Passing Complexion Supremacy!

"Whyt Pawer!!"

"Whyt Pawer!!"

Lover-la-dahs! Davita is still here kickin’ it up and around town and will be back with a real article soon but in the meantime, I needed to introduce this fabulous piece of NegroVision!

Does anyone remember Chappelle Show? Aw, Dave needs to come back, he’s done so much for race relations.

I heard of some shit going down on PDDP which truly urked me because I’m kinda busy moving into a new apartment, getting ready for a trip and frenching a Frenchman (I am completely serious). Also, this is supposed to be a positive constructive space with a dash of kink n’ comedy. Push out the jive and bring in the love, my peoples!

I guess it was something to the effect of  Grandpa being called a White Supremacist and I love Grandpa to death because we spent our childhood jumping fences and running from crazed crackies in the ghetto (true story) but I must admit, I actually laughed until I almost pissed myself because  not only is it a CAPSLOCK lie, but it also reminded me EXACTLY of this Chappelle skit!!

I’m thinking I need to get her a t-shirt that says “White Supremacist” on it for her birthday, she can wear it to her racist highschool’s reunion!

Imagine the look on their faces!…….


In the skit below, Dave plays a Black White Supremacist and it’s just too good for words. Consider this an early Labour Day gift, sit back and enjoy yourselves! The sound isn’t the best but it’s the only vid that would let me embed.

I love all you haters and lover-la-dahs.


~ by davitacuttita on September 1, 2009.

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