Mom goes Fishing: the Legacy of Keswick (and other small town)

[Disclaimer: I’m not saying that Whiteness is a flaw and that White people should not be proud of theit Whiteness. I’m saying that that pride in having a White heritage should not come from attacking minorities and other shameful, criminal acts. They should have pride in their country’s beauty and bounty, the acheivements Canadians have made abroad.

I’m saying that the act of perserving Whiteness as a symbol of goodness and forgiving crimes perpetrated by White Youth is a an act of evil.]

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Mom goes Fishing:
the Legacy of Keswick
Written by Grandpa Dinosaur

My mom goes fishing, she’s good at it. So good at it that she can catch the fish with her hands. Do you know where my mom goes fishing, where most Cambodian people go fishing? Up North in Ontario in a little place called Keswick. A place famous for racism, racism, the Keswick Divorce, and tipping Asian people off of boats in an act of Racism called Nipper-tipping.

I’ve basically put my foot down and forbade my mother to go fishing with anyone besides my brother, who is an avid fisher and not someone you can push around. My brother knows and has no illusions about White people and although he’s friends with many White people, like me, he is aware of the underlying tensions between White people and resentment that White people have towards Asian people. He knows what it’s like when a White person you’ve called your friend and neighbour all your life turns around and calls you a thief, accuses you of making the crime go up and blames you for the decline of the neighbourhood.

My mother will always be an immigrant, mostly by choice. She refuses to learn English or return to school, which is both obstinate and cute. There are times where I get so frustrated with her because even speaking in Cambodian is a challenge as she frequently mixes colours. I fear that she will go to Keswick, where I continuously hear stories like this with Cambodian families that not well equipped and unused to dealing with passive-aggressive White people.

I know first-hand how racist White people can be, how unreasoning despite how much you try to reason. I am afraid because I have seen and experienced repeatedly White people assaulting minorities and walking away scott free.  I am also seeing a growing fear, one that is escalating due to Obama stepping into the White house. The disenfranchisement of White youth, males in particular because they are no longer guaranteed positions of authority by locking and barring those of colour out. There is no promise of an easy, simple future like it was back in the day for White men, just like on a show like Leave it to Beaver and Mad Men.

And may I add that I hate Mad Men and I dislike the Feminist’s that adore that show despite its treatment and erasure of coloured people. “Oh, that’s so feminist! Let’s ignore everything that is racist because we’re feminists and we like feminist things and we don’t care about coloured people.” Or maybe that’s why they like it.

We’re all seeing more and more of it. Those who do not see it are denying what is occurring. It’s the type of ignorance that perpetuates itself cyclically in denial that White folks might not be so well meaning.

Keswick suffers (and other towns like Keswick) from a symptom called “Our White” Syndrome.

What is “Our White” Syndrome?  Every time you hear a White person from Keswick say “our” in a sentence, add the word White afterwards. So that “our kids” becomes “our White kids” and “our town” becomes “our White town.” It’s what they’re really saying, “like our White kids aren’t bad kids and wouldn’t push a 45 year old Asian man into a lake.”

It’s a symptom of our times, a manifestation of something old, created from the disenfranchisement of White youth, White males and decline of the pride of being White. Now there are Black people becoming president, winning gold medals in the Olympics. Instead of dealing with it in a healthy manner or even aspiring to be better, they’re lashing out in unhealthy ways like a five year old that still wants to drink from a bottle.

Keswick and other small towns constantly produce White kids with this attitude of superiority that act recklessly and hurt and sometimes kill minorities. My continued worries that the “our White kids don’t do that attitude that let’s racists off the hook without reprimand (original link no longer available, but story here) and doesn’t step on the issues like Black people being assauted in BC will eventually lead to… Hell, god save us! The governemnt want to protect them racist White kids more than they want to protect us!!!

Plus it raises more questions for me, how many people of colour are getting assaulted verbally, physically, sexually and it is going unreported? While attending King City High School I was routinely harassed by White males that called me stupid and abused me in from of teachers who let it slide because “our kids are not bad kids.” And I felt kind of sorry for them, because they lived in a world composed of the most disturbing make-belief. If you talk to a King City person about King City, that is their world. I swear, like drop some facts about King City and they can go on forever. That’s really a sad way to live.

Any who, I’m saying it straight up that Keswick is just a town full of bad apples. Those kids are straight up bad, no matter how much their mom’s may try to justify their crimes to protect their babies until they grow up to be overgrown cry babies that life wasn’t served to them on a silver spoon and they weren’t special after all and the world isn’t theirs alone.

After all, “the Asian people are taking away all our fish!” Haven’t you heard of sharing? Well… All the Native people on reserves also say you can’t share! (OH ZING!!!!!!! Oh, bitch. Dance that off.) Ah, White privilege at its finest!

I’m not saying that Whiteness is a flaw and that White people should not be proud of theit Whiteness. I’m saying that that pride in having a White heritage should not come from attacking minorities and other shameful, criminal acts. They should have pride in their country’s beauty and bounty, the acheivements Canadians have made abroad.

I’m saying that the act of perserving Whiteness as a symbol of goodness and forgiving crimes perpetrated by White Youth is a an act of evil.

If anything, I am enraged that these people are so ignorant and racist. All I can do as a blogger is link to these articles, knowing that the governement continues to perserve Whiteness as a symbol goodness in all it’s flaws and injustices.


~ by l on August 31, 2009.

9 Responses to “Mom goes Fishing: the Legacy of Keswick (and other small town)”

  1. Personally, I think that this blog is sometimes too apologetic to white people. But I understand why, since you’re not blogging anonymously.

    • I think my post was adequate in that it addressed the hatred and fears of many White people and well as my own. I am still aware that I am accountable for what I say, I take full responsibility for what I say and I talk about things I believe in as sincerely as possible. I do think eventually we do have to live with White people–as much as we are in conflict with them.

      I think I’ve been the most polite because I have some integrity and personal standards despite the fact you are a outright condescending bitch and militant to the point of being unfair on your stance on how White people respond to racism. You punish everyone who doesn’t share your views! Maybe because you do things anonyomously, you think that gives you the license to say what you want and get in everyone’s face, but I don’t.

      Racism isn’t fucking anonymous, why should we be?! I own my own racism, all the fear and the insecurities that come with it and I keep it all in control. I think it’s important in separating myself from the monster, because racism subject is so deep and so sorrowful that it’s rage has transfered to many. It is the reason why I try not to hate propagate.

      I think you need to do the same thing.

      • There is absolutely no evidence that I hate white people, and absolutely no evidence that I want to live in a world without white people.

        What bothers me is the disclaimer, which says that you’re not saying “White people should not be proud of theit Whiteness” and suggests that white people should have “pride in having a White heritage” (although one which does not come from attacking minorities). To me, this is support for white supremacy and White Pride groups.

        There is absolutely nothing wrong with being proud of your Irish, Polish, Welsh, Scottish, Italian, etc. heritage, but being proud of being ‘White’ means being proud of not being a non-white person; being proud of being ‘White’ means being proud of not being a visible minority or First Nations person. This is white supremacy and White Pride. ‘White’ is a race constructed to subjugate people of colour, not an ethnicity.

        Why should White Canadians be proud of Canada’s beauty and bounty? Again, Canada’s territory was acquired through colonialism and the theft of land from the First Nations. White Canadians being proud of Canada’s beauty and bounty again means being proud of colonialism and “might is right”.

  2. Er… Last omment has no reply feature.

    First off, you’re misconstruing what I’m saying. I’m not saying it with that intention. I’m trying to encourage more positive behaviour, yes it isn’t their native land. But it’s a land they live on. I live in Canada, I think it’s beautiful and it’s not my “native” land either. We’re lucky! That’s what I meant. This is obviously a Canadian article, I think Canadians have made many achievements that are positive as a collective. Despite their sorrid past, White people included.

    Second, I mean Whiteness in the terms that being White doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Not in the way of White supremecy, but White people shouldn’t have to feel that they don’t have culture or be insecure about who they are. I think being White has been such a bad thing because it’s attactched with racism, colonism, White privelege. I’m saying take back what it means to be White and make it something positive. I’m surprized from all my blog entries that you think I’m a White supremist, after all these two years of blogging. I didn’t intend to sound like a White Supremist, do I do think people should have a healthy dose of pride in who they are in a fashion that is not criminal or puts other’s down.

    White is such a bad word for you.

    It feels that you want so much to segrate races, us from White people even though you claim you don’t. Yes, Why people enslaved many races and still treat minorities badly. But some are making an effort to rectify and apologize even though there is no way to apologize and it seems that you do not want to recognize that effort or any effort. You say you do want to live in a world without White people and neither do I. You treat me like a person, I treat you like a person. It’s a simple policy.

    You have come to this blog many times with your condescending attitudes, treating no one like a person. I guess you can do that because you’re anonymous and no one knows who are… And you also don’t have to have any accountability.

    It’s always “to you,” Restructure. If you think that I’m SUCH a White supremist or that I advocate White supremecy, there isn’t anything I can do about it. Because you’re so stubborn I could never change your mind, go ahead. You have your opinion of me, I assume that you no longer want any association with this “radical racist” who is me. Coming from the person who didn’t think Buddhists should celebrate Christmas, one would expect so much.

    I will say that White people can be White and have it not be such a bad thing, as long as they do it in a healthy mentality. I don’t get along feminists because they don’t care about race issues and yeah, that’s where I stand. AND I’m never going to stop loving Santa! That’s who I am, I’m not anonymous. I’m a human being.

  3. I can’t stop listening to James Brown’s “I’m Black and I’m Proud!” because that song is the shit so sign my ass up for the Black Panthers in your book, RS! Salam malaykum!! Malaykum salam! I already got my WU-TANG t-shirt on and an afro on my head.

    EVERYTHING is a social construct, Whiteness, Blackness, all of it so really, no point in even mentioning that. One of the main points I found in Grandpa’s article is that there’s a difference between good and bad ones. But you know, she’s an Asian White supremacist now (which wouldn’t make sense even if it was paid to make sense and kinda sounds like a David Chappelle skit on a Black White supremacist he did a few years ago so if you’re trying to be funny, he beat you to the punch already) so I guess I can’t drink 40z and listen to gangsta rap with her anymore. 😦

  4. This is why I blog anonymously. I believe in what I say, but people tend to misunderstand what I’m saying unless I tailor the message to a specific person or group. (I often assume certain background knowledge, and if somebody is unaware of the background knowledge or context, it can be construed as “hating whitey”.)

    I don’t think you’re a white supremacist. That’s absurd. I also don’t think that was your intention. I also don’t think ‘White’ is a bad word, as I use it all the time.

    I said your disclaimer, not you, is supportive of white supremacy and White Pride.

    Luck and pride are completely different things. I feel very lucky for being born in Canada and getting the associated citizenship and language privileges that come with it, which immigrants have to work for. However, I am not ‘proud’ of being born in Canada, as it was never something in my control (I am also not ashamed of being born in Canada, either).

    • You keep posting anonymously, that’s your thing and you have your reason but do not come around here and say “I think you’re being too apologetic to White people” think that I won’t be irrate. If people misunderstand explain it to them, don’t come around acting butt hurt when I get mad because I’m misunderstanding what you are saying. You can’t say my words sound like I encourage White Supremecy and expect me to agree.

      Something obviously happened that was messed up if you brought up the comparison of me encouraging White people to have healthy and non-criminal pride in being White with White Supremecy, which I consider a delinquent and not healthy pride.

      I don’t see why I cannot encourage White people that think they are White trash are not trash, but equal to other humans despite EVERYTHING and also encourage them to be productive members of soceity. I encourage Black children, Chinese, every race under the sun but it’s being too.

      And now my disclaimer seen as being apologetic to put a disclaimer to say “I don’t hate White people, they should channel their energy into being productive members of soceity? It’s bad when White people protect their dishonest members of soceity. Don’t be racist.” Because that’s what I said and I know what I wrote and I read what I wrote, because that’s what I said. So where am I being apologetic. Where I say that I was bullied by White people? Where I said I was afraid for my mother’s life that White Youth are acting like delinquents?

      And despite my rational fear, I don’t think all White people are bad? Just the portion I desscribed was.

      You say you post anonymously because people misconstrue what you say and think you hate Whitey, well I do not post anonymously because I have an undeniable character and personality that people get to know who I am and I stand by what I believe in and put myself out there.

      I do not think that make me apologetic, I don’t think it influences my writing. I write what I write because no one can ever take their words back once they say them, you can apologize and make ammends but words cannot be unsaid.

      Maybe it would influence your writing, but not mine.

      This is PDDP, what blog did you think you were reading? If anything, my disclaimers are like Anime characters shouting their attack names while attacking someone or “I’m sorry, I may whoop your ass today while looking dapper. Oh wait, I’m not sorry. It’s just Canadian of me to apologize instead of saying excuse me.”

  5. I believe that white people being proud of their “Whiteness” is called “White Pride”.

    I believe that “pride in having a White heritage” is also called “White Pride”.

    I do not believe that white people (i.e., people with white privilege) should have “White Pride”. Thus, I believe that white people (people with white privilege) should not be “proud of their Whiteness”, and should not have “pride in having a White heritage”.

    Does this mean that I’m a militant bitch who hates white people?


    Did I ever say that grandpa dinosaur was a white supremacist?

    Hell no.

    Do I think that we have fundamentally different worldviews when it comes to “what you say” versus “who you are”?

    Yes, sadly.

    • Restructure, I don’t think that White people should be ashamed of being White, I also don’t think they should be White Suprememists either. You can compare what I said to supporting White supremecy, even thought that’s not what I meant. Even though to continue to insinuate that what my words imply, even though I ensure you that they don’t.

      White people can be mixed and diverse and have many heritages to be proud of, I think they should be proud of their backgrounds but I don’t know if they mixed or not, or what countries they hail from but I am talking about White people and therefore I will keep saying White people should be proud of who they are and where they come from no matter what kind of Whiteness it is and be good people and not criminals. By all means, keep comparing it to White Supremecy. Please.

      Seriously, you’re sad we don’t share views. I am happy. I don’t think you can deal with people having different views, I’m a person. I have opinions, likes, aspirations, dreams. I’m not going to shoehorn my writing to sounding percise because someone like you is going to bust me on a misworded sentence or technicallity.

      You are so fixated on that one thing even if that’s not what I meant, jesus.

      I don’t think you like me not being what you think I should be and I don’t think you can be as honest about it as I am.

      You didn’t like the fact that I celebrate Christmas, despite being a Buddhist and that told me a lot about you. I’m not a stereotypical Asian, I doubt you are either, but I think you (like others) have expectations of me that are outright stupid.

      Stop trying to fix me. You have no right. Even if they are suggestions they keep coming with this slick slime of hate and ressentment that unsettles me.

      Let’s go back to what initially irked me, that you seem to be side-stepping, you didn’t like that I “was too apologetic.”

      You have no right to say that, maybe to you I could be better if I was a asshole. Or maybe if I was more like you, but this is my space and I will be as apologetic and non-apologetic as I like. Your opinion is not wanted because I don’t feel that I have to be unnnecesarily rude beyond the confines of the article to a whole race that you feel deserves it.

      We can debate about all the hate crimes perpetuated by White people, the ignorance that they have to our situations… In the end of the day, do I want to go beyond what I believe is right for all races and do that to White people. Narrow them out and truly ostracize due to a group of crazy, racist within their ranks? Because I was not apologetic to those criminal, deliquent White people in my article. If you want to be busted on using White as a general term I would ask you why you… You know what, I don’t even want to know. Be anonyomous.

      Don’t try to fix my articles to suit your tastes, we obviously don’t share the same kind of whatever. Don’t come on my articles without reading your own comments first hand and considering that you are writing is going to be read by another person. Maybe Macon tolerates you and can be civil, I won’t and don’t and will not be in the future.

      If you continue to prove that the Internet Douchebag theory is correct, you will find your posts deleted. This is not a message board, even though you wish it was. Conduct yourself in a more orderly fashion or expect your comments to be deleted.

      If you can’t handle that, treating people like people and with a small semblance of respect you will not get that respect back. You keep proving that you don’t. You can keep going to spaces where people tolerate that attitude, I think it’s a bad attitude to have and it’s not invited here.

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