If you would like to contact either Grandpa Dinosaur or Davita Cuttita, please send an e-mail to:

Responses will be made as quickly as possible, if at all. Thank you.

3 Responses to “Contakt”

  1. I very much enjoy this blog, its honest, funny, but best of all its aware of itself, you’ll go on to talk about topics with the foresight of what people will expect to reply to, if that makes sense, no sense is nonsense, its late, I’m lazy/tired, If I could only think of a topic to request, maybe next time.


    -Jacob Lee H.

  2. Guys, your link doesn’t work from my blog. Do I need to know something special to put you on my BlogRoll? Or is it WP?

  3. Hi, Marieke!

    To add us to your blogroll, our link is
    Since you also use wordpress, go to your dashboard, hit “manage” then hit “links”. Then, enter the blog name followed by the address and hit “save” at the right. It should work this way–let us know if there’s anymore problems. We’ve added you and thank you for doing the same to us!

    Please feel free to keep dropping by. ^_^

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