Thank you Nice White People

Thank you Nice White People

Written by Grandpa Dinosaur

THIS IS NOT ME BEING SARCASTIC! This is me saying yay! “I have White friends that love and care about coloured people.” I decided to make a list to thank the White people who try and understand our feelings towards racism and know how we feel. These are the many reasons why I decided to make this list; there are NICE, HARDWORKING, HONEST WHITE PEOPLE. We often talk about racist white people, today those cruel people will be cast into the darkness and those White people that we love and want to acknowledge will step into the spotlight.

This is for all you White people we love!!!

Dear White People that WE LOVE:

Thank you for treating coloured people as if they are also fellow human beings.
Thank you for not talking down to us, listening and contributing to conversation.
Thank you for not seizing up and being scared when we talk about race.
Thank you for participating with us without a racist outlook and not looking down at us in a condescending manner.
Thank you for not being afraid of us.
Thank you for taking our side when we need you.
Thank you for not ignoring our problems.
Thank you for caring about poor people and black children.
Thank you for recognizing us as people of different cultures and for not being colour blind.
Thank you for not perpetuating racism and advocating equal rights.
Thank you for not judging us based on race and becoming our true friends.
Thank you for not judging and seeing our cultures in a negative lights.
Thank you for not trying to change who we are and our culture.
Thank you for standing up for us when you are with your peers, even when we’re not there.
Thank you for not and never tolerating racism.
Thank you for not being ignorant and unwilling to change.
Thank you for making the sacrifices that you do for the anti-racist cause, and in making them, understanding our hardships a little more.
Thank you for not giving up and continuing to fight.

Thank you White people!

Among a lot of Racist White people, you are often forgotten.

BUT don’t forget that we love DO INDEED love you! MUWAH!


~ by l on June 30, 2008.

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