Crying Out Loud

Crying Out Loud
So I was Trying to Do the Right Thing When…

Cut by: Davita Cuttita

(NOTE: If you have not done so already, check out Paul’s response to my article, he’s great!)

Welcome Everyone! One and all.

So, you regular lover-la-dahs might notice that we have a lot of guests lately. Extend a friendly handshake, smile and do not forget to wear protection!

As of recent, I wrote the article “Race vs. Fat=NO!” in an attempt to bring to light the small problem I see of White fat people appropriating the struggles of Blacks and other ethnic groups as their own. Here at PDDP, Grandpa Dinosaur and I have called shit out on numerous people.

We’ve called shit out on Thin Privilege, Racists, Thin People Who Think They’re Better Than Everybody, “Fake” Feminists, People Who Think Internalized Racism Doesn’t Exist in the Coloured Community, Poverty in First World Countries, Feminists Who Ignore Race, Racism in the Media, Men Who Pressure Women Into Sex, The Canadian Education System, Women/Men Who Are Too Hard on Themselves, White People Who Ignore Coloured People’s Concerns, and of course, even Our Own Cultures.

Looking back at our track sheet thus far, I believe it’s quite clear that we both suffer from Acute Malcolm X Syndrome (or AMXS) which gives one a maddening taste for justice, an abrasive, can-do attitude and compels one to constantly have the urge to set fire to the Master’s house. The last stage is…*swallows hard*…seeking out like-minded individuals, spraking constructive dialogues and trying to achieve justice by any means necessary.

There is no cure (but Justice).

I decided it was time to call shennanigans on (the few) People in the Fat Community Who Appropriate the Coloured Experience whilst having little, to no regard for Coloured People at all.

The reason why I wrote the article was to expose the few individuals in the Fatosphere who love Fat Acceptance but use Coloured experiences to exhalt themselves and their causes. I said this was hurtful not only because as a White person, they can never be Black, Asian, Hispanic, Indian, etc and share in the experience of what that means but because that appropriation works both ways: if you say two things are the same, all of the good and bad characteristics as well as the positive and negative connotations either stemming from them and their history or placed upon them by society (or both) become intertwined.

This, in turn, creates a very slippery slope for White people, is alienating and disrespectful to Coloured People and is just an unnecessary mess.

Furthermore, it only highlights the White Privilege of those who do this—they believe they can just do and take whatever they want from any ethnicity and not suffer any consequences. These individuals feel as though they can say whatever they want about Coloured People, our feelings and our experiences while we cannot speak for ourselves.

In short, I thought people like these were two things:

1.) Racists or Incredibly ignorant and uncaring people hiding in a movement that is working hard to promote equality.

2.) Assholes.

I like Fat Acceptance and decided I would not tolerate “ticks” in it’s skin. I decided I was going to expose them by breaking out the greatest poison to ignorance: the Truth. I wanted to say to the Fat Community, “Hey, if you see someone saying this they’re being insensitive and bigoted!”

Anyway, I wrote the article, it sat here for a few days, well read by many of you until Grandpa Dinosaur and I began collaborating on a new post until suddenly PEOPLE GOT UP IN ARMS.

Now, as you all know I LOVE when people get up and go “Hey! That’s wrong! You’re wrong!” and decide to do something about it. But this time some people didn’t seem to be mad at what I was talking about, or even the fact that POC still struggle with racism everyday (I guess that’s the norm for us, huh? *sighs* 700 years and still going strong!).

They just seemed mad that I was saying it/mad at me for saying it/mad at how I said it. I can understand the third one but the other two?

To all those people, I only have one thing to say. *ahem* Ready?


And that’s all I’m going to say to them. Moving forward!

I read as many comments as I could on BFB, some were great, some were spectacular and understanding, some were confused and angry, some just angry and others just reaked of good ol’ fashioned White Privilege.

So…what did I do?

I did some mental masticating then tweaked the post for clarity for those who had trouble understanding and sincerely seemed to want to understand. I also did a little damage control here and there with a letter to BFB founder Paul and responded to any PDDP commentary post-haste.

Afterwards, a few people still felt inclined to argue with me (I didn’t start it, I swear!) or paint me as a villian. That’s fine, happens to everybody. Just another fine day on planet Earth!

Other people though, were quite inspirational and sensational. I couldn’t believe such good, understanding people existed because if there was more of them…PDDP wouldn’t exist anymore because we wouldn’t need to be waving this flag with “S.O.S” scrawled on it in blood. We wouldn’t be here trying to throw rocks onto the sun.

But we’re here. And I love it. And Grandpa Dinosaur loves it. Ya know what else dear reader?


I was so happy to see people saying “Yes, this is a problem” and “Yes, I have done this before and I will not do it again” and “I don’t understand Coloured peoples’ anger, but this helps”.

People who wanted to TALK. People who LISTENED. People who wanted to UNDERSTAND. People who wanted to CHANGE.

I’m no Malcolm X, not even by an iota, but those positive comments and THE QUESTIONS the magnificent, wonderful QUESTIONS and the people who ENJOYED our humour and respected our need to be abrasive, our need to administer some tough love to our fellow humanity just like…BLEW UP THE MOON for me, they were amazing. (Sidenote: I’m sure if the moon blew up things would be bad but it’d look cool!)

I haven’t felt so encouraged in so long and I would like to thank Paul of BFB and his readers again and I highly, highly, encourage you, reading lover-la-dah, to check them out. We talked so now it’s our turn to listen and learn!

I would also like to thank the supporters of PDDP and all others who may be suffering from AMXS.

In celebration of this event, I’ve dug up all the “perps” we’ve nabbed and have also listed those nabbed by others.

Brothers and Sisters of all creeds, Colours, sizes, nations, faiths, sex and sexual orientation: KEEP FIGHTING!

I now, humbly present to you the very first edition of:

“You Can Run, but You Can’t Hide! (We See You Creepin’!)”

“The Helplessness of White People” by Resistance of Resist Racism!
“Is White Privilege Real?”–ask Resistance! in the post “On Privilege”
“Stuff White People Do: Rarely Count Their Racial Blessings” by Macon D of Stuff White People Do
“On Being Fat and White” by Leslie of Fatshionista!
“White Women Who Don’t Get Racism” by Leslie of Racism Review
“White Privilege: It’s Everywhere I am Not” by Blackgirlinmaine from her blog

“Disconnect: Communicating With White People” by GD
“Eurocentric Eunce-Eunce: Afrocentric and Eurocentric Schools” by GD
“The Person You Protect” by GD
“My Female Erection in Virgin Space: Intro” by GD
“Thin Privilege, Please Don’t Eat Me!” by DC
“Why Romance Must Die!” by DC
“All Nine Billion, Bajillion Calories” by DC
“The Body Police!” by DC


~ by davitacuttita on August 13, 2008.

5 Responses to “Crying Out Loud”

  1. What the hell did I miss?

  2. Shannon! You came back! I missed you…I love you! >_< You didn’t miss much I’m just here…bein’ myself. Myep. ^_^

  3. Ooh yes I did see it now. Doooood I’m so glad you’re back. I didn’t make it through all the comments on BFB. But I see what was going on there. What a week.

  4. you guys rock – please keep it up. becky

  5. Thanks for the support, Becky!

    We’ll keep doing our best!! ^_^

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