Choose the Poor Children and Give them Hope

[I’m tired of making disclaimers. If you don’t like what I usually have to say, go away. Seriously, you’re stupid.]

Choose the Poor Children and Give them Hope

Written by Grandpa Dinosaur

I just got my thank you package from Donor’s Choose, it was filled with many thank yous. Some were to another (food) donator, but most where to me (donated pots, pans and utensils). If you do not know, Donor’s Choose is an organization dedicated to connecting donators like me connect with teachers in classrooms. I had a keen interest in helping students with good nutrition as I suffered from malnutrition as a child growing up in the ghetto.

The details of the project are as follows:

“Baking bread is a fun way to let at-risk students learn that there is more to cooking then fried chicken and greens. The high school level children will make bread, cakes, and muffins as the standard course of study allows but the school has no pans to cook these items. Until three years ago this school did not even offer any extra classes like family and consumer sciences. The students in foods 1 will find the recipes at home, in cookbooks, or on the internet. They will mix the ingredients with our mixer, then cook the breads, cakes, and muffins.

Middle school students will bake also using these pans with much more supervision. Students share their end products with other students and staff at school. This is a two week lesson that can and will be extended because students have shown interest in cake decorating. The younger students will decorate cookies they make. The students at this school are all at-risk students and empowering them to be better people and better at something goes a very long way with them. Also, many of these students only eat while at school and this helps make their mind and body stronger.

My project needs any bakeware items to learn to make breads, cakes, or muffins. The cost of this proposal is $310, which includes shipping for any materials requested and fulfillment.”

This is the  Teacher’s return letter:

“Dear [Grandpa Dinosaur],

You gift was amazing! My students are both middle school and high school ages with a wide range of special needs. When they cooked with their new pots, pans, dishes and utensils they were shocked they could actually cook or bake without any extra help. Most of these students remember the end product not the process, but as their teacher, I can see the impact you had on them. Thank you for your generous gift that would keep giving.

Sincerely [Teacher]”

As a child, I knew that being hungry effected my performance in school and I can’t imagine the kind of poverty that these children endure. If only they are able to have a little happiness then I am also happy. I am committed to helping students in High-Poverty areas because as a child I grew up in a High-Poverty area, when I become a stable adult I would like to commit more time and effort in helping poor immigrant children. (Note: I said poor immigrant children, if you’re indifferent to the poor and cannot see them that is your problem and not mine.)

So far with all of my donations combined 220 Students have been effected creating 80 hours of learning.

I’m not someone who forgets my poor roots nor am I someone who treats children with indifference. In fact, as you have read in my article EURO-CENTRIC, UNCE UNCE: Afro-Centric and Euro-centric Schools and both of Davita Cuttita‘s articles on growing up in the Ghetto as well as Davita Cuttita‘s article on “Thinking of the Children: The Effects of Internalized Racism” you will know that at we are committed to bringing light to the plight of children. Coloured children fall into the cracks, they’re penalized and demonized and automatically labelled “at trouble children”. They don’t even know that they’re on the chopping block.

As a Cambodian woman, I try to keep my head up high and go forward and fulfill my dreams. I have a deep responsibility to set an example for children and say, “you can have this too. It’s hard and you have to work hard and stick to it and if you want it badly enough and work at it you can get it.”

The impact is small, but little by little I see the progress. You cannot save the world, but at the same time I knew I can at least do something tiny.

I also know that I’m a pioneer in terms of my goals and aspirations and I will continue to build roads rather than bridges for my own causes. It is better to try and fail, than to not try at all and never know.

I want to set a good example and give hope to others. I know that both of Davita Cuttita‘s younger brothers look up to me (as well as many other people and children) and I owe them Flash lessons and a copy of my Graphic Novel when it launches.

I will close with the last letter. Most of my letter were from boys, this is my favourite:

“Dear [Grandpa Dinosaur],

I enjoy using the pots and pans. I enjoy making cupcakes and cakes. Thank you for donating pots and pans, hopefully we will get to use them in the future.

Love, Tyrell

Davita Cuttita commented that they were (mostly if not all) Black children, but I already knew that. And would probably donate again in a heartbeat.


~ by l on August 20, 2008.

6 Responses to “Choose the Poor Children and Give them Hope”

  1. This is inspiring and awesome. The only thing I wish is that it didn’t say “Baking bread is a fun way to let at-risk students learn that there is more to cooking then fried chicken and greens”. Person who wrote that, couldn’t you do better?

  2. Also, I’m glad that you no longer feel the need to disclaim yourself. In my opinion, nothing on this blog requires a disclaimer, since all you do is write the truth and your beliefs. You don’t need to soften it for anyone!

  3. Yeah, that part I thought was racist.

    I’m also getting tired of disclaimers and “talking soft.” People can’t handle the truth.

  4. Are there any Canadian classrooms on the website? I was hoping to help a classroom in my area, but I only see American states.

  5. It’s American Schools only, I don’t think there’s a Canadian branch of it (yet).

    Yeah, I’m also Canadian. There should be a way to donate money to Canadian school projects like Donor’s Choose.

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