What It Is

Welcome to the Q & A Page. If you’ve a query not listed below, please e-mail us post-haste at chequeb4wreck@hotmail.com. If it’s worthy of adding, it shall be done.

Here on PDDP, we talk about many topics. Namely race, discrimination, racism, culture(s), poverty, education, feminism (whatever that is these days), fatness/body politics, fashion, entertainment and sexuality and much more. Most of these topics are discussed in a manner that relates back to race, femininity/masculinity, and perception.

Why Did You Create This Blog?

This blog was created as a means by which we could discuss issues dealing particularly with coloured peoples, fat peoples and women. Sometimes it also includes the occassional miscellaneous post, but the aforementioned are pretty much the point.

Are You Anti-Feminist?

Yes and No. But we can definitely say we are anti-idiot(s).

Are You Feminist?

Davita is a definite: No.

Grandpa Dinosaur is confused to what feminism means anymore.

Why “Pregnant Drugdealing Prostitutes”?

It’s a little inside-joke. Once upon a time, Grandpa Dinosaur and Davita grew up in a grimy ghetto in Toronto and were one of the lucky ones–they made it out. However, a few acquaintances did become pregnant, drug-dealers and rumours of prostitution were spreading like crazy. GD pretty much figures that if they never left they’d probably have ended up becoming all three; hence the name.

Are Any of You Girls ACTUALLY Pregnant, Drug-Dealing or Prostituting?

Of course not. Silly reader!

What’s with Your Banner!?

Our banners are typically photos done by very good friends of Davita’s. Have a sense of humour!

Can I Comment?

Of course! Comments are always welcome and highly encouraged and we highly suggest you read our Code of Conduct if you would like further information. Please don’t be afraid to leave a kind word, questions or give us a piece of your mind if need be–but be forewarned: if comments are sheer douchebaggery, we are quite vicious, merciless and haven’t had all our shots yet.

How Can I Reach You?

Our e-mail is chequeb4wreck@hotmail.com. At the beginning of your e-mail, please address whom the e-mail is for (as we share the account) and the person of your choice will respond to you as soon as possible.

Do You Allow Guest Writers?/Do You Do Guest Posts for Others?

Of course! Send us an e-mail and we’ll make chit-chat about it and work something out.


2 Responses to “What It Is”

  1. Do you guys need guest writers? Um, this could be a retarded question, considering that this is a personal blog, but I’m curious.

  2. Hi Priyanka!

    We have no opposition whatsoever to guest writers. Drop us a line as chequeb4wreck@hotmail.com and my people will contact your people over brunch!

    I’ll add this question to the FAQ as well. Thanks for the idea!

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