Freedom From Choice!


Freedom, Privilege and Possibly You
Cut by: Davita Cuttita

a victim of collision on the open sea
nobody ever said that life was free
sank, swam, go down with the ship
but use your freedom of choice…

in ancient rome there was a poem
about a dog who found two bones
he picked at one
he licked the other
he went in circles
he dropped dead

freedom of choice
is what you got
freedom of choice!

Devo, “Freedom of Choice”

In Western society, people tend to put a lot of emphasis on variety and choice. Paradoxically, at the same time, some of them also have the tendency to downplay variations and choice; whether it be your skin colour, gender, sexuality or even weight; somebody is always right there telling you how they think you should handle choices or circumstances out of your control—and typically in their control–not in a manner that is constructive to your own well being mind you, but rather in a manner that allows them and others like them to carry on in their comfort zone.

This comfort zone just so happens to consist of you lying with your face to the concrete, blind-folded and gagged as they walk on your back.

Are You Coloured? Do you have to deal with (or have ever dealt with) racism? Internalized racism?
Well, there’s either gonna be somebody there telling you to keep your mouth shut before matters get worse or somebody telling you to “lighten up” because “racism doesn’t exist anymore” or “they don’t see colour”.

Are You White?
There’s always gonna be somebody there telling you that “those Coloureds” can pull themselves up by their bootstraps; not your problem. You are the most widely represented race on the planet, despite actually being the minority. Are you gonna fight for justice with us? Do you? Because at the end of the day, you really don’t have to since a whole legion of White people think you’re being “difficult”, “being stuck in the past” or even “racist” for questioning, for trying to make a difference.

Are You Gay or Bisexual?
Someone is there to tell you that you “chose” that lifestyle or are in some way morally lecherous, corrupt or flat-out bankrupt. I’m sure you’re extremely familiar with those folks by now.

Are You Fat?
All of society tells you that you are choosing to be unhealthy, choosing to be sexually unattractive, choosing to be a burden to the medical system, the environment and taxpayers. Even if nothing is wrong with you medically, even if you’re in a relationship, even if you feel damn good about yourself.

No matter what corner you’re in, someone is always going to try and take you down because of your criticism or defiance of what you may believe freedom is or what your choices really are.

So how much of who we are is a conscious choice; a choice we can make?

Also, how much freedom and consequently, how much choice do we truly have and why?

We can’t choose how people treat us or how people react to us, yet these experiences definitely have an impact on who we are as people and how we deal with the problems or stigmas associated with our groups or our choices. A lot of the time, it is the complacence of people that is responsible for so much of the pain, suffering and injustice in the world; if not all of it.

Since Western society is so painfully individualized, a lot of people are quick to make the assumption that if some people are suffering and they’re still benefitting; that EVERYTHING *must* be all right.
Even though all of these identities and their issues are distinct; we can now see a common point forming between these roads. What it is?

It’s those same people who think that if they are comfortable, then the entire world is OK just the way it is. People here are so accustomed to thinking, feeling and acting individually to the point where its almost as if, a human community doesn’t exist. You know what?

It fucking does.

I sincerely see little to no difference between us and our ancestors of about 3,000 or so years ago—we have more books and a lot more police and laws but we are still unarguably capable of the most horrendous things and if you don’t believe me, just google the word “genocide”.

We are the human community! I don’t care how much free-trade coffee you drink or what the hottest song on the charts is; I really don’t. Things will never, ever get better until we all stand up and say to eachother that yes, there is injustice and problems and that no one is OK until we’re all given our rights, freedoms and choices. I don’t care what you do when the lights are off or how many “Black history” courses you’ve taken, there is a problem and we are the human community! You fuck with one of us and we’re all gonna come for ya!

How dare you tell Coloured people trying to educate their children or others on the horrors of racism that they are wrong! How dare you criticize Coloured people for pointing out a problem as obvious as racism and having the courage to stand up for ourselves and others against YOUR hate!

How dare you tell White people who sincerely try to listen to us and be constructive, deprogramming themselves and stepping down from White privilege that they are wrong for doing so! How dare you see them as being problematic!

How dare you criticize those of different sexualities as though they were ravenous mongrels!

How dare you treat people of different weights as though they were monsters unworthy of respect or dignity!


We are all human beings! We all have feelings, we are all worthy of respect and I’m calling out every last one of you who believes that the world is OK! That we cannot do better or be better people!

Don’t like my skin colour? Want me to go back to Africa?

Nobody is truly free or able to choose until we are free from YOUR choice!

YOUR CHOICE that tells us things are fine the way they are, that the world cannot be better, that the voices of the starving and the blood of the murdered should be ignored. That racism should be ignored, that bigotry should be ignored, that sexism and sizism should be ignored and that the beauty within different skin colours, races and cultures should be ignored.

YOUR CHOICE that tells us we should accept things we cannot change not because they are immutable but because YOUR CHOICE dictates to us that they are!

YOUR CHOICE that tells us what is beautiful, what is worth cherishing, who is worthy of respect, who is intelligent and what race is superior!

YOUR CHOICE that tells us to remain silent and oil the Eurocentric war machine with our labour and the labour of our children or grandchildren!

YOUR CHOICE that takes the honesty and goodness of a people and perverts it into a shadow of its former self, lying and misleading others for your own personal gain!

YOUR CHOICE that ignores the needs, wants and voices of those whom you say you tolerate or accept for your own personal comfort! (Talking to all the fake feminists, colour blind people and “anti-racists” out there!!)


We are the human community and we demand justice for everybody!!

None of us are perfect and sometimes there will be miscommunications, allegations, deviations and alienations but in the end, we are united!

My Coloured brothers and sisters, we’re gonna keep fighting. We’re gonna keep being civil, educating eachother, breaking down the historical, systematic and emotional hate. We’re gonna keep protecting eachother and protecting our cultures and languages.

My White brothers and sisters, we’re gonna keep fighting. We’re gonna keep opening up the dialogue, we’re going to keep remembering, we’re gonna keep learning.

My gay and bisexual brothers and sisters, we’re gonna keep fighting. We’re gonna keep breaking down the stereotypes, we’re gonna make it so people can live without having to hide in a closet.

My fat brothers and sisters, we’re gonna keep fighting. We’re gonna make it so when you look in the mirror and when future generations look into a mirror, they can see someone beautiful looking back at them, someone worthy of respect not because society said so but because THEY KNOW SO within themselves.

I’m Davita Cuttita and I declare independence from all haters, everywhere!

Haters, I declare freedom from YOUR choice!

I’ll say it again in the land of the free
use your freedom of choice
freedom of choice…

freedom of choice
is what you got
freedom from choice
is what you want

Devo, “Freedom of Choice”


~ by davitacuttita on December 4, 2008.

6 Responses to “Freedom From Choice!”

  1. I absolutely love this article. I understand what your message is, but I am utterly hopeless about the issues noted. I feel like I am trying to claw through a wall if I make a point in conversations by talking about such things. Maybe I’m a hopeless cynic.
    Western society is flawed and humanity is flawed, and there is nothing substantial I (and the rest of the world) could do. Some justice will be served, but there is and never will be enough. Or so it seems. I try not to be constantly affected by society’s expectations and such, but there will always be a large amount of people that behave in a way that is considered the norm, and those people may or may not impose that way as the best way to live, but the people not behaving like that will most likely learn to see it as the way they should live, and soon the flawed, flawed norm is spreading. Then the different people are negatively affected; history goes on, and the same thing happens.
    Please don’t get angry when you read this; I am not trying to convince anyone, I merely felt like this topic made me feel something that I had to put into words.

  2. Hi Kelly,

    You know, I actually sympathize with you 110% and the “back story” behind me writing this post is that a friend and I were having a conversation about the hopelessness and injustice in the world and how ultimately, we’re all kind of just blips on the universal radar.

    Yes, there will always be problems, yes, there will always be poverty, yes, there will always be injustice, racism and bigotry. So I wrote this post to be that little blip of encouragement, that little incentive to say as humans we are capable of the most terrifying monstrosities but at the same time, the good in us is unparrallel to any other (known) living species in this universe and every second that good reaches a man, woman or child, the world becomes an infinitely better place–even if just for a moment. I know how you feel my dear, but never forget; that moment, that brief twinkle in the eyes of time, is the most valuable, powerful thing on this planet and the more of it there is, the better. Don’t give up!

  3. thanks for an inspirational post, davita. the part about how we’re encouraged to think that if our little lives are okay, everything else must be okay too, is an especially good reminder. that’s so true. it can be tough NOT to be a mere atomized atom, forgetting that you’re spinning along interdependently with other ones.

  4. Thanks for reading, Macon!

    I’m glad you found the post encouraging, mission accomplished! LOL. It’s tough to not be a mere atomized atom all right; it’s even tougher to believe we can make a difference at all but y’know what? As long as I’m alive, I’m gonna fight for what’s right and I hope you do, too!

    *ps: listened to your radio-broadcasty thingy of sometime ago. Very nice!

  5. Not really about this post, just wanted to let you know that I’ve added this blog to my blogroll ^^

    I did read the post though, I just don’t know what to say…

  6. Hi Mortality, thanks for the add! Much appreciated. Hope to see you around!

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