What is a Fake-Feminist? A Miserable Little Pile of Secrets?

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What is a Fake-Feminist? A miserable little pile of secrets?
Dumb, Skanky Broads are NOT Feminists

Written by Grandpa Dinosaur

I have a huge problem with these “Feminists” that get into a huff because they get sexually harassed by men, get jeered and groped when they are dressed in appropriately. It’s not cool men take advantage of women, I think that it’s fucked up men think of women as objects. But I find it a bit hypocritical when these “Feminists” get dressed up for attention, and freak out when they get the wrong kind of attention.

Some Feminists claim it’s their “right” to dress however they please and it “empowers” them when they dress in revealing clothes.

I think that’s a load of shit, these women are masquerading as feminists and are DUMB BROADS brainwashing their female peers with their verbal mouth shit.

A lot of the times I find out that these women are dressed in revealing or sexy clothing,usually walk out of a club or dance hall at night without a proper jacket or something to cover up their night gear.

Dressing like a skank is okay in the club, but when you leave that club and walk on the street in normal-average people land, it’s not appropriate. It’s like leaving an Anime Convention to go to lunch in full cosplay. It doesn’t look normal when you’re dressed up like a military commander with cherry red hair and stilettos in a McDonalds. I’m used to it, I’m a cosplayer. I know that I have a RESPONSIBILITY as a person and a cosplayer to know the REPERCUSSIONS of wearing cosplay outside the convention bubble. I know that I should do all of the following when wearing cosplay in non-cosplay areas: change or put on a jacket or prepare myself to punch some fucker in the face for making fun of my FINE MUSTACHE!

I have a responsibility AND I take responsibility for what I’m wearing. In and out of cosplay. Also wearing normal clothes. So I don’t look kindly on women who wear whatever the fuck, parade around town like what the fuck and get harassed and act “like what the fuck, how could he?”

It’s not nice if one man (or more) cannot act like a gentleman, but these men are under no responsibility to treat you with respect if your ass is hanging out and we can see your nipples. Neither are women. It’s not right when men treat women like objects, but if you’re wearing clothes that you know are scandalous and you’re doing this to “empower” yourself you better check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Just because a woman can dress scandalously, doesn’t mean that she looks beautiful or that it’s appropriate. A women can be sexy AND still be dressed appropriately—and this isn’t me being a prude. I just think that if said person is a feminist and is TRULY as empowered and was an intellectual as she claims to be, then she would know that she had worth and would not need to feel empowered by being dressed up in a skanky outfit.

Someone who truly thinks they are beautiful does not need constant reassurance. It helps to wear good clothes, but to me, looking good is something you just know. Truly beautiful people (I thought) were JUST beautiful and did not need to look for outside approval. It dawned on me that the partner of looking beautiful is called self-confidence and not everyone has it.

It’s okay to dress sexy and look good, it’s normal and acceptable. It means you love yourself and you think you’re beautiful. But to use one’s appearance to empower yourself as a woman? There are great consequences and problems with this outlook.

The question is: Who are you trying to empower yourself for?

Sexy empowerment can be used for three reasons: against other women, against men/to attract men or because by dressing up you can bolster your self-confidence and cover up your own lack of confidence.

So let’s say you’re trying to empower yourself against other women, that means that women are the enemy. Other benefits are looking good in comparison to other women, which is okay so you’re trying to attract a mate. Again, it’s normal to dress up in a club—What keeps getting to me is the constant excuse of dressing sexy being used with the excuse of being empowering. “Oh, I’m better than Slutty-McSlut over there because I’m a feminist, I’m smart and my standards are so much higher than hers.”

Does it make you better than a prostitute? All I can think is, how dare such hypocritical women think they are better than prostitutes because they don’t sell their bodies for sex. It’s not even just prostitutes that side-eyeing, it’s people like you and me who dress however the fuck we want and look good because we’re confident. It’s women who are “prettier” or “sexier,” that get side-eyes for looking good. Listen, women—OTHER WOMEN—are people too! I can’t stand the superiority that comes from these stuck-up, snobby feminists who dress up for a night on the town and think they’re better than every other women on the street. Think that they’re “different” than every other women, that they should get special treatment because they “know better” than other women.

Now if you’re trying to empower yourself against men, you’re trying to utilize to your sexual wiles and so men will notice that you’re “beautiful”. There is a difference between wanting to dress up for a night and trying to empower yourself, but by empowering yourself through approval by men implies that there is something weak about you. I think it’s cruel to toy with men, I really hate skanky women that do. I’m always accused of starting shit at parties because I made a pretty girl cry. You know, that pretty girl DESERVES to feel slutty, cry and feel ashamed if she’s stringing along men.

I hate crashing parties, I’m starting to find it hard to write on this blog because I have to mince or re-word things for White people. I’m sick of it, I’m sick of explaining myself to White people or how hurtful their words are or how they think I should help them when vice versa; they’re nowhere to be found. White people have too much privilege, their abusive actions are NORMAL in everyday society and their Whiteness re-inforces their beliefs that I’m crazy. I just look crazy ranting, and I’m pissed off about it. I’m glad that I’m meeting so much more understanding White people who are making an effort to understand my feelings and care. It makes up for all the shitty people. THANK YOU!

Men aren’t our enemies, they aren’t our tools to empower ourselves by. They’re our fathers, our brothers, our nephews, cousins, godchildren, or students, our lovers, our enemies, or neighbours. It’s shameful that some Feminists are using “sexual power” as leverage AGAINST men and acting like they are superior for it. It’s like being set back, I worked SO hard to be considered a person and I don’t need women to objectify themselves and claim that THIS IS FEMINSIM. It’s not, it’s BULLSHIT and it makes the rest of us look bad.

It all sounds like a bad case of entitlement and privilege and it’s sick and vile and hurtful to others and the women themselves. They don’t think of the consequences that come from what they’re wearing and try to shift the blame off themselves when they attract the wrong type of attention. It is partially the woman’s fault if she’s dressed inappropriately and is acting like an innocent idiot, oblivious to personal responsibility. I’m saying if a woman is smart she will have safe guards, she has a plan, she has a jacket, she has smart and caring friends and men who are her friends around her so that she is safe.

I really don’t want to hear the argument that “so you’re saying it’s the woman’s fault if she gets hit on/harassed/(or even World have mercy) raped.” It’s not a woman’s fault if a man goes so far to molest or rape a woman, HOW CAN IT BE HER FAULT? Unless she’s being too trusting of strangers, relying on shitty friends to protect her or isn’t playing safe, everything can get messed up. However, on top of playing it safe the exact same thing can happen but sometimes, just sometimes, these things are less likely to happen if a woman is smart. I’m saying be prepared.

Galvanizing downtown, with short shorts and a bra isn’t going to make you safe or even protect you from a cold.

Today it’s a slap on the ass, tomorrow some sick bastard is going to stalk you down the street or follow you with their car. Davita Cuttita gets hit on, followed by men in cars and heckled EVEN when she’s in WORK CLOTHES (which are high-finance business suits). What I say doesn’t work out 100%, but when you’re trying to get attention and aren’t playing it safe then you need to reorganize your priorities.

Not all guys are scum, but strange men who treat and see women like a sexual objects have no responsibility or obligation to be polite to you when you do not take care of yourself.

Women have a responsibility to look after and care for themselves, blaming men is acceptable when they are acting like jerks but take accountability for how you are dressed as well. Don’t dress like a skank and expect women and men to respect you and DON’T pass it off as feminism or empowerment. It’s entitlement and privilege that is not guaranteed.


  • Just because you say you’re a feminist when you’re skanking-out doesn’t make you better than other women. It’s not a free pass to act stupid or arrogant
  • Empowering yourself through slut-ifying your appearance is a charade to cover up low self-confidence
  • Men are not the enemy, some are jerks for hitting at women, but don’t let some jerks speak for the whole human race
  • Strange men don’t owe you anything, do not expect them to treat you well
  • Take responsibility for your appearance, understand your surroundings, how to dress appropriately for those surroundings and bring a coat
  • Treat other women with respect, not all beautiful women are she-devils and home wreckers
  • Dressing up can be healthy and fun, have a good attitude and respect your body
  • Self-confidence comes from your inner approval and self-acceptance. Not the approval of outsiders

Watch this Video:

Don’t let Dumb Fake-Feminists brainwash you, stop and think. Be considerate. Listen to your gut

And don’t let other people tell you you are beautiful before you do


~ by l on August 26, 2008.

16 Responses to “What is a Fake-Feminist? A Miserable Little Pile of Secrets?”

  1. Um, “sisterhood” ring a bell? Apparently not, when it’s time to start blaming and insulting women who are groped when they wear revealing clothing. Also, I don’t think a woman can objectify herself. Being objectified is being treated as an object, and actively being denied your humanity. If I am flashing my boobies at a bunch of drunk frat guys, it’s not like my soul escapes my body at the time. A woman may tolerate being treated badly by a man for attention, but she’s still in there no matter how she’s being treated.

  2. First off, “sisterhood.” I don’t believe in it. I am in no obligation to treat anyone nicely. I do when I want to, but I am no obligation to give every woman a free pass. Everyone deserves their fair treatment. I look at everything as a whole, I’ve never met you but I would give you a fair chance.

    I do not assume that you are like the women described [edited to add:] in this article||, Sara. But if you are then I will treat you according to how many things you’ve done [edit odd speech] [edited to add:] that makes me check off things my list.||

    And I do think women can objectify themselves, the same way a man can. Women can treat themselves, their bodies, like bartering tools to get what they want. Even if a woman still has a “soul” inside their body, if she is treating her body like an object I STILL think she’s objectifying herself.

    [Edited to add:] The way I see it, when a woman flashes her breasts at a men she doesn’t know of her own vocation she is objectifying a part of her body, obviously her breasts. These men who have very little respect for this woman they’ve probably have JUST met, who only saw her for her breasts and now they get to see her breasts for free. She has turned her breasts into a object (of desire), of her own vocation. That is her choice and she has done it to her self.

    The question if it’s healthy, is questionable. Humans are sexual creatures, but they are capable of higher intellect (when they choose to use it). Is it her right to show her breasts, yes! But I will say in this situation that because she has flashed her breasts, thus turning her breasts into an object (a sexual object), that she is objectifying herself for attention. [addition end]

    Her soul doesn’t go away and also, the problem of her treating her body like an object doesn’t go away. People cannot escape the responsibility of ownership of their bodies, the actions that they do to themselves are of their own doing.

    People are free to do whatever they want to their bodies, but they cannot hold the expectations of other people to respect them if they cannot respect themselves.

    The way I roll, people are entitled to be treated fairly until they mess up and lose their rights. I don’t think someone who can’t treat themselves with respect deserves my respect.

  3. Word up, man. I’m not sure where to start, and I just woke up, so let me say this: I have no beef with ladies who do burlesque dancing or stripping, as long as they realize they aren’t changing the face of the world and the face of feminism by shaking their boobies in some dude’s face. I have no problem with with girls who act/dress skanky. They should know “I’m dressing and acting skanky to get a man’s approval.” However, if they come at it from an angle like “I’m showing my boobs to MEN so that I can EMPOWER *MYSELF* with THEIR COMPLIMENTS”, I might just wind up and smack a bitch in the face.

    That’s third wave feminism. Spice Girls crap. Paris Hilton does this nonsense all the time, and no one in their right mind would think to call Paris Hilton a feminist hero, or a feminist at all.

    My main point is that getting boob attention from men is actually the antithesis of empowering yourself. No one dresses up with their boobs and butt hanging out for themselves. This is straight up to garner MALE ATTENTION, which really has no place in feminism. Of course, in this awesome and free day and age, it’s a woman’s right to show her tits to any guy she wants. You just can’t expect the man to treat you with the level of respect you feel you deserve, because what the man will see most often is “BOOBS. BOOTY.” The man won’t see your stunning intellect, your compassionate heart, and your shining feminist ideals. He will see someone who wants negative attention, that often, he is really willing to provide. (This doesn’t apply to all dudes, obv., just to obnoxious dudes who can’t get over the sight of various parts of the female anatomy and feel the need to share it with everyone.)

    Anyway, what I’m saying is: It’s fake feminism, I agree with you, and I don’t even know what the hell is going on with feminism anymore. It seems like some women have hijacked it and have decided to make it mean whatever they feel like.

  4. Yes, Loopzilla! You always make whatever I want to say more coherent than I can ever even when I try.

    EXACTLY! I also have no beef with women who dress up skanky/sexy because they love themselves. It’s called loving yourself and your body. There’s nothing wrong with women dressing up to be sexy, but some women think that Feminism is just a free pass to act skanky to attract male attention and pass it off as Feminism.

    “It’s Feminism! I can wear whatever I want! WOOO REVOLUTION! We made it this far so we can be skanks and tease men! I can’t possibly be objectifying myself! It’s my body! I don’t feel bad! I can do whatever I want. WOMYN EMPOWERMENT!”

    But when shit goes wrong, when they’re night on the town goes bad all of a sudden the tune changes: “Oh, he was taking advantage of me. Men should police themselves and respect me because I’m a Feminist and a womyn. Just because I’m dressed like this and I’m a womyn, it means I’m supposed to fall to my knees and suck your cock—”

    LIKE WHAT THE HECK! Just bring a jacket to cover yourself up when you don’t want attention. So when you want attention, jacket off. When you don’t want to be harassed. Jacket on. It’s not perfect, it’s better than being skanky ALL the time.

    It’s so simple, but these Fake-Feminists use the “victim” card and the “free pass” card all the time. They have no responsibility or self-respect to ever treat themselves properly. They call themselves Feminists and they rag on men that treat them badly when all they want if for men to compliment their bodies.

    They think men at a club and men on the street have an obligation to treat them with respect when their titties are hanging out—SERIOUSLY!

    It’s not REAL Feminism. Women shouldn’t have to be skanky to get “positive” attention. Women have so much more to offer other than their bodies.

    It’s the reason why are these Fake-Feminists so deluded and lonely, the attention they want is not healthy attention. They want empty compliments and approvals from strangers and in a twisted way they get it, and they’re not happy about it.

    As I said, it wasn’t real feminism. It was Feminism [edit:] turned fake because it got|| hijacked by by women who wanted a free pass to be skanks and still have self-respect and seem intelligent “because it’s feminism.”

    I don’t care, I’m going to sit here at my blog and poke holes in Feminism’s hypocrisy and delusions until the cows come home.


    No seriously. Grandpa…we need to take the brakes out on this motherfucker.

    Loopzilla, I think you should conspire with us. Come over to the dark side…we have wine!

  6. I’m sort of embarrassed to be like “Hey, I’m a feminist”, since feminism as an institution has been extremely racist and full of holes from the start. I’m not very excited about the liberation of WHITE WOMEN ONLY, so I don’t know, I’ll have to come up with something besides “feminism” to believe in. Also, at any time, in any place, I am extremely down to consume great quantities of wine! If the dark side has wine, I am moving there. FIESTA!

  7. love the post and the follow-up comments but it also got me thinking – what about other ways of doing gender/slutty/skanky beyond the standard binary. what if, for instance i am an ultra-femme lipstick lesbian that likes to show boobs and booty, and i’m doing this to look good for and to attract other women. maybe it’s not empowering nor feminist, but in this case it wouldn’t be for men per se. Is this stil within the confines of male-defined standards of appearance or sexiness? and what about out trans, bi and two-spirit folk who do skanky? lookign forward to what you have to say, as always. yours in the struggle – becky

  8. (Edited to add:)
    I drink wine all the time, in fact. I’m drinking wine while reading your comment!

    After thinking about it hard, I still think it would count towards being sexually objectified. (Just the audience has changed.) Reversing the thought, can men be sexually objectified. I think they can be, boy bands, yaoi, romance novels.

    When you asked about transmen, I remember watching a Cosplay Skit where a cross-dresser who way cosplaying Sailor Venus came on stage and at first all the men whistled… Before they got a better look and realized it was a man. They were attracted to his long legs (so long) for five seconds. And I’m pretty sure lots of people I know own Sailor Moon pornography.

    The problem with being sexually objectified (in my mind) is it’s a bit of a landmine/grenade, that yes it gets people’s attention but it’s very indiscriminate and you can attract everyone. Which becomes a problem, when you attract people who aren’t your target audience.

    I won’t even mentions how many times I’ve fallen into “the male gaze” in a movie theater and accidentally caught myself looking at a woman’s titties.

    I think the intent is the same (it’s confusing I know), the reaction is the same. I don’t think it can change so much any way you slice it. And it would be sexist towards men to say that they can’t be sexual objectified, and unfair to Trans-peoples to say that they don’t get sexually harassed.

    So I gotta say, it’s still sexual objectification to make it fair across the board. (Edit:) And consistent, I like consistency.||

    I hope that makes sense and helped somewhat, Becky. XD

  9. yes, thank you. helps me clarify some things i’ve been thinking about lately, too.

  10. This is absolutely horrible. I don’t know if I’d say it’s “empowering” to dress revealingly, but that doesn’t change the fact that it IS, in fact, a woman’s right, and yet it is NOT a man’s right to “sexually harass, jeer and grope” them, no matter what she’s wearing. Groping, in fact, is a crime, called SEXUAL ASSAULT. You’re actually defending a man’s right to commit a crime just because of how a woman is dressed. Guess what? Men aren’t children, their actions can’t be controlled by how much women choose to wear (or not wear, as the case may be). This kind of thinking is employed by some tyrannical governments (I’m sure you know which ones I’m talking about) that don’t even allow a woman to go out with her ENTIRE body being covered. If she is raped, or groped, or attacked, it’s her fault, because she wasn’t wearing enough. Sound familiar?

    Defending a woman’s right to dress how she wants isn’t fake feminism. Defending a man’s right to harass a woman, that’s fake feminism.

  11. Hi Medusa,

    I think you misunderstood the post. Grandpa Dinosaur is trying to say that BOTH parties should take responsibility. Since some men aren’t going to be gentlemen, women should take that into account while dressing instead of just complaining. Also, she is referring mainly in this article to the men who WON’T always be gentlemen and who feel no obligation to respect a women no matter how much clothing she’s wearing (like when she used my groping/heckling example as this happens to me even while I wear a business suit).

    All in all, this article is about the fake feminism that teaches women that empowerment comes from the OUTSIDE only and tells them they don’t need to take responsibility for their actions.

    You should really read the other comments, people are very insightful on this issue. I hope that clarifies everything and if it doesn’t, oh well.

  12. [Medusa:]

    I think it’s a woman’s right to dress however the fuck she likes however I think it’s a woman’s responsibility to love her body and protect herself.

    I’m not defending a man’s right to harass a woman, I’m saying that women should know that men, strange men, don’t care regardless if they should and they shouldn’t have the naivete to think that they will.

    Feminism is one thing, reality is another. There are still a lot of misogynists and women haters out there regardless of logic and reason. A woman has a right, but a woman has accountability to take care of herself and have a back up plan and have safety precautions because the world is a dangerous place. And I don’t hate women, but I also don’t hate men.

    A lot of this is about Feminists using sexual provocativeness as empowerment. I think Feminists SHOULDN’T USE dressing up as women empowerment, women are smart, capable, strong, intelligent, why can’t there be a better way. Being beautiful is one way to love one self and empower oneself, I’m saying that the idea of women empowering themselves by dressing sexy is cheap solution and a symptom of low self-esteem.

    There’s a difference between dressing beautiful because you love yourself and your body and dressing to empower yourself because your have low self confidence. Dressing to raise your low self-confidence is messed up, why do women think they’re so ugly? Why do they need approval? Why can’t they just love themselves for who they are?

    In fact, I KNOW you’ve missed my point completely.

    This isn’t about ALLOWING men to assault women, this is about women finding TRUE empowerment by loving and respecting their bodies. Women may think it’s their right to do whatever the fuck they want, BUT it’s they’re responsibility to love themselves and protect themselves.

    Having a right shouldn’t mean you have to stop being responsible and intelligent. Having a right to dress sexy doesn’t mean that it’s you’re not dressing sexy that you’re not beautiful.

    I will keep telling women to love their TRUE selves, and not an image that need to be constantly supported by outside approval.

    If you need the approval, you should just admit it straight up. But that is not TRUE empowerment for women, the lies just hurt them even more.

  13. I’m a little confused by this post… I agree that dressing sexy is a false form of empowerment. But what about women who don’t dress sexy for “empowerment” but just because they like it? Is that problematic to you? If I’m wearing a low cut top because it’s a cute top and I look good in it,and I get sexually harassed, is that my own fault? Should I have to keep covered with a jacket all the time because some men are assholes and don’t respect women?

  14. [Becky:]
    NO! I want you and all women to dress up for YOURSELF RATHER than using it as empowerment. That’s my message, in fact I’m writing a post about REAL self-confidence soon.

    There’s nothing WRONG with loving yourself and BEING beautiful.

    It’s just so many women want to be beautiful so the try to use being “beautiful” to gain approval and it becomes unhealthy. I vehemently disagree when “being attractive” and is used as a MASK low self-confidence and compensate for low self-esteem.

    Why can’t a woman just be beautiful? Why does it have to be for approval? Why does a woman need to be sexy to be of value? I ask myself these questions? Because I’m not pretty all the times, but I love myself. I think I have value.

    Wear the cute clothes, I do.

    I go dancing in a nerdy, cosplay setting… But I do dance so much my boobs fall out. When I have to leave the building I bring a jacket to be like “shows is over.”

    It’s okay in a club and on the dance floor, but when you leave the club I would think it would be a good idea to wear a jacket.

    The streets are no safe at night regardless, I’m saying take persuasions and be extra careful.

    A lot of women and Feminists I know think that men should be good to them, but the reality of the situation is that there are men about who would seek to exploit a vulnerable woman. I talked about traveling in groups in this article, being with male friends you could trust and HAVING A BACK UP PLAN! Shit hits the fan pretty quick.

    I think you should wear something to cover yourself up when you don’t want the attention anymore. When you’re around women, work it. See a man you don’t like leering at you, put that jacket on. No more service.

  15. [Becky]
    Also, because I’m editing the previous statement, and you might reply again:

    I think it’s an unfortunate consequence of being beautiful that people like me (ah ha ha ha) attract the wrong attention. I don’t think of it as my fault or any woman’s fault really—but I do get really mad a girls who walk around in literally bras and panties when they go clubbing and want men to respect them. SERIOUSLY!!!

    Myself I don’t take it personally and think of it as a compliment. Or I beat them up. Seriously. Because I’m strong, and they’re messing with the wrong bitch.

    But I do dress down a lot because I hate being FOLLOWED by men, it works a lot. Plus, I want people who are attracted to me to like me for me, and then I’ll pretty up. Because I am pretty, I just don’t want people to like me for my beauty before they like me for my personality.

  16. […] self-confidence that I have to swing back to my old article. I’m having a good laugh at the women (probably Feminists) up in a rage over this previous article I had, I thought it was hilarious at first. No really, you’re all hilariously funny and […]

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