Oh, Wow.


Björk Guðmundsdóttir

Davita is just stopping by…

Grandpa and I did a lot of eating today (BBQ duck, dumplings, crepes!) and it was soooo good. Also, I was over at D-listed laughing my ass off as usual when the sexy Michael K. of the site made me realize that damn, it’s BJÖRK’S BIRTHDAY TODAY!! Can you say awesome?!

Aww, I love her music. I hope she lives another 43 years (or more!) and just keeps releasing albums. Happy Birthday Björk, you’re wicked and so is your music! All the best to her and Iceland, I know she’s been doing a lot of work with scientists and stuff lately to keep its government and huge European companies from turning Iceland into a smeltering, polluted sesspool so I pitched some change on the Nàttùrà campaign (Davita is poor! Student budget, OK?!) and I suggest you do the same–it’s only 99 cents all proceeds go towards helping to fund research on green power provisions and technologies; something we can all benefit from. Besides, you get a nice music track by her with backing vocals by Thom Yorke of the band Radiohead (who are also one of my favourites) as a thank you. Anyway, onto the funtimes!! (all following songs/videos are SFW with no cussin’)

I’m completely in love with the albums Homogenic and Medulla, they’re just epicly well-done. So, to celebrate/initiate those of you not familiar; the album name links I just provided will direct you to sites where you can choose a track and listen to the albums for free, yay!! Best believe I rock them tunes on the ipod daily to keep the percolation gangsta in my swagger, uh-huh!!

So here’s my favourite music video EVER by her called “Hunter”. I love it because she’s bald and turning into a technology-based-super-mother-protector polar bear but I just LOVE how she’s kinda fighting herself the whole time but also can’t help embrasing the power, majesty and responsibility (that’s my interpretation, haha):

Next is a blitzkrieg of a song as she performs it live, “Pluto” which really makes the punk digital hardcore lover in me approve. According to Ms. B herself, the song is about:

“It’s about getting plastered, that need to destroy everything so you can start over again. Having a lot in the planet Pluto, which I do, means you want to cut the crap, throw all the rubbish away No extra baggage. It’s death and birth.”

I like smashing things, so play this song if you don’t put up with fuckery either!!

And to kick off the drinking weekend, we’ve got “Triumph of a Heart”, a happy-go-lucky tune composed of no instruments; just the sounds of friends having a great time, featuring Björk getting wasted in Iceland and a cat named Nietzche who plays her loving husband:

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for the drinking to begin!! Guinness, I’m comin’ for ya!




~ by davitacuttita on November 21, 2008.

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