Some things in this world are too good to be true, shitacular or just plain ol’ priceless. This page is dedicated to the wonder and fuckery that we find and wish to pimp. It’ll be updated regularly.

–The Head Bitches Themselves


May 19, 2007: Web page: CRUNK AND DISORDERLYD.C. (Link to pimped PRICELESSNESS) *SPECIAL!*

I got something EXTRA SPECIAL for ya’ll today. This site is a BIG personal favourite of mine so head on over to Crunk and Disorderly hosted by Fresh to find out the latest fuckery, hilarity and everything in between going on with your favourite Black celebrities and Black-oriented pop media in general. I swear, it’s like the best site ever. With Fresh reporting on hits like Gaymonn/Andre J (pictured below):

…You just can’t go wrong, people. YOU CAN’T.

May 19, 2008: Music: Spank RockD.C. (Link to PRICELESSNESS)

If you’ve been around the site for a while you know I have an OBSESSION with Spank Rock. I love them–they are always rocking my iPod on a daily basis. Naeem Juwell, Xxxchange Armani, Chris Rockswell and Ronnie Darko…the greatest. Benny Blanco+Spank Rock=Bangin’. You’ve seen Backyard Betty adorning the site with her mighty booty of doom; puttin’ haterz in their place. With songs like “Race Riot on the Dancefloor” with Naeem tellin’ you to “Shake it till my dick turn racist” and “Loose” with Amanda Blank, the Kelly Bundy of hip-hop…it’s too much. No words can express this awesomeness…pleasure overload. PLEASURE. OVERLOAD. Show these great artists and B-More some love. These guys invented the Air Cock Thrust!! One of my personal hip-hop favourites of all time–click the link for their personal welcome to the buck shot. This is too much excitement for me in more than one inappropriate way…where is my Russian Lover-la-dah?

May 19, 2008: Music: Nine Inch NailsD.C. (Link to awesomeness)
I love music. Many, many, many kinds of music. I’ve been listening to Nine Inch Nails for a while now and I just luverz the machine sounds that just sounds like the Transformers on acid beating the shit out of eachother. Trent Reznor ist sehr kuhl…I dun care what anybody says. Not to mention the fact that the man is giving away so much of his music for free. Bring on the machines, death rays and post-apolocyptic world. It sounds great when you crank up the volume. Year Zero? GET IT.

April 29, 2008: Website: “The Angry Black Woman”D.C. (Link to awesomeness)
I enjoy a good racial discourse every now and again (obviously) and few people who participate in them are as insightful and funny as the Angry Black Woman. I’m mad, too! >_<

April 29, 2008: Cool Post: “Seal Press, Amanda Marcotte…Proof Racism and Feminism Go Hand in Hand”D.C. (Link to awesomeness)
Since I, Davita Cuttita am quite the adamant non-feminist I’m trying not to step on the toes of my co-conspirator Grandpa Dinosaur as she explores the topic; I am going to direct you to a great, eloquently written post by Karynthia over at Angry Black Woman who sums up quite a few reasons I don’t subscribe to the movement. An example being:

..feminism by and large has very little to do with actually helping all women and is really just for white women…feminism has a distressing tendency to focus on the concerns of middle class white women while ignoring the realities of racism and colonialism and anything remotely to do with intersectionality between gender and race.–Karynthia

April 28, 2007: Website: “Stuff White People Do”D.C. (Link to pimped awesomeness)
The site “Stuff White People Do” is ridiculously wicked and the way Mason D who is, for the record WHITE talks about Coloured People issues and fucking UNDERSTANDS them is so amazing, I feel like I’m being baptized in Niagara Falls everytime I read his insights. He also has a good sense of humour and I am still struggling to understand why White People smile tightly. Big-ups to Mr. D!! Go educate your racist selves!

April 28, 2007: Music: SAUL WILLIAMSD.C. (Link to pimped awesomeness)
I said it once and I’ll say it again: Saul Williams is THE shit. Spilling out musical furies on racism, the streets, prejudice and injustice. His new album is produced by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails (who’s abdominals I would also like to lick and do laundry on) and calledThe Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust. As far as I’m concerned, it’s one of the best albums ever (for $5!) and if you don’t like it I hate you and your whole family.

April 28, 2008: Music: BJÖRKD.C. (Link to awesomeness)
I lovelovelove Björk! She is one of my favourite artists in the entire universe. Her music is so cool, I don’t even think you can put it in a genre. It’s just…I have no idea; strings, beats, beat-boxing, screeching, inuit throat singers and technical difficulties. I wish I could just go to Iceland and run through the green hills then dive into a gyser and visit all of the gyser-people and their children and children’s children.

4 Responses to “Pimpin’”

  1. Thanks for the raucous righteous rec, davitacuttita! I love your blog too, please keep doin what you do.

    Bjork gets me too. Is that very white of me? And Saul Williams! (Now THAT can’t be very white of me . . . can it?)

    Aim to remember what you choose to forget,

    macon d

  2. The pleasure is all mine, Mr. D! Keep fighting the good fight.

    I do find a lot of White people like Bjork–I think we need to get the blog signal shining in the sky and contact the peeps over at “Stuff White People Like” IMMEDIATELY! I will forgive your Whiteness JUST THIS ONCE because you like Saul (jks, LOL).

    Once there’s a little less ig’nance in the world my weave is just a little less Bust-it-Baby ho’-lishis from frustation and more Tyra Banks. It’s a win-win situation for everybody!

  3. Pimp it until it can’t walk baby.

    And um yeah, Saul Williams is the MOTHERFUCKING hot sex.


    And I want Andre’s lipstick. Right now. I should also finish the new pages I’ve been working on for permalinks. Hurry back.

  4. […] things to come? The Pimpin’ page will be updated with some explosively delicious and interesting new material as soon as I can […]

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