white girl. (And she’d take this as a compliment, too!)

    chinesecanuck went to white private school and so she thinks she’s more knowledgeable, educated, and better than most people of colour. While Toronto is generally diverse, chinesecanuck is isolated in a bubble of whiteness and rich people, and is generally ignorant about everyone else’s reality in Toronto.

    Frankly, she embarrasses me and reinforces the stereotype of rich, racist Chinese Canadians. She also self-identifies as a “banana”: yellow on the outside, white on the inside.

  19. Wow Restructure! You said everything that didn’t have the balls to say. (And I’ve got a lot of balls.)

    Oh, by the way, your blog is cool. I’ll be linking to it in 5 minutes.

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  21. […] Dinosaur at Pregnant Drug-Dealing Prostitutes eloquently explains why White Canadians think that Canadians of colour are foreign (and why Eurocentric schooling miseducates white people about reality): It doesn’t matter if I […]

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