This is kinda last minute but Grandpa Dinosaur and I will be at Canzine tomorrow (Sunday, October 25th) handing out some printed editions of our favourite postings here on PDDP! I guess we’ll do autographs too–YEAAAH!!!

Click here to find out more/get directions.

The table belongs to Grandpa and [edit:]she has it registered her real name[/edit]] so don’t ask for PDDP unless you’re looking for *actual* pregnant-drug dealing prostitutes. It’s Toronto, anything can happen!

I dunno how many of ya’ll are in Canadada-land, but if you are, feel free to come on down to say hello. If we have extras left I suppose we can mail them out to those of you who express interest with little fun Canadian thingies like…snow and…maple syrup…and…beavers and leaves.



~ by davitacuttita on October 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “CANZINE!!”

  1. Consider my interest expressed!

  2. Hi Loopzilla!

    Consider yourself LUCKY because we are actully SOLD OUT of the very first printed edition of PDDP. However, do not despair because there remains one very *special* copy: the personal copy of yours truly!

    Simply e-mail us the postage name/address of your choice at (which will all be kept confidential and promptly destroyed because we aren’t assholes) and watch your mailbox for it (along with your Canadian insanities included!). It’ll also include a very special message and autographs from Grandpa and myself. ^_^

    Thanks for your support!

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