A Eulogy for White America

In the merry month of May, Grandpa and I were pleased to receive a copy of the book A Eulogy for White America compliments A.I. Peace. Since we live a bit of a distance from eachother, I’ve read it and will be handing it off to Grandpa the next time I see her but in the mean time…

The book was absolutely amazing.

You get a scenario of race and perception from start to finish, from religious zealot American soldiers in Iraq, uptight yuppie teens trying to impress older men and flirting with “nigger drugs”, and the stereotypical American–a loud, bawdy, rotund businessman with nary a care.

So, lover-la-dahs, please do head on over to LuLu and get yourself a copy or drop by A.I. Peace’s website and holla.

Last but not least, sincerest apologies to Mr. Peace and to all of you for the absolute ass-dragging pace of updates. A lot is going on right now but…you know, things will be done whenever a spare moment is open. In the meantime, kick up your feet and grab a 40. It’s summertime.

Besides, while we’re all here dressed in funeral clothes let’s have a moment of silence for Blackness.

BET, it’s kinda your fault.


~ by davitacuttita on July 22, 2009.

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