This Just In!!


I knew something was going on with the temperatures rapidly rising and the sun coming out for the first time in days!

Bless’ed President Obama-Rama is in Canadada-land today talking with King Stephen Harper (no, he is not actually a King but Prime Minister, I just call him King).

Oh, glory be! Yey, the land knoweth that he is here! May his six hour visit to Ottawa be full of wonder and Tim Hortons.

The Bless’ed one in charge of the US of A had some great chatty times fresh off the plane with our first (and current) Black Governor General Michelle Jean (a governor General basically exercises the power of the Queen of England over Parliament and can pretty much do whatever they want to the political system without answering to anybody. I’m not kidding!) who is also of African decent and was looking around the continent for her roots last year. I hope he enjoys her French accent and that she enjoys basking in his ambience.

Live on CP24 News they have just announced that a group of children have built a snowman and stood on its shoulders so they could get a better look at him. Awwww. Yeah, sounds like Canadada-land all right.

Two hours away from Ottawa here in Toronto where Grandpa n’ I are, Obama fever has struck faster than Chris Brown in a drunken rage with an upsurge in the sales and presentation of Obama posters, t-shirts, shoes and various other items. People don’t even care if they can’t see him at all after hours of waiting; they’re still standing around with signs, people are just happy that he’s here. Everyone, young and old, are being more positive and giddy than a Japanese schoolgirl so let’s hope this means Canadada-land and America can get back to the awesome times and forget about Whatshisface making the world give America the side-eye.

Thanks for bringing some hope up North, Monsieur Obama! Please help yourself to all the *poutine and beer and you can eat.

*poutine is a Canadian junk food dish consisting of homestyle french fries covered in thick gravy and chunks of mozzarella cheese, in case you were wondering


~ by davitacuttita on February 19, 2009.

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