Who We Be

Davita Cuttita

Age: 23
Nationality: Jamaican (with Canadian citizenship)
Height: 5″7
Weight: 127
Measurements: 36-26-38

LIKES: MUSIC!! Film, travel(!!), learning languages, reading, writing, literature, serial killer research, going out, eating/drinking a lot, bustiers/corsets, sushi, steak, coffee, technology, history, nature, sociology, objectivity, grillz fo da mouf, being on mountains, in cities or by large bodies of water, Jamaica (obviously), and England (great chocolate+cheap beer=love).

HATES: Magazines, boring people, bigots, snobs, hipsters (some of the time), hippies (always), perverts, people who assume and never question, people who can’t take a joke,  people who want everyone and everything to be their way, people who can’t talk shit about you to your face but will do it cowardly behind your back.

Comments: “I am vicious, delicious and nutritious.”


9 Responses to “Who We Be”

  1. i love you guys.

  2. Hi Nia!

    We love you, too! ^_^ Wow, I just visited your blog and it’s really cool. I couldn’t comment cuz I don’t have a blogger/google account (yet) but I wanted to letcha know that you should keep up the great work and I really enjoy your writing! Thanks for the compliments and links, too!

    (did you feel my enthusiasm!?!? I used so many exclamation marks because that’s EXACTLY how passionate I am about your awesomeness!!)


  3. OMG! Davita always beats me to everything! THANK YOUUUUU!!!

  4. Hey, you replied to my reply in the comments with the child and the essay for lunch (Christ, it’s me, PaulasMuniverse.Com). I spent now an hour on your site, and it’s GREAT:-). Thanks for making me curious and coming here. I’m happy btw to explain whenever need be what a feminist is:p usually they’re drop-dead-gorgeous, proud, confident, smart (and always have a jacket after they were skanked-up after the club, I loved that)
    I’d feel honored to be on your blogroll, and add you to mine. Keep on keeping on. Marieke.

  5. LMAO@ ‘egotistically comparing breast sizes’…you guys are awesome…I’ve referred to your blog quit often in the past week for my sociology assignment, and guess what? You’re famous in my class! Ok, I know its not really a big wooh, just thought you’d like to know! Good job guys, keep up the great work!


    Priyanka (pree-yank-uh)…erm…Indian names can be a major bitch to pronounce sometimes :s

  6. Why, HELLOOOO Priyanka!

    Thanks for dropping by and thanks for helping to spread the world n’ big us up. I took sociology in my first year of University, it was good but the prof was a filthy hippy! He was OK. Glad you’re enjoying yourself! ^_~

  7. You two may be the most unique bloggers I’ve ever come across…I’m too sleepy now, but I surely be back to look through your posts. I have to. I simply must know what this duo has to say!

  8. Sundjata! Thanks so much for coming by, we really do appreciate your interest and support. Please feel free to make yourself at home and read/comment as much as you’d like! ^_^

  9. You mention learning languages as a thing you like. What languages do you speak besides English (and associated dialects)?

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