I Think I Hate People.


Admitedly, I will be getting scarce around PDDP.

However, why should things come to an end when they can come to a branch?

I’ve grown increasingly aware of the extreme stigma and challenges facing those with mental illnesses. We can talk about race. We can talk about sensuality and sexuality. We can talk about our bodies. But what is all of that worth when your mind is shattered and you are feared and hated because of it–even when you are trying to get better?

We can talk.

Why did the Nazis build gas chambers and acid showers? Why did Christopher Columbus commit genocide after genocide? Why did we hide our faces when Rwanda happened? Why did we let them drop Little Boy and Big Man on thousands of innocent Japanese people? Why do we let the bombs fly, the bombs that sink the world further into financial and moral bankruptcy and tear innocent famillies to shreds? Why do we hate the mentally ill, the sick, the poor?

Why do we keep making excuses?

Because the face of the monster is so simple and familiar.

That is why I put my faith in the new Luci Monostone.

I Think I Hate People, too.

And I bid ya’ll good day and adieu.


~ by davitacuttita on March 3, 2009.

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