Dutty Fridaze 01: NegroVision of the Day!


Let’s kick this shit off n’ SMASH SUMTHIN’!

The slogan of my country is “Out of Many, One People” in reference to the hundreds of years of racial amalgamation that has created Jamaicans, our multi-ethnic community and language. We’re going to Jamaica with M.I.A right now so check out this succulent slice of positive globalization and reggae-brazillian-Sri-Lankan awesomeness with all the BOYZ. Directed by M.I.A herself and filmed on location in my hometown of Kingston, Jamaica with a cast of local Kingstonians! Within in it, many of the traditional as well as new n’ trendy male Jamaican dances are demonstrated. Big up, Jamaica!

And fo’ realz ya’ll best believe that we will be learnin Jamaican patois this month, so you’d better learn how to pronounce shit or people will laugh at you (and if no one is around, I’ll laugh at you). If you learn best by facts, strict grammar and linguistics, there is an entire article here breaking down the language in detail. For those of you audio-visual learners who want a 5 minute crash course, I humbly present to you the Patois reading of  “ABC” by Dr. Seuss brought to you by the Jamaican community, “Out of Many, One People Online”. It will give you all the basic pronounciation A–Z and hey, everybody loves Dr. Seuss, right? I do!

Tune in same time next week for more!!

*PS: In case you haven’t guessed, “Dutty Fridaze”=”Dirty Fridays”*


~ by davitacuttita on February 6, 2009.

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