Raise. Sex. Home. Cookie. LiveTV!


Raise. Sex. Home. Cookie. LiveTV!
Cut by: Davita Cuttita

Davita’s been re-aligning her energy beams of truth discernation and fabulousness so The Accountant (the girl getting “drugs” dropped into her wine in our banner is one of my all-time best friends next to Grandpa…and also my Accountant) sent me some enlightenment to help my soul power. Let’s get fabulous.

“I want a raise. I wanna go home. I want sex. I want a cookie.”

“I Want a Cookie” is by Evolution Control Committee and encourages you to assertively express some of your fucking anger by handling your anger assertively…and demanding cookies.

Next, does anybody know of Patrick Wolf? That really cute English bi guy that did that happy-go-lucky song “The Magic Position”? I *love* Patrick Wolf cuz he makes me feel like a 1960s back-up dancer in a girl band. I was even happier to find out he was workin’ with hopeful baybeh daddie of mine Alec Empire from the now (unfortunately) defunct digital hardcore band Atari Teenage Riot (he continues working solo though so you definitely need to check out The Golden Foretaste of Heaven).

This is Alec Empire photographed alongside his washboard abs. You could prolly churn butter on those abs...or whipped cream...

This is Alec Empire photographed alongside his washboard abs. You could prolly churn butter on those abs...or whipped cream...

Extremely good looking British men in bondage with Berlin beats n’ 80s hair-dos is definitely how Davita will be starting her day from now on.

Patrick Wolf “Vulture”

Boys frustrate me. I do not understand them. OK well, I kinda understand them because Dave Chappelle just sums up the situation so perfectly: make sandwiches, don’t talk too much and play with his balls; sounds easier than fixing a car.

Should we talk about penis, dickmatization and just general man problems on PDDP a bit more frequently? Holla if you think it’s a good idea. Or a bad idea. Holla if you have any ideas at all. Gay men, now, HUNNAY, I get along with them just fine unless they’re on Atkins…I can’t help but constantly ask how people on Atkins stay alive so they get annoyed (I need an answer!!). Atkins just gives everyone le sads in a very hard way.

I definitely believe we need to have a serious discussion(s) about Dickmatization. It is an epidemic. No…it’s a GLOBAL PANDEMIC! I’ll walk down the road and it’ll be covered in Dickmatized females (and in some cases, males) and I’ll grab the closest girl I see n’ shake her “BITCH, snap out of it! We’re supposed to go out clubbing!” but she can’t help it. The dick has her within it’s clutches. She simply cannot see past it–no matter the size. Ladies try it out for yourselves: SLAP the next Dickmatized bitch you see–she won’t even feel it. It’s just a symptom of the mental dicksation she’s in. She’ll keep reaching for that peen no matter where it’s been or how many times it’s slapped her for the sheer fun of it. We need to rescue these individuals. It is destroying friendships and ruining drunken nights out on the town! Let’s put an end to Dickmatization in ’09 before Ladies Night goes extinct.

Also. We need more people like Andre J in the world. Best quote in the video:

“I love women because a woman gave birth to me. Women are life, women are essence, women are creation, women are our foundation…our earth is a lady. They have breasts, great booties and long legs and beautiful eyes and teeth and…are my lips OK? Thanks.”

So yeah, you need to enjoy some of his lip-stick wearing bearded fabulousness. Moi Rene would be proud!

Start your day right with cookies, rage, love, hot men and bearded sHims from now on!!


I want a cookie.


~ by davitacuttita on April 6, 2009.

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