Hi Everyone!

This is a friendly reminder from Davita Cuttita and Grandpa Dinosaur for you to get out there and VOTE (or DIE!!). We know that we live in Canadada-land and thus are unable to participate in this historical event (well, we’ve already cast our hypthetical votes hundreds of thousands of others across the globe).

Of course, we’re endorsing OBAMA for the win! WOOOOO!!!!!!!!! OBAMA-RAMA!!!!!!!!!! So if you’re voting my American friend; make the world a better (and Blacker!) place by voting for him! HOORAY FOR FREEDOM!!!

For those of you who are undecided/have already cast your vote and are lookin’ to kick back with some comedy; here’s Katt Williams’ take on the Presidential election. (Of course, I gotta shout out to Durty Mo of youknowyoudeadazzwrong for referencing this shit, nearly died laughing!)

As a b-side, we’re gonna extend the life of the pimpdaddy poll of the month to the left in commemoration of this historical event, so you can now vote until November 9th for what topic you would like the next post to be on. Cheers!

Tupac Shakur: “Although it seems heaven-sent, we ain’t ready, to have a black president”
(response)”YES WE CAN! Change the world!”–Nas,
“Black President”




~ by davitacuttita on November 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “VOTEVOTEVOTEVOTE!!”

  1. I was all over that shit like white on rice two days ago! Voting, I mean. Hopefully the Republicans don’t kidnap the election like they did with Al Gore.

  2. Yeah, what you said!

    I just want Obama to win because maybe we’ll finally get some reparations! YEAH! REPARATIONS MONEY just like Dave Chappelle promised!!!

    Just kidding. Well no, not really. I want a Cadillac.

    Also, he is brilliant.

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