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Need I Say More?
Cut by: Davita Cuttita

Some of you may be wondering what exactly compels me so towards supporting Fat People.
I have many reasons but let me tell you something about an experience that absolutely pissed me off.

One of my many cousins lives a few towns over and once a year she comes down to spend time with my sister and I. She is 18, about 5″6 in height and weighs 180lbs, give or take. She’s fat.

I was getting ready to go to England last summer and needed some new clothes so when she came over, I asked her to come along as my fashion consultant because this girl is so au courant and always at the best parties ALL THE TIME so of course, she’ll know how to make me look fabulous, right? She does it to herself all the time!

We went to a clothing store and both decided to try something on. There were a couple of girls our age standing around outside the change room hall, chatting. I guess they were waiting for their friends to come out. As we were walking in, I saw them give my cousin some FIERCE side-eye. It’s been a good day, things are going well, we’re having a good time—so I ignore it.

I come out in the clothes to look in a mirror and walk past the same waiting girls. They’re still talking to each other and whatever. They hardly even glance in my direction: it’s the same as passing someone when you walk down the street or walk around at work. I wait for my cousin to come out so we can compare looks and when she does, the girls abruptly stop conversing and commence with the side-eye action again. They look at her, then look at each other, smirk a little and roll their eyes. Giggle. Whisper. I was MAD AS HELL.

OK: Now, before I go any further, we need to take a brief detour for you to understand my a tiny component of my personality. To make this long story short, we can go with the “Girl Group” stereotypes as seen in Sailor Moon.

I'm in the red suit.

I'm in the red. Duncha love that "Bitch, please! I run this!" turn away from the camera? LOL!

Sailor Moon: The ditzy and pretty one who’s kinda dumb and oblivious to most things
Sailor Mercury: The shy, soft-spoken nerd
Sailor Jupiter: The extraverted, kinda cute Tom Boy who beats people up
Sailor Venus: The sweet happy medium; the girl next door
Sailor Mars: Regularly shit-talks Sailor Moon for having her head up her ass. Somewhat a happy medium until she gets pissed and sets everything on fire. I am Sailor Mars.



I’m the one that everyone has to calm down when something goes wrong. My friends know this. My cousin knows this. There have been quite a few times where she’s had to restrain me screaming “Stop! We might get shot!” but that’s a different set of stories. This was just one of those moments where I snapped.



I said staring in the girls’ direction. They stopped whispering and got quiet right away. Their smiles vanished. They looked at eachother awkwardly.

“What are you talking about?” my cousin asked, adjusting her bust in the mirror.

“THOSE GIRLS OVER THERE! What the fuck are they staring at? People can’t try on clothes?” I said loudly, still staring at them. “They’re being assholes just because you’re fat. Fucking bitches,” I spat.

“Whatever, just ignore them” my cousin said normally.

Like—super normally. The same way you’d say “It’s five o’clock”. After she was satisfied with the fit, she walked into the changeroom past those girls like they WEREN’T EVEN THERE. She bought a ton of accessories and a few clothes while I grabbed a few shirts and we left.

My cousin has an EXTROIRDINARILY high amount of self-confidence. She wears whatever she wants and if they don’t have something in her size? Oh well: she’ll go somewhere else. She used to do the occasional yo-yo diet but she’s pretty much given up on it now, anyway. She doesn’t even know about Fat Acceptance: she just doesn’t give a damn what other people think about her, is all. I guess you get used to all sorts of assholes when you meet tons of people regularly and party as much and as often as she does.

Another hellish shopping experience was when my Mom wanted some new clothes for an Employee Get-Together thing but got called in to work last minute. At the time, she was size 16 (14 now, I guess stress does that to a person). $110.00 for a pair of capris and a shirt? ARE YOU SHITTING ME? NEVERMIND. (don’t worry, she still found something nice).

I just thought “How do fat people deal with buying such expensive clothes?” Then I realized something: some of them can’t deal with the price of clothes at all. I’m not talking about fancy, namebrand clothes either—I’m talking about regular, casual clothes. Sometimes people will look at a fat person and scorn at not just their appearance but their attire. “Why is he (or she) wearing THAT? Ugh!”

Well, it’s pretty hard for size 14 girls to find clothes but I find it’s even harder and pricier; for men and women bigger than that. Especially here in Canada where fashion selection is extremely take-or-leave compared to the United States.

In the Plus Size stores, I also find that the clothes on the racks are folded in a way that makes them all look like they’re size 4. I suppose I understand: a lot of fat people are embarrassed about their weight and holding up a pair of size 20 pants while a group of skinny girls walk past and snicker comparing it to a tent is definitely a joy-killer.

Here we go with the thin privilege again.

Thin= “Please wear these nice clothes”
Fat= “Please wear this black trash bag from Walmart”

Why? Why can’t the fat people have nice clothes too?

Once in a while, I do see a fat girl wearing nice clothes. REALLY nice. If I see a fat person wearing nice clothes, I’m not thinking “Why are they wearing nice clothes?”

Um…because fat people have lives and go to parties, clubs and fancy dinners like everyone else?

I’m thinking “Do they make that in my size too? WANT!”

It’s obvious that the fashion industry has it’s head up it’s ass (although I do pledge allegiance to the Unlimited Fabulousness of the Sisterhood that is Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum). There’s very little criticizing and bemoaning I can do that hasn’t already been said and is still being said by people of all sizes and races all over the world. We’re not gonna see “normal” models walking down the runway anytime soon but you’d think that *somebody* would want money and by somebody, I mean everyone.

I’m particularly disgusted by fashion designers who purposely cut their line off at a certain size becaus they, personally do not want fat people in their clothes. Seriously?

Wow, congratulations!! You’ve just won the gold, silver AND bronze in the Asshole Olympics.

I understand that I can wave my thin privilege around in almost any clothing store. My size is a common size. It’s usually stocked heavily or sold out. If it’s sold out, I go next door or visit the store when the new shipment comes in and BOOM: they have it again.

For a fat person it’s different. It’s harder finding places that make your size and even then; the selection is limited. Sometimes clothiers attempt to carry a wide variety of sizes but then they “hide” larger sizes in the store. THEN a lot of fat people have the added stigma and embarrassment of finding these places and I bet when some of them get there; they still get treated like shit either by the salesperson or passing spectators.

Imagine being a fat teenager trying to find a prom dress or even a fat bride…

Shopping with Grandpa Dinosaur for her graduation clothes was an interesting experience. We were in a plus size store with her parents and they mostly seemed to cater to an “older crowd”. The clothing selection was quite poor for a 22 year old graduating college. At the end I was like “Yo, Grandpa. You look like an old lady.” “I know!” she laughed then shrugged it off.

I enjoy shopping in stores that carry a broad range of sizes because even as a regular sized person, ladies; sometimes things don’t fit right, do they? I wear size 7 jeans mostly and occasionally can wear a size 5. Size 5 for some designers goes up my legs but only halfway up my ass. I got a big bootay, no shame in that. Big tittays too—no shame in that neither. I have slightly more mobility in medium shirts but once in while, I’ll get small just to get that voluptuous “look my tittays is perfectly round n’ squeezed together” look. Don’t give me a side-eye!

I’m 21! What do you want!?! Sometimes a girl wants to show off a little and work it!

Every person should be able to buy something and feel fabulous.

But even if you can’t find that perfect pair of jeans or awesome dress shirt; always remember that YOU make the clothes look great and anyone who uses clothes as a tool to BREAK you is an asshole that just isn’t worth your time or hard-earned dollars.


~ by davitacuttita on August 22, 2008.


  1. Women should just call off the side-eye for all time. Side-eye is the reason I don’t have many women friends.

  2. I know! Those side-eyes are totally nasty, they’re worse than superman lasers!! I think we should temporarily boycott the usage of the side-eye until it is used for good!!

  3. In the Plus Size stores, I also find that the clothes on the racks are folded in a way that makes them all look like they’re size 4.

    Heh, you’re thinking of Addition-Elle, right? I remember the first time I walked in there, I looked at the pants and I was so confused. “I thought I was in a plus size store? Why are all these pants so teeny?”

  4. Hi Becky!! ^_^

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was Addition-Elle. What do you think about the presentation of clothes in there? Like, do you get offended, not mind? I thought they just did that since a lot of fat people aren’t comfortable shopping/with their size but do you think it back-fires on them at all?

  5. I don’t like it, it makes it harder to tell what the clothes look like,and I find it a little insulting. But I do get why they do it, I’m sure there are more plus sized women out there who are ashamed of their bodies than plus sized women who are comfortable with them (unfortunately).

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