Fear & Things to Come…

They Don't Know. Bitches just DON'T KNOW!

They Don't Know. Bitches just DON'T KNOW!

Fear & Things to Come…
A Reminder & Sneak Preview!

Cut by: Davita Cuttita

It’s been quiet around PDDP but Grandpa is busy with work and comics/book publishing while Davita is sittin’ around lookin’ pretty and working as she waits for her University to come off this 2 month long strike so she can go back to crying hysterically in French class during grammar exercises. *soupir/sigh*

We’re half way into this first fresh month of 2009 and I just want to remind you that you’re fabulous.

Yes, you.

I know I don’t know you personally but I’m pretty sure that you’re just faaabulous dahling.

Whenever I turn on the TV these days, I can’t help but take not of the sudden increase in dieting commercials, television specials and commercials with that old guy that pronounces “diabetes” as “diabeetus”. All those shows reminding you to pay penance for whatever you ate during the holidays by joining Weight Watchers or something.

I do not regret eating the pumpkin pie by myself. You hear me, TV?! NO REGRETS! It took me a few days but I finished it all before it expired and I consider it my last great and most delicious achievement of 2008.

Everyone, everywhere is going to be hit remorselessly with television shows and advertisements designed to “remind you” how shitacular you are in hopes of beating your self-esteem down into an urge to splurge on whatever product(s) that proposes to make you impossibly perfect.

There’s nothing wrong with having a New Year’s Resolution or two, nor is there anything wrong with wanting to look and feel good. We all become overly ambitious and overly self-conscious until we either achieve our goals or simply succumb to any disappointments in our path and give up completely. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with either, just so long as you learn from the experience and use it to positively contribute to your life or someone else’s.

One way or another, we are all going to look into the mirror, step on the scale, sit in our cubicle, sit in class or turn on the television and be confronted by fear of failure. Fear that we will never be beautiful, fear that we will never get out of debt, fear that we will never progress in all that we strive to do or to be. Fear that the New Year will be just like the others with no real change, hope or encouragement.

We will all fear failure; again.

My mother has a saying that goes “Nothing beats a failure but a try.”

We can’t fear failure forever and now is as good a time as any, to give courage a shot!

Afterall, Bless’ed President Obama-Rama himself will soon rule the galaxy! For some odd reason, he’s visiting Canadada-land right after his inauguration and I just want to write a letter saying, “It’s cold, Mr. President! RUN! RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN.” but I’m sure his FBI people will jump in front of him like a human shield as soon as he gets off the plane and take the Northern, merciless, cold like a shower of bullets for him as his nuclear radiance of awesome keeps him warm.

Anyhoo, I am completely working on shit. And so is Grandpa…to my knowledge.


And I’m also negotiating with a White friend of mine to help join us in this crusade, even if it’s temporarily and OMG A WHITE GIRL!! (Surprise, Grandpa!)

Of course we’ll keep it regular with our tag-team on race/sexuality/I haz a vajayjay! stuff, but it’ll be a menage trois once in a while, if all goes well. Personally, I’ll stay the course but will also try to do more beauty tips/body acceptance articles and global/cross-cultural race issues. It’s coming. We’re coming. We promise.

Also, yes. WHITE PERSON OMG~!!!!

She’s wicked though, trust. We can combine our powers of multiculturalism for triple the Pussy Power in this joint (now with more NegroVision!). We’re gonna laugh, cry, yell, scream, riot and get drunk together.

Talk about the issues that are REALLY IMPORTANT.

We’re gonna have so much fun. You’ll love us loving you down.



~ by davitacuttita on January 13, 2009.

One Response to “Fear & Things to Come…”

  1. I’m just trying to climb the ladder man! *scribbles book stuff* Commmmoooonnnn!

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