So what do you want to do? Blogging and Goals for 2009

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So what do you want to do?
Blogging and Goals for 2009

Grandpa Dinosaur

It’s our One Year Anniversary for PDDP, and I’m pretty shocked, amused and surprised. I’m surprised you’ve all stuck around so long—Of course no one really lays into the nitty-gritty like we do. Davita and I were talking about what we should do for our blog and she also expressed great surprise that we got so far. Madam Davita also noted that even though it feels like we achieved nothing, but actually accomplished a lot: A fundamental flaw in busy-bodies like ourselves. And nobody’s a bigger busy-body than me. I’ve always had plans bigger than myself, which has always gotten me into a lot of trouble. This blog is a big commitment. One I juggle with book-writing, work, school applications and (second)-job searching in this mudslide economy. Also taking care of my mother and father.

I often receive the ire of Davita from time to time, due to not updating the blog. It’s not that she doesn’t understand my side-projects—she just likes to tease me and give me grief as all friends do. Why I grief Davita about boys all the time.

Last Year, our blog was great! We wrote about Fat-Acceptance, Race, Racism, Self-Esteem, gosh we brought up a bevy of topics that makes me so proud to be a part of this blog. I know I butted heads with a lot of readers, but that’s part of the fun. Sometimes I write crazy articles because I hate taking myself too seriously. I know Davita liked the masturbation article as she thought it was very brave, I like a lot of my articles. If I were at gun point, I would say it was definitely my “Fake-Feminists” Article, looking back on it it’s made me sort out my feelings which are, as much as I’d like to be a feminist, I’d rather support and join a cause that is worthwhile not only to myself, but other coloured girls like me.

I really like this blog and what we (mostly Davita) have contributed. I’m not as active as I would like to be. This year, I’d love to touch on different topics that are interesting and innovative. I’m compiling a list on topics (as I am goal oriented) of interest to me (that will probably be listed towards the end) and I’d like your feedback on what you would like to read. I’d like to write more about myself as a coloured person who is trying to strike out as an independent artist/cartoonist. I probably should write about how I’m struggling with an Asian Art Style and a European Art Style, the graphic novel is going to be a middle finger to the world.

So what am I doing right now that is so great? I’m writing comics, searching for my lost CD’s with comic pages on them and being tired. I did a College Interview where I was tested for Grammar and then had a portfolio interviewed by the professors and for some reason I needed a resume.

This blog has been a great stepping stone in looking towards my own actions as well as reflecting, understanding and improving me. I find that my self-esteem and confidence does improve from writing well and badly, regardless. I hope to continue to challenge myself and take myself out of my own comfort zones and I hope you enjoy my articles in the future.

Articles I would like to Write:
Asian Art Style vs. European Art Style, a Cambodians artist’s struggle
Being Yourself is rough, how having high self-esteem let me be myself
Desert as a Meal: An Exploration into how my upbringing makes me eat sweets
The Un-diet: Sabotaging YOUR diet (a food love story)
Hand-Out, brushes with Poverty
Great Comic Artists (Because they’re like Van Gogh to me)
My Beloved Vampire, a love Affair with Occult and Mythology
I love Anime because it has Asian People in it
Hit me twice: Child Abuse


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