Print, Cut, Staple! written by Grandpa Dinosaur

Print, Cut, Staple!
Bookmaking for great justice or great fun

written by Grandpa Dinosaur

How many of you are zinesters, comic artists, writers, poets? How of you print and publish your own books, if you don’t you should! You should definitely get started—I mean having your own book of your work is just nice. I have about six to ten books (if not more) of my own work that I consistently pull off my shelf and read. Because that’s a sign of good work, to be fair most of the books I’ve written… I mean with mostly my books with words because they have spectacular typography and just aesthetically pleasing to look at in general. My comics aren’t as good, but are PRETTY FUN to write, draw and complete! I usually make a stapled book if I’m working alone and producing a small work, but I am able to make hard cover books but not paperbacks. I’m babbling on, but as much as I like blogging my first and true love will always be print instead of digital.

I have so much to write about I don’t even know where to begin, I feel like one of those hosts in those women shows that appeal to moms! I have a huge season of bookmaking to look forward in fall in addition to pumpkins, harvesting and cooking my favourite vegetables. Dear lord, do you really wonder how many hobbies I actually have? I have a lot, which is good because I have a lot to write and make books about. PDDP 2 and PDDP 1 will probably be available at Canzine 2009. Should, would, maybe? I am in grad school. Which brings us to subject! There are a lot of things you can make comics, zines and poetry about, just choose something you love and start there…

Unless you’re drawing than definitely worry about the format and DPI of your work, 300DPI is good for print. If you’re printing with a photocopier, you can copy, cut and paste your artwork and photocopy and edit with white out or white paint or glued paper until it’s clean as it will only print in black and white. But that means that all your grey parts will come out as dots and it could look weird!

A good all in one zine making book that can be applied to comic and other print things, it’s called “Make a Zine” by Bill Brent and Joe Biel. It’ll only run you about between ten to fifteen dollars depend where you get it.

I think another topic I would like to talk about is that people who say that your zine, comic or print piece has to be photocopied and stapled to “come from the heart,” I’ve made MANY of my pieces in InDesign and my material DEFINATELY comes from the heart.  I’ve also made the purely with a printer. I think there is some merit to making a zine by cutting a pasting the old fashioned way, but I think that those who carry those affectionate feelings for “rough” zines and contempt for computer produced work are just the same as the man keeping us down.

I think the most essential ingredients in a zine is time, effort and love. Produce a zine on a subject and medium you love and share it with the world. Also, complete your zine! VERY important! I hope I have encouraged you readers enough, and it doesn’t have to be a zine! Look at your local art events (I do) and see what type of local art exhibition you can participate in, even if you think you are not ready, when you will be prompted at the final desk for a resume and the dreaded artist’s CV you will have a long list of projects and events you have been a part of and put on that. I’m crazily involved in school, hobbies, zines, art and Batman and I think that it’s enriched my life with happiness.


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