High Class Anger


High Class Anger
A Guest Post by: Beesting

Beesting is a ridiculously good friend of mine; definitely an angel with sharp iron teeth. We met in a sociology lecture three years back and continue to have in depth discussions about race, class and penis over cheesecake and steak. Beesting is a 21 year old, middle-class White female currently majoring in Radio & Broadcasting in college. Other than radio and social issues, she also has keen interest in cute things and apple picking. It is an honour to post one of her pieces and I hope you all enjoy her work on education and class below. ~D.C

We’ve seen the people wearing prada and buying starbucks and talking about spending their summer break on a 3 month vacation in France, Italy etc. These people share our sidewalks, our so called schools of higher learning are their breeding grounds. Even all this is not bad, but then they start telling you shit that opens your eyes so wide they could fall out of your head.

They start saying that uneducated people’s votes shouldn’t be worth as much, or that unskilled laborers should receive no benefits because they’re working an easy job and after all they’re just a bunch of lazy whiners. They talk to you when passing a handout or informing you on what you missed in class as if they were at a VP board meeting of executives. “Well she mentioned that our exam will consist of…..she requested that we…” and they dress the part of course. Even when they spout long words in class that completely miss the professor’s point and you know they’re bullshitting. Everyone who is ‘smart’ enough to understand what the fuck they’re saying knows they’re saying total crap but they just don’t shutup because they need those participation marks.

And these people may be managers someday, because god knows most of them have money and confidence oozing from their very pores. Oh, they’ll donate to charity for sure, because it’s in style and it looks amazing. I mean, and volunteering in a different country is a great way to show you’re cultured and that you appear to be a nice person. This worldly experience is of course undertaken for .A. cheap travel or B. it looks amaazzinng on a resume. Usually people hire people who appear nice.

But then there are the major problems.

They are in their minds elevated above making friends with the college people or the right out of highschool worker…As soon as they find out its like: “Eww, your stupidity might pollute the air I breathe and disease my future prospects and all my volunteering and bushitting will be for nothing!”

Plus if you have nothing to “offer” all friendship attempts are blocked by an infinite wall because friendship means networking of course, and if you’re not “up there” you must be “down there”. They don’t want anything to do with “down there” so bye-bye.

These are the people that will be famous but abusive of thier spouses or steal other people’s work.

Or not, they may just be snobs.

These are the people that will ride their vespas wearing some designer clothes off to a huge office building in a large city, or at least that’s the image that comes to mind.

And thus the schools have conditioned the youth to keep the status quo, the up stay up, and the low stay low(er). Nothing is done to curb this!

There are no dress down days where skirts or expensive sunglasses will be frowned at. There are no mandatory human rights classes or classes that explain the inequalities in the world that is mandatory for everyone from fine arts to chemistry to take. We have to take a natural science and a social science to graduate, why not teach something more practical? Like preserving some humility in high society!


~ by davitacuttita on October 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “High Class Anger”

  1. Ha! I like it.

  2. Why thank you! I think many people have had similar experiences with elitist people in post secondary or other places that attract people with those attitudes.

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