How to Keep Coloureds Their Whitest…


How To Keep Coloureds Their Whitest…
Just Add Bleach!

Cut by: Davita Cuttita

1. white wash
Someone who is looked at as leaving behind or neglecting their culture and assimilating to a white, western culture.

i.e.: That exchange student has really been white washed

First of all, it’s important to know that whitewashing is not something that happens on the outside of a Coloured person, it’s something that happens within.

Most coloured people look upon the word “Whitewash” in very much the same way they would regard a racial slur. Just as industrial Whitewash is used to make dirty concrete “look clean”, the term evokes similar imagery. Somehow, your culture is not good or presentable enough the way it is so one must cast it aside and adapt all the stereotypical traits and behaviours “inherent” to White culture as their own.

For the most part, if one is Whitewash it is an active choice on the part of the Coloured Person.

So how does this process of Whitewashing begin and why? How can you tell a Whitewashed person from someone who is simply trying to adapt to living within European culture or Western society?

Let’s spell some more things out with some examples so that we don’t get confused.

A Black person who doesn’t enjoy hip-hop is not Whitewash.
A Latino person who can’t speak Spanish but speaks English is not Whitewash.
An Asian person who can put a decent sentence together is not Whitewash.

And so forth and vice-versa to infinity ad nauseum. You get the point.

We have to learn that our cultures are much, much more than the music we listen to, the languages we speak and how we speak. What if we got to the point where hip-hop no longer existed (let’s not forget that there was a time when it didn’t) or evolved into another form of music, would we be Whitewash then? No. What if we got to the point where we *did* lose our Native tongues due to circumstances beyond our control (and many civilizations already have), would we be Whitewash then? Absolutely not. What if we can speak, read and write English or any other Latin-based language with expertise, are we Whitewash then? Of course not, because language, literacy and intelligence are human traits applicable to everyone; there is no “White Only” sign upon the doors of wisdom and if you think there is; tear them off yourself and read a damn book.

So now that we have our Coloureds in a neat little pile, let’s separate them from those tainted with bleach.

Does a person of Colour exhibit the following…

  • Have no interest in preserving or learning about their culture?
  • Will berate, belittle or insult artefacts of their own culture or those who participate in activities reflective of that culture?
  • Shows a keen interest in assimilating completely into European culture at any mental, intellectual or physical costs necessary?
  • Is PROUD to cast off their culture completely and assimilate into the Eurocentric paradigm sans protest or questioning?

If the answer is “yes” to all of the above, please give that person a keen, soul-shredding side-eye. They are Whitewash.

A few of you in the audience may be saying “Davita, is that really such a bad thing? Lay off the Whites already!” and if that sounds like you, I can’t believe you’re still here. Seriously.

This post is not about White people. I never talk about White people on here unless they’re racist White people or White people who aren’t racist; end of story. Also, if you’re still reading and wondering why I’m “picking” on White people, why have you inserted yourself (or your concerns) into an argument you do not exist in? It’s like me talking about cheeseburgers but then you interject with something about water on Mars as if the two have something in common. Think about that shit; brush up on your reading comprehension, then holla back at me.

This post is about Coloured people who willingly discard their culture because they think the White one is superior. This post is about inner-hate that is carried as gleefully as a peace flag. This post is about, for once; calling out the Coloured community with riot gear and flaming Molotov cocktails because we need to sit down and discuss this situation before it gets out of hand. Because it is.

We take so little time as a human collective to take two seconds and think about what our words mean and their impact so after a while, meaning gets construed into a horrible game of broken telephone in drunken pig Latin and to fill in the incomprehensible gaps, we oftentimes use the most extreme and dehumanizing of stereotypes.

We end up with Coloured kids associating Whiteness with intelligence and making fun of their peers who speak without using slang or study hard and do well in school.

We end up with Coloured kids thinking that wearing your pants like a toddler who can’t dress themselves is “Black” while dressing appropriately is something “only White people do”.

We end up with rants by Bill Cosby or other POC detailing these problems being used against us like ammunition by racist Whites (who don’t perceive themselves as racist, by the way).

We end up with Coloured and White kids who associate the Black or other coloured identities with some sort of monolith. In short, we end up with those groups trying to “talk Black” or “act Black” (or any other race) as though it adds some form of ethnicity and authenticity to them that they don’t have to earn by struggling through and deconstructing the concept of Blackness (and yeah, sorry, but not all Black people talk and act exactly the fucking same; I will not talk like a Texan or New Yorker or even like a Torontonian if I’m from Jamaica, was raised as a Jamaican but grew up in Canada).

We end up losing yesterday, today and tomorrow.

I’m tired of linking shit from other sources, so I took to the streets to do my own research on other Coloured peoples’ perception and reactions to Whitewash and asked some questions to a couple of folks I knew. So, if you haven’t already read those responses, please do if you’re so inclined.

No matter what team you choose to play for, we’re still the human race in the end and colour has NOTHING to do with intellect or the inherent value of a human life but if you’re going to be a fucking traitor; and put someone down because they’re Coloured and are working hard or because they are Coloured and love their culture; at least have the balls either way to say that at the end of the day; you’re petrified and hateful because what you don’t understand or “enjoy” just so happens to also be who you really are.


~ by davitacuttita on March 24, 2009.

3 Responses to “How to Keep Coloureds Their Whitest…”

  1. It’s like me talking about cheeseburgers but then you interject with something about water on Mars as if the two have something in common.

    The phrase that comes to my mind is “like comparing apples and orangutans”. Sure, orangutan and orange both share the first five letters, but orangutans are SO much more different from apples than oranges. They’re so different, that even thought there may be some kind of connection, it’s such a long reach that it’s almost a non sequitor. I mean, cheeseburgers do have liquid in them in some form, and water is a liquid, that doesn’t mean water on Mars is the next logical topic of discussion. 😀

    This post is about Coloured people who willingly discard their culture because they think the White one is superior. This post is about inner-hate that is carried as gleefully as a peace flag.

    So if i’m understanding this correctly, it’s less about “acting like everyone around you for the purpose of fitting in”, and more “actively rejecting your own nature in order to earn the approval of the people around you (or the people you most want to be around”. If that is the case… i think that sort of behaviour (while frequently encouraged by popular culture) is extremely damaging – both on an individual level as well as a cultural/societal level.

  2. Hi Lindsay!

    Yeah, I think you’ve got it down-pat. Being Whitewash has its roots in “trying to fit in” but unfortunately; it takes the concept too far because I firmly believe you can fit in somewhere without having to dicard, ridicule or hate your racial identity. Even if you did, the group you’re trying to emulate won’t respect you more or even accept you; they’ll only feel less threatened by you and then use your submission to typecast and justify racism against other people of colour. Conversely, just because someone exhibits “acceptable” characteristics; it doesn’t make them filled with self-hate either; just because you have high melanin levels it doesn’t automatically make you illiterate, ugly or evil nor does it say you can never be the opposite of those things and POC need to remember and above all; embrace and reinforce that concept every chance we get.

    This article is about Coloured people who embrace one of the most dangerous doctrines of White supremacy and don’t seem to get that its still actively racist and dehumanizing to do so.

    Thanks for reading! Love the new site n’ all it’s art. ^_~

  3. LOL Great post, I was about to post a post to. I’ll save it for tmrrw as I have to find an image anyway.

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