I’m a Buddhist (Even though I’ve punched a lot of people in anger)

I’m a Buddhist (Even though I’ve punched a lot of people in anger)

By Grandpa Dinosaur

Buddhism can’t be learned all at once, you don’t ace it, there is nothing you win or supposed to win really other then the chance to NOT be reincarnated. Well you do get to be awesome, and let’s face it, I’m awesome. Joking aside, the fact that you’re human and eat other living creatures kind of sets you up for fail. I mean like, way to be cruel to animals even if it is an animal’s sacrifice to be eaten and stuff, it’s hella harsh.

You can’t read a book about Buddhism and be like, “yeah THIS.” You actually have to use it in context, memorizing the teachings isn’t enough. It doesn’t make you a Buddhist. People expect me to summarize Buddhism in like an essay, or defend it as if it was against other religions? In summary, people are retarded. And then they get mad because it a) Clashes with their (religious) beliefs b) They don’t understand c) They refuse to acknowledge Buddhism as a legitimate religion (see Eurocentrism).

It’s difficult to understand and difficult to explain, but Buddha’s a teacher. He was a real person in history. He’s not a god, he was no the son of god, he was some dude that saw the world and was like… Life is suffering. Although he was rumoured supposedly had influence on snakes and could make lotus bloom under his feet when he walked. I don’t believe that shit myself and I don’t expect others to swallow it. What I learn for Buddhism is for away to stay on a path in where I can refrain from selfishness and petty self-indulgences and live a life that is good and giving.

I don’t try to rush out and learn every lesson, but learn a Buddhist teaching one by one and retain the teachings by using them in my every day life. But there are times when living in the modern world you cannot always be Buddhist and you must make bad decisions. I make EVERY decision, LIKE EVERY DECISION, by contemplating how much I am willing to live with the guilt of hurting someone. I’m a Buddhist, but I still fight. I still get beat up. I still have to defend those weaker than me from those who will not rationalize.

This is my Buddhist Thought process when fighting:
Why am I fighting?
Am I in danger?
a)can it be resolved with non-violence and reason b) is my life or someone in danger*
a) rationalize
Example: Has he punched me yet?
a) yes b) no
a) Use the pressure and force from his/her attack to flip them or strain their own body by exerting pressure to where they are the most tense (it’s complicated to explain**)
b) Problem solved
a continued ) You win the fight

*It can also mean, that they are being dishonoured (racism, sexism, bullying)
**I’ve been lucky that all of my opponents were just wannabes, just standing still and directing a hit to the arm at an angle while the person was throwing a strong punch and I hurt their arm. Guiding someone running into me into a wall. It was learned and perfected, but eventually lost when I gave up fighting. It was karma.

I hate it when people are like, “you’re not a Buddhist because you engage in conflict.” People don’t understand that life is conflict, being it human or decision making. It’s always about making the best or better decision. I dislike when people tell me that I shouldn’t fight. I’m not a monk living in solitary isolation where I can abstain from touching the opposite sex. I actually live in the real world. Yes I should be fighting, but I can’t allow someone weaker than me get abused or allow people to beat me up because I’m supposed to believe in pacifism. I feel like Vash in Trigun where **SPOILERS** Vash the Stampede is forced to kill Legato Bluesummers **SPOILERS** even though he wants to live in peace and not be bothered.

And a second thing is that people have a misconception that Buddhism (“like other religions”) is engaged in a war with other religions. Buddhist rarely go to war, there has never been a war started by Buddhism. Those who became military leaders that were Buddhist renounced their Buddhism saying that they couldn’t represent their former religion and be a murderer. I did research on this but lost the research. (I’m an idiot.) Buddhists are in fact encouraged by Buddha to reach other religious scripts to understand their religions in order to live in harmony with them. I’ve read the bible as a child and plan to read it again in the future as well that the Koran. I do celebrate CHRISTIAN holidays because if Buddha gives the green light for reading other religions, he definitely doesn’t sweat the small stuff.

In fact he doesn’t care if you love him and IN FACT you’re supposed to love and respect your mother more than Buddha. When I talk about Buddha, I feel like a happy groupie screaming for my favourite rock star. But I’ve always been weird.

I also think what is weird about people is that they are so, like, “DUDE aren’t you afraid of going to hell for not being a Christian?”

And I’m like, “NO! I’m afraid of being reincarnated as a fucking dog!”

I mean Buddhism gets no respect because people think that we’re not afraid of hell. Listen up dudes! EARTH IS HELL! Life is hell! This is suffering. The only way out IS enlightenment. Even then it’s debatable, some Buddhist say there is a heaven, other’s say you get reincarnated as something awesome if you are good in this life. Not all Buddhists are the same or practice the religion the same way. Not all Buddhists are good, not all monks are true monks. Hell, I can tell you all day about the corrupt monks I’ve met.

I really do like being a Buddhist, I see how petty or self-absorbed/concerned some of my friends can be about appearances, Buddha helped me accept myself and my body. It’s why I don’t have eating problems or appearances issues. Buddha helped me love who I am. To love a walk after a light rain, to notice a snail under a leaf, a robin sitting on the same bench I am. Buddha helps me focus what I want to do in life, helped me stay in school.  There were times I was mad at him, even though I knew it was not his fault but people being evil. I am glad that Buddha is my teacher and my secret friend.


~ by l on July 5, 2009.

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