Pulling off Magenta

Pulling off Magenta
Grandpa Dinosaur

Today I had such a grievance. I was at Downsview station, waiting in line, calm, properly when a White woman swooped in, threw her snacks in front of my beverage so she could pay. I wasn’t feeling well, I wanted to drink something with vitamin C and I was very calm until this event set me off. This middle aged White woman wasn’t even in line. She had been hovering to the side as a Black woman in front of me paid and I had been standing behind the Black woman for a while. This woman totally ignored my presence, when I tried to make eye contact she not only ignored me and my anger, but the cashier who was an Indian woman ignored me as well. I was so mad, I ended up waiting five extra minutes when I had only planned for the excursion to be less than ten (and it would have been had people been human) I didn’t realize it that when it came for my turn I had thrown the money at the cash. The Indian woman at the cash demanded I come behind the cash pick up the money and I was just SEETHING at that point, not only had she failed to even serve me, she had the audacity after ignoring my presence to serve another customer.

It’s all because I choose to wear magenta and it’s not a conservative colour. You know what, I’m proud of whom I am and I feel like even if I wear magenta it shouldn’t be a crime. I wear it well, I wear it conservatively. I’m not being rude or in people faces, but wearing magenta a) makes people (men) really attracted to me b) pisses off White women.

I have a closet full of expensive business clothes and when I attend graduate school I wear usually jewellery that goes from one hundred and fifty dollars and up. Today, I wanted to wear colour and donned a magenta shirt with my crisp black slacks and blue blazer. Together as a set, I blend well with the business people in the sector of Toronto I’m usually in (with some head turning), without the dark jacket to pull away attention from my shirt I can pass as a fun twenty-something (that I am) and drink at as bar looking gussied up.

This is not the first time this has happened and it USUALLY happens when I dress down and look more my age, wearing bright colours rather than the dark and charcoal tones styled to being educated clean-cut designer I am. It’s in fact the fifth time a White woman has patronized me while I wore the colour magenta or cut in front of me because they think I’m an uneducated and delinquent coloured person based on that one colour.

All I can say to you people who treat coloured youth like hooligans, if you keep treating them like criminals they will act like criminals. What else can they do? They have no one to turn to and no one who believes in the goodness inherent with each and every one of them.

That’s why I take the time and say, “coloured kids, you have to encourage them, you have to believe in them because this is a very racist world and it’s out to get OUR coloured kids. They’re out kids, because no one else wants them. They’re our GOOD Black, Spanish, Cambodian, Insert coloured race children that are on the chopping block because there are racist people within the educational system, in positions of power that create a hierarchies, systems of integrated racism and racist thought that prevents our kids from getting the recognition that they deserve.

That’s what keeps happening to me. Cambodian people aren’t seen as educated, they don’t feel educated, they don’t act educated because they are not treated as if they are educated and that makes me mad and madder that the older generation of White people hold onto these ideas that us coloured young adults can’t get past. They project their insecurities and fears of our race by treating us are all stupid, crazy, partying delinquents who can’t hold jobs and don’t go to school and deserve to be treated badly.

The gloves are coming off the next time this happens. This is a warning for all you out there. Just because I’m wearing one bright colour doesn’t mean I’m crazy or party addict. I WILL REND THE NEXT AND THE PERSON AFTER. I WILL MAKE A SCENE from now until forever. I have a right to be treated with respect, no matter what colour I’m wearing. I dress conservative, I’m not busting out of my shirt, and my nipples are not exposed. I’m JUST wearing the colour magenta. That gives no one a right to use that as a basis to address me rudely or dismiss me. It will not and never again be dismissed or ignored due to racist assumptions.

Do you know why I wear magenta? The CMYK printing colour system. My entire wardrobe is based off of printing inks and typography. It is because of my love of print, that is why I wear magenta.

I love print. I love ink. And I love magenta.


~ by l on September 17, 2009.

4 Responses to “Pulling off Magenta”

  1. Sorry to hear this happened, the woman who pushed in front of you sounds like a total arsehole :/

    I just mostly wanted to say, though, that I love the idea of organising your wardrobe around the CMYK system.

    • LOL I know, I’m so glad I wasn’t into computers. (Or it would be RGB. LOL) The CMYK wardrobe system allows for quick flexability from stiff formal wear to jarring, exciting nightwear. For extra nerd props, get one of those scarves made of type and watch people go woooowww. I feel like I’m advertising for Adobe.

  2. It wouldn’t matter if you WERE busting out of your shirt and your nipples were high-beaming at the world, you are a human being and just as deserving of respect as some sour white woman with a nasty attitude.

    Rock that magenta!

    • Thanks! I wore a magenta scarf today. People were giving me so much side eyes, I laughed all day.

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