by: Davita Cuttita & Grandpa Dinosaur


We talk about many topics on here; namely race, discrimination, racism, culture, poverty, education, feminism (whatever that is these days), fatness, fashion, entertainment and sexuality and are happy you’ve come to join us in discussion. However, we have a few ground rules to help you check yourself before you wreck yourself:

1. If you want to comment, by all means do: we encourage it! However, make sure that you have a clear point and/or question and that your comment is constructive criticism. Or leave a joke, we love jokes!

2. When commenting: GET TO THE POINT. We don’t want to see comments long enough for you to start your own blog (and if you feel that strongly, it’s better that you send an e-mail; we’ll take you more seriously and not just yawn and delete the comment). We also don’t want to see “continuous” commenting, (more than 3 comments) where you just go on and on trying to win non-existent arguments because hey, if our opinion differs from yours, no one can change it except ourselves. Once again, GET TO THE POINT and be clear and concise. Be considerate of others who may be questioning as well. Think about what you want to get out of having a question answered.

3. We don’t want to see comments about you “assuming” meanings of the post, comments on the page or the character(s) of the people who write them. THIS PISSES US OFF. Don’t get the post? Ask a question, we’ll respond. We want to help and enjoy people who seek guidance and clarification. Don’t understand our response? Ask again, we’ll try to be more clear but can’t promise you anything else after that: we’re here to educate and incite discussion; not coddle strangers. Don’t like our response? Fuck off.

4. No comments of a racist, sexist, sizist, xenophobic, homophobic, White privilege, anti-(insert religion), anti-(insert country), anti-mentally/physically disabled nature will EVER be tolerated: they will be deleted. Also, to anyone who writes them or tries to on here, we’d like to say “fuck you” in advance.

5. Feel free to disagree, but try to do so intelligently with some degree of literacy. If you are an asshole about it, you will regret it. Consider this a friendly warning.

6. If you are told something you said comes off as any of the outlined “unacceptables” in rule #4, chances are, IT IS. If you have a problem with that, see the bolded text of rule #3.

7. DO NOT STEAL OUR SHIT!!!!!!!!! IT MAKES US SO FUCKING ANGRY!! Links are fine but do not claim any writings or comments therein this site as your own material. If you really, really like something and want to do more with it or are unsure if your usage of the material is proper, please just send an e-mail.

Follow the rules or go away. No, we don’t care.

Pick on other users or break our Code and we’ll shank you ghetto drug-dealer style.



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