Happy Thanksgiving, I guess.

Hey all, it’s Thanksgiving in Canadada-land!!

Which, doesn’t really mean much to Grandpa Dinosaur or I except that it’s an extra day off to relax. I like making turkey A LOT but am now on a “I can only make one turkey a year” policy so I tend to save that privilege (wow, has anyone ever thought of having turkey as a privilege?) for Christmas since that’s the time when my family and I tend to eat and drink until we can’t stand and *REALLY* get our party and thankfulness covered in vapid materialism on *cough*.

I’m thankful for alotta stuff. Yaaaay!! This year I am especially thankful for online French to English dictionaries, a roof over my head, uncensored hip-hop and digital hardcore, the “sale” rack in nice clothing stores, food, free alcholic beverages, family, friends, education and french kisses. Mmn.

G.D and I are planning to randomly make a turkey at some point since whenever we combind our Iron Chef culinaryforces in the kitchen, nothing but pure deliciousness comes out anyway. If we were making a turkey this is year this is basically all we’d do in between bastings:

Special thanks to Durty Mo of You Know You Dead Azz Wrong for introducing me to the gloriousness of Sissy Nobby and his smackable n’ tooted booty of doom. I’d crank dat. Anyway…


I guess…


~ by davitacuttita on October 13, 2008.

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