A really short post

I used to joke around and say that “King City is Racist, but there ain’t an Ontario school more Racist than Keswick.”

You know what’s sad. Five years later the joke came true. Seriously. This is an example of how anti-racism is SILENCED in York Region. People think I’m joking when I said I was beat up by groups of White Teenage peers, fought back and got in trouble. The truth is, it’s true.

I like how a student is saying “you don’t know both sides of the story.” The typical “lalala, racism doesn’t exist,” “he started it,” “he deserved it” garbage that so many people in York Region say.

Till this day they reward racism, not punish it. I may come off as anti-White, but maybe if you weren’t so sensitive and ignorant you’d realize I’m coming off Anti-racist.

Keswick, you’re still more racist than King City—to ridiculous levels. This doesn’t make King City less racist though, it still sucks too.  –Grandpa Dinosaur

Link to Angry Asian Man
Link to York Region Article


~ by l on May 4, 2009.

6 Responses to “A really short post”

  1. What’s the history with Keswick?

  2. Or rather, what made you make that “joke”?

  3. Oh, we stopped in the town due to car troubles. No one acknowledged our presence, no taxi would stop for us and no one would help us for hours. We had to walk two hours to a Canadian Tire, on top of two hours asking for assistance and no one would help us. We were the only Asian people there and they were all staring at us. This man was staring at me so hard it was so creepy.

    There’s also the nipper-tipping, which I learned from my brother who is a prolific fisher. But they’re just jerks in general. Like to everybody. http://www.nationalpost.com/news/story.html?id=a8be393b-d5b7-4a36-838b-c2ff37f977fc They also just plain jerks.

    I also noticed, when Keswick came to compete with King City they would chat and stare at all the coloured students. (At least, I remember them being from Keswick. Being at a sports events was like asking for an ass kicking.) You could always tell when someone from Keswick was around, they’d act really scandalized by coloured people. King City was bad, but with suburbia in the GTA and Toronto closing it’s gap close, they had at least were civil enough to be silent in public and were experienced enough with coloured people.

    It wasn’t just us, Keswick was a town even King City people (like our teachers as well) made fun of. It was considered a “hick town” even to people in King City. Keswick was treated as the butt in comparison to Schomberg, King City and Nobleton. Like everyone agreed Keswick sucked and was a butt town.

  4. […] A really short post by grandpa dinosaur at pregnant drug-dealing prostitutes – I used to joke around and say that “King City is Racist, but there ain’t an Ontario school more Racist than Keswick.” […]

  5. Thanks for the local knowledge. Not saying you’re from Keswick, or anything. (Not that that automatically makes you a bad person, either.)

  6. LOL I’m not from Keswick. I understand that there aren’t bad people in Keswick, but there are a lot of racist things that go on in Keswick that get passed off as UFO sightings.

    [Edit:] I’m going to ask my friends what their experiences with Keswick were. I know that Keswick students came to our school, but I’m trying to figure out why. All I remember that 1) Keswick was a butt town 2) People from Keswick were (mostly) racist 3) Everyone made fun of you, even if you were a teacher, if you came from/or live in Keswick.

    I though the rally by students was really great. It shows times have changed. People are more vocal about being against racism, but you can tell that a benefits system for White delinquents is almost built into the system as well.

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