Eating My -Isms and Ways

Eating My -Isms and Ways
We Are So Much More Than Our Labels

Cut by: Davita Cuttita

I’ve never really understood why people choose to label themselves with their beliefs.

By now, many of seem to realize a few patterns and contrasts on the site in relation to Grandpa Dinosaur’s personality and my own—I’ll leave you to believe what you will about them.

I’ve been featured over at the F–Word UK a couple of times surprisingly; even though I do not identify myself as feminist. I’ve also been featured on quite a few other websites which I think; along with F–Word, is a very good thing. I’m glad people find me as a source of inspiration to them, I’m glad people are here engaging in constructive dialogue, learning and laughing. However, I just want to make sure people really know where I stand; I suppose this article is my way of avoiding a Clay Aiken-esque situation. I just don’t want people to be confused as of to who I am and what I represent here nor do I want them to feel “duped” into thinking I am something I’m not.

So a while ago as Grandpa Dinosaur and I were around fucking shit up, she said something to me along the lines of “Hey Davita, what do you have against feminism anyway?”

“Nothing really. It’s just a tick,” I responded.

Allow me to elaborate…

Perhaps it is because of my Jamaican background. Perhaps it is also because of the minute inklings of the Rastafari religion (not RASTAFARIAN, that’s what Westerners call it and it’s WRONG) peppered into the culture that is extremely wary of “-ians” and “-isms” but I’ve never been quick to hold up a banner for any type of political or socio-political movement and scream “Yeah, I’m one of them!”.

I see the compartmentalization and division of problems into different “movements” as problematic in and of itself. Please don’t get confused here: I don’t see a problem with the movements themselves but I DO see a problem with their infrastructure: for example; the hidden refusals our outright reluctance for there to be an intersectionality of the movements (and when this happens it’s usually patronizing). I DO see a problem with the movements not willing to criticize themselves, I DO see a problem with these movements becoming—no; being hierarchies where one person’s say receives more attention and validation from others and less questioning and blind faith than another source with the exact same message.

Because of these problems, I tend to see movements as superficially complex fodder masking us from what the actual causes of our problems are. People dissent rather than discuss, defend themselves from others rather than act for others, and tailor their own morals and ethics to fit themselves rather than to fit hope, freedom and the backs of small children. People confuse hate speech with free speech and hate crimes with freedom of expression. I see most movements as taking advantage of the mainly Eurocentric mode of thinking we are so accustomed to; the thought that “divide and conquer” will solve all of our problems. So I wonder…if everyone is divided into these little boxes of “yes” and “no”, when they really mean “maybe”; waving these banners, stomping their boots…I wonder what it accomplishes and for how long. I wonder for whom it accomplishes these things.

And then I laugh a little because it’s all a very clever and pretty diversion a little like this:

“Look at these essays we’ve written and my furrowed eyebrows!! Do you not feel my concern? THIS IS OF IMPORTANCE! Ignore that dying man on your doorstep, he’s not a part of the debate!”

“But, this essay you’ve written…is all about him.”

To quote a Biblical proverb, I firmly believe that your yes should be yes, and your no should be no. If you are not going to fight for everyone, then don’t fight at all. If you are not prepared to carry a gun and fire as instructed, don’t sign on the dotted line.

“Well?” Grandpa pried, “What exactly do you mean?”

“It’s like when you have a dog,” I continued “And the dog has fleas. You keep killing the fleas, investing all this time and money into killing the fleas but after a few months, same problem. Imagine for a moment that if you could find the source of where those fleas were coming from and destroy it so your dog would never have fleas again,” I finished.

Grandpa paused. “I see your point” she said before changing the subject.

I just wanted to step out here and be honest to everyone; as I’ve been doing from the start. I don’t want people to feel like they are being tricked or duped into complacence with me or that they should ever feel obligated to agree with me. I also don’t want people looking up to me for something that I really don’t stand for; not because I hate what they believe in because I do not. Of course, I am grateful for the exposure and everyone’s input; of course anyone is still free to link me and discuss here so long as they follow the rules but I just felt I had to reiterate…

I’m just here for the truth and I believe it has to be whole or it will fall by the wayside in pieces.

I am not a feminist.
I am not a humanist.
I am not a secularist.
I am not a racist.
I am not a sexist.
I am not a homophobe.
I am not a xenophobe.
I am not sizist.
I am not an atheist.
I am not a separatist.
I am not a nationalist.
I am not a conservative and I am not a liberal.

Keep your –ists and –ians off of me, please!

I don’t play the blame game and I’m not here to compete in the victim or holier than thou Olympics either.

It’s not about who does more, it’s not about who suffers more, it’s not about who has more.
It’s about everyone that stands by and does nothing at all; it’s about those who descend on one another when the sky is falling instead of helping to build a shelter. It’s about those who say they’re helping when they’re actually complying with the problem. It’s about everyone that is in denial.

It’s about exposing, it’s about challenging, it’s about educating—this is why I’m here and this is why I write. It’s also why I’m hot (‘cuz I’m fly).

We will all rise together or we will all fall together.

Did you read the banner at the top? That’s my politics, that’s my “movement”, that’s my “label”:


I like how the Black Panthers use the word “with” and not “for” like the White “anti-racists”.

I don’t like the way the world is but I know very little can be done, so I write. I write so we can all come together and leaving our masks at the door and our banners in the closet, we can descend on the real root of all evil: the unconditional hatred within the human heart.

I am a Jamaican girl in Canada. I am willing to learn, to listen, and to try.

I do not move in movements because what I believe in is what I live; everyday. I cannot put my banner down, I cannot change my party, I cannot write a thesis about it and make millions of dollars and even if I wanted to I cannot quit.

I live what the movements want to move and so can you.

I am on a mission with my gun of wisdom and understanding. It has no remorse: and neither do I. So that’s me: a girl and her gun.

Fight or move out of the way.


~ by davitacuttita on October 4, 2008.

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