The Return of Space HILTER! Youth embracing Racism

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The Return of Space HILTER!
Youth embracing Racism

Written By Grandpa Dinosaur

Today I was working stock, when my manager came in. We gathered around when she plopped down with another employee and we gossiped about a customer attempting to return final sale items after just purchasing them on cash. Then she complained that we did not have the same sale events that the other store did, despite having similar merchandise. One major complaint that she voiced was that a certain vest (which almost exclusively Asian women were buying as I worked in the section) was a final sale item when it was not at another store.

“Was she White?” asked a Muslim girl who had suddenly arrived in the back, looking for clothes.

“She was Asian,” my manager replied, giving me a concerned look as if I would be offended.

I wasn’t really, as I was selling them to mostly Asian people and it was 50% of my sales and I had been stocking them CONSTANTLY. I laughed because she was a bit worried, “I didn’t have to ask, I’ve only been selling that vest to Asian women,” I said.

“I knew it wasn’t a White person,” replied the Muslim girl. I wanted to say “then why did you ask?” but I didn’t bother. The Muslim girl made a knowing smile and I looked at her because it was an odd thing to say, but not odder than what followed: “WHITE POWER!!!”

I blinked and looked around, “now I’m offended.”

No one knew what to say, in fact everyone went back to work from the “woah” the loud exclamation resulted in.

I always talk about resting on our laurels, I’m currently working on a Graphic Novel (and when I near completion I hope to get feedback) to help educate coloured people with the things that I learned from dealing with racism and how I learned to tackle and continue to tackle racism. I feel that the younger generation has no understanding about HOW BAD RACISM WAS.

In fact, I know people who don’t see Hitler the way Hitler was. Hitler was an insane man who killed many, many people BUT with today’s “laugh at everything” attitude Hitler is not only a joke, but his evils are so downplayed the evil actions that he has done that people seem to have forgotten them. I’m not saying “you can’t laugh at Hitler, I’m saying that Hitler shouldn’t be seen as a protagonist or in a positive light or be put on a pedestal as that DOWNPLAYS all the death he had caused and all the evil acts the Nazi’s have committed.”

People don’t see racism as a problem, in fact a lot of coloured teenagers that I know don’t seem to think “racism” is “that bad.”

I remember when I was on the TTC with Davita Cuttita and a group of White kids and one Asian kids were near by and I could overhear their conversation.

The gist of the conversation was the White kids were teasing the Asian kid, whom they seemed quite close to, for being on welfare and saying “all Asian people should give us back our money.” The Asian guy (Chinese) was laughing and nodding along. In fact, the Asian teen then said to them, “give me all your welfare money. I will take it.”

Oh, I was going to throttle them. I kept nudging Davita, but we had to get off the train as we were going the wrong way.

Yesterday I walked into a shoe store with a friend and the White people were playing Chinese chanting to ridicule the ONLY Asian person present. I’m probably going to report it to the manager later, as I was laughing because it was so random, my feelings soured when I realized it was because they were racist. [Sent.]

I’m tired of it. I watched this and I felt the same way. (Thanks Macon D.)

I’m tired of White people expecting me to be “Asian,” and I’m tired of being wedged between two generations who BOTH tolerate racism and ACCEPT racism and LIVE in racism and GIVE RACISM to their friends and children and their little brothers and sisters and they spread it around so that everyone thinks that “because my friend, who is Asian says it’s okay that I say this racist BS it’s OKAY.”

Maybe it’s okay between friends, but strangers you don’t know and don’t know you and don’t TRUST you. And why should they trust you. I don’t expect people to know me, or care about who I REALLY am outside of my job or KNOW my personal history. Don’t give two shits.

I do give two shits when a White girl is showing me her Cambodian tattoo that she got after going to Cambodia as a tourist, trying to explain to me who an Asparas is and the dance when I FUCKING DANCE THAT DANCE. Trying to get my approval when all I wanna do is skin that tattoo off her BACK!

I DO give two shits when both Cambodian and White people ask me to act Asian, because I’m Cambodian. I give three when they think I’m Chinese, that all Asians are Chinese.

I give a shit when Asian people act Asian in front of White people and get mad at me when I’m not acting Asian too.

GUESS WHAT FUCKERS! Ain’t no act, I am Asian. Never stopped being Asian, never stopped being proud, never was ashamed or whatever reason you think I act this way. I’m OFFENDED you think this is not Asian or that I am being untrue or by acting the way I do makes me LESS Asian. Are you calling me not Asian, I take offence, it’s like calling me Sub-human.

I’m a Cambodian, but I am also me. Being ME isn’t going to change to fact I am Cambodian, acting Asian is going to make me MORE Cambodian, pretending or acting “White” isn’t going to change the way White people look and react to me. But other Asian people don’t feel the same way. As if Asian is what they are when they’re with their families, and to that I say: “then what the fuck are you when you’re with your White friends? White?! Get REAL!”

It reminds me of when Davita was regaling me about a WW2 vet that taught her high school class how to make a knife out of a tin can in case another Hitler came to take away our rights.

Because he’s coming back, in one form or another and he’s going to take away our rights so we gotta get ready. Gotta makes knives out of tin cans, if we’re lucky enough to get tin cans.

I’m not going to stand around as young Asians prep their “White Power/Acceptance” signs. I am going to continue to educate. Because we need to talk about Racism and say, “it’s not okay.”

We need to talk to each other about racism.

We need to educate by saying “be yourself” and “say FUCK YOU!”

I can make a shiv with a pen and I got a lot of other things to teach as well as that. Got a lot of Racism to shank.

And no, I’m not sorry.

Not at all.


~ by l on December 14, 2008.

4 Responses to “The Return of Space HILTER! Youth embracing Racism”

  1. It used to be that depicting Hitler as fluffy, cute, or humanly silly was like an insult, given that the real Hitler viewed himself as a tough man’s man.

    Clearly, he’d be insulted by these depictions, if he were alive.

    Unfortunately, some people have taken it a little too far, and then completely missed the point. D; No longer is it just meant to insult, it’s more like this whole “laugh at everything” that you describe has transformed Hitler into our minds as a silly human being, instead of a monster.

    And I agree with you whole-heartedly that it’s very dangerous!

  2. Oh gods, what is this world coming to!

    I knew someone who drew Hitler in the style that you drew, I actually stopped talking to them because Hitler became the center of their (art)work going as far as to make him as protagonist of a videogame(?!).

    I think that’s where I start to have trouble, with Hitler being seen as lovable or even a protagonist (at least write anti-hero protagonist). It’s okay to laugh at him and make fun of him, but we must never forget that he is a monster.

    Because seriously, the man was a monster.

  3. Dammit Grandpa, I was thinking to myself “how many more letter bombs do I have to send this bitch before she updates?”

    Glad you’re back. Keep it that way because we can’t get another domain name and this was your idea in the first place.

    P.S: I love you.

  4. Ahahaha I didn’t draw either of those don’t worry, but I’m fascinated with WWII so I know where to find things =3

    What a nice letter that was for Grandpa that you left, Davita… xDD

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