Michael Jackson, the one and only King of pop, has passed away today.

Davita loves Michael Jackson. Grandpa loves Michael Jackson. Millions all over the world love Michael Jackson, and will continue to love him.

He was eccentric, he was bold, he was fascinating, he was strange, he was wild, he was cool, he was kind, he was sweet, he was odd, he was mysterious, he was inspiring, he was controversial, he was a musical genius and above all, he was so, so human. Growing up in poverty and many hardships, he still preservered and became a musical and cultural icon; uncomparable to any other.

I remember hard and sad days where Michael Jackson sang me to sleep.

I remember vibrant, happy days where Michael Jackson sang as I watched my parents dance and reminice happily.

As a little girl, Michael Jackson was the first Black person I saw sing on TV.

I remember cold, winter days where Michael Jackson sang me to school.

I remember hot, summer days where Michael Jackson sang in the car on the way out to clubbing with friends and how we sang along at the top of our lungs, happily speeding down the freeway.

I’m sure Michael Jackson has sang through a lot of difficult things for people, from weddings to cancer; he was there for many all over the world: every creed, colour, religion and sexuality. He  will continue to be there through his music and trademarked dance-moves and fashion sense.

Condolences to the Jackson family; especially his three children. I hope his spirit is at peace.

Michael Jackson, you were awesome and loved by many! You will be missed.

Michael Joseph Jackson
August 29, 1958–June 25, 2009



~ by davitacuttita on June 25, 2009.

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