Chains of Anarchy


Chains of Anarchy
Musings and Refusings

Cut by: Davita Cuttita

I’ve noticed that blogs (especially American blogs) dealing with politics tend to mix and intermingle ideals and loyalties with particular political parties into their messages.

For example, let’s say you have a blog on body politics and like to talk about how more body types should be portrayed in the media and how people should be allowed to have autonomy over what they eat, what they wear, etc.

However, every couple of articles you write tidbits here n’ there that basically mention how uppity the conservative/liberal party is being by doing something that doesn’t jive with you so  your readership should support the government party that you like and is closest to your kind of body politics because you really and truly believe it’s the shit.

The prevalence of this in many spaces where we can express our thoughts, likes, dislikes and concerns has driven some bloggers to shut down their blogs in protest or pursue new projects altogether as they feel “rejected”  or “strangled” by their communities refusal to not mix politics with everyday issues or feelings. I think this is very sad, I’m sorry to see these folks go but I do understand their anxiety.

I’m writing this post to whole heartedly assure you that this will never, ever, ever fucking ever, present itself on PDDP. There will be no shameless promotional name or policy dropping; subliminal or overt of any political party whatsoever.

I don’t support any particular political party or subscribe to conventional politics. If I absolutely had to choose a side, I’d have to say I’m an Anarchist (or anarchist-populist to be precise).

Which is not to say that I “hate” the government as the stereotype would have most people believe. I’ve no problem if people choose to vote or support a political party; at least we have that freedom, lots of people don’t.

All I’m asking is that when people come onto this space; they leave that shit at the door and not rub it into eachothers’ faces.

Much like a separation of Church and State, we would like to practice a separation of Anything and State.

I don’t wanna hear any “stupid conservatives!” or “asshole liberals!” bullshit on here, take your fucking pin badges and pamphlets, then go elsewhere.

Bashing or promoting a political party in our personal space of growth and discussion will not be tolerated; this is not what our space is for so please don’t try to use it that way.

We are not associated with any political party other than (possibly) the Justice League.

This is the political party of my choice. Batman for Prime Minister!

This is the political party of my choice. Batman for Prime Minister!

Oh, and we’re not associated with feminism either, thanks.

It’s hard for me as an immigrant to empathize with people who are strongly into Canadian “culture” and politics. I’ve never really felt like a part of this country which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it’s not great either.

If I had 40 acres of land, Canada would be the little cottage I lived in on top of it while the wind, sunshine, grass, trees, flowers, rocks, rivers, clouds and soil outside would be Jamaica.

If I am absolutely, positively backed into an enormous wall of despair, perhaps I’ll cast a ballot into the box that doesn’t have a crudely drawn picture of a penis with a top hat on into the box. I’ve voted it before; and I took it seriously.

Most of the time though, I simply prefer not to vote. Which y’know…is probably not too enormous of a deal in a place like Canada anyway.

What perplexes me is how people perceive politics as “evils”. “Gotta pick between the lesser evils!”

Why? What does this say when people perceive their political system this way? I’m not saying that political parties aren’t killing people (well…sorta) nor is any political party “perfect” or completely terrible but I’m just wondering how much trust and faith I can put into a system that is a “lesser evil” instead of something beneficial?

It’s not like we can’t create something beneficial; it’s possible. But it seems almost as though we’ve already accepted defeat. Why didn’t we crush the lesser evil in the first place and try to institute something a bit more positive and inclusive? A process we can be proud of, be involved in? Why do we keep putting lipstick on a pig hoping it’ll turn into a princess?

I’m just wondering how much faith is enough since some people can’t seem to shut up about their “wonderful” politics in spaces where you just wanna talk about shoes or cheesecake, per se.

The parents of Grandpa and I both come from horrific political backgrounds.

Grandpa’s parents survived the communist regime—and consequent Cambodian genocide—perpetuated by the Khmer Rouge politcal party.

My parents come from political backgrounds that determined whether or not you still had a job and in worst case scenarios, a pulse; after a particular party was elected into power. Now that I think about it, Jamaica was one of the few anarchist states in the world during the 1700s so maybe this is something in my blood.

If the few hundreds of people who do govern the political parties were suddenly replaced by potted plants tomorrow, would we as a community still be able to have a functioning society? More importantly, would we be able to have our own means of governing and be able to take action, be responsible, create changes and security and be accountable?

Politics, or at least the political process following elections after the “romance” cools; has made people apathetic. Why do people become apathetic? They become apathetic because they lose hope and believe that no matter what happens, things will more likely work out for people in better positions than they are and never truly change at all. They lose hope when they begin to believe they’re just picking between “evils”.

I think we need to start to assert ourselves as people of power in power and take control of our lives rather than waiting for politicians to do it for us–because we can do it ourselves; we’ve always been capable.

And I suppose…this is page one in the PDDP Manifesto.

“…I knew as I do now that the only way to end the evil practices…was to crush the government… and the ruling class that shielded itself through that government …”

–Kuwasi Balagoon, “Anarchy Cannot Fight Alone”.

Top image and quote excerpted from Illvox: Anarchist People of Color; thanks guys!


~ by davitacuttita on May 2, 2009.

4 Responses to “Chains of Anarchy”

  1. “I think we need to start to assert ourselves as people of power in power and take control of our lives–because we can.”

    If you’re going to say this and mean it, you have to start voting. You have to start pushing for acceptable candidates.

  2. Hi Carolyn J,

    Thanks for reading and commenting but I’d have to say that I disagree.

    It’s not to say that I haven’t voted before–I do whenever we have elections for Prime Minister here in Canada. I’m just bothered that despite how confident I may be in my decision and even despite the “good” a party does in office later; that I always feel dirty and used afterwards.

    What I was trying to say with that quote is that we need to realize that we as individuals and as a community are more powerful than any president or political institution. However, each of us have to come together and decide we are going to assert this power for ourselves and take responsibility rather than losing hope when things don’t work out in our favour cuz a couple hundred people lead millions. We have to realize that power doesn’t exist in the polls or politics but that it’s always been in our own hands.

    Moreover, sometimes all the candidates are shit (and in this case, I typically draw a dick on the ballot or vote Green party). My conscience cannot permit me to vote for someone or something I believe is not beneficial and refusing to participate in something I perceive as corrupt or dangerous is me exercising my right as a citizen to peacefully protest. Things keep going the way they are because we’ve unquestioningly accepted our politics as a “lesser evil” and believe that our current system is as “good” as it gets–I think this is terrifying and above all, disheartening.

    I strongly, strongly believe that we can change that and part of that change requires a strong rejection to the way things are and a lot of work towards how much better we can make them without having to rely on candidates or the government to do it for us. We need to start holding ourselves and eachother accountable as though we were all candidates or members of governing bodies. We all need to learn to be responsible and dedicated towards ourselves, eachother and our future.

  3. If the Justice League was there, I would vote for them.

  4. I know! Batman could be Prime Minister and Superman could be governor general. Oh, all our voting days of casting a ballot for the green party (I still owe you one of those, maybe next election depending on who’s up) and the dick in a tophat!

    Let anarchy reign. Justice FTW!!

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