Paint It Black


Nas and his wife Kelis sportin' nigger wear from his new album.

Paint It Black
A Month in NegroVison!

Cut by: Davita Cuttita


So I just realized that it’s Black History Month. OK.

Here in Canadada-land, the world basically revolves around America during Black History month. I remember in class they didn’t even tell you that Canada participated in slavery AT ALL. Nope, you had to go to the library and look that shit up like an extra-curricular activity. Even then, the books are pretty much silent on what Black Canadians have gone through (or are going through) and y’know, I think it’s pretty manipulative because it creates anti-American sentiments since the story usually goes “Oh, the runaway slaves came here to be free” without ever mentioning that Canada only ended slavery here 20 years before America did. Feel free to give a side-eye about this shit to the Canadian government, we already did months ago.

I wish there wouldn’t have to be a Black History month. I wish the government here would just stop being assholes and put all that history in where it belongs–in a history book, right along side all those old, dead White guys whose names I can’t remember and will never have to recall for any constructive purpose whatsover. I only remember Sir John A. MacDonald who, I think was a Prime Minister like over 100 years ago but that’s because his name reminds me of McDonalds.

At school here, kids learn all about AMERICAN slavery and AMERICAN Blacks and AMERICAN Black History while Canada is painted as some sort of magical, wonderful, non-racist haven. Lies and poppycock if you’ve got the right book. Learning about Black History is GOOD. Period. As a matter of fact, learning any history at all; especially the kind the expands out of the Eurocentric glowstick party we’re all trippin’ in is brilliant. Kids should gain as much knowledge about the world and all the different people in it as much as possible. Makes them smarter. Makes them less ignorant. Makes them less inclined to grow up and be selfish, racist assholes. Makes the world a better place.

Black History is not about me, my feelings or how I feel about my history being relegated to one month. I have plenty time for that shit the rest of the year.

It’s about educating. It’s about the children. Like Wu-Tang, it’s all about the kids.

So, because the government is still going to be a jerk and not just teach history without having to omit certain (Coloured) peoples, we gotta keep fighting. At the same time though, we also gotta milk this thing until the day legistlation is passed putting history where it belongs the most: in an Elementery text book in the hands of a child. We gotta educate eachother SO HARD that the government will wish we kicked them in the juggular instead of  gaining the knowledge to see when we and the future generation are being bamboozled.

Until that day comes, (it’s already on it’s way, they gotta put Bless’ed President Obama-Rama in there!) let’s milk this shit for what it’s worth. As far as I’m concerned, it’s PARTY TIME!

Being raised in the diaspora, it’s hard to learn Caribbean history. My Dad took it upon himself to tell us all the Jamaican folklore and some of the history. I’ve also been around and done my own research which you’ve probably seen already lying around the site in bits and pieces. Something that urks me a bit is how much people recognize Jamaica around the world (Oh, Bob Marley!) but seem to know so little about it and it’s people–don’t even get me started on the rest of the Caribbean. So, what are we gonna do?

Come back tomorrow. Because this is going to be the most FUCKING BALLIN’ month of PDDP ever. We’re gonna break into the Chocolate Factory of Blackness and swim around in all the delicious vats of milk, dark and white chocolatey goodness. We’re gonna learn Jamaican Patois and cultural tidbits every Friday on “Dutty Fridayz”. I am going to fucking OVERLOAD this bitch with NegroVison. We’re gonna question race and Blackness. We’ll talk hip-hop n’ bitchez. We’re gonna have SO MUCH FUN.

So you know, wishing me a happy Black history month is unnecessary. Not that I’d be pissed or offended, but it’d be kinda like wishing me a happy library book day. So yeah. Keep coming back. We’ll laugh. We’ll cry. We’ll learn.

Questions? Comments? Go momofukkin crazy. I’ll answer ALL OF ‘UM.

To kick things off, here’s 30 seconds of Morgan Freeman NegroVision to get us started. This month is gonna be fantabulous.


~ by davitacuttita on February 5, 2009.

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