“I’m a big, strong, nigger that knocks out people, rapes people and rips off people and shit.”—Mike Tyson


Here I am, taking a hiatus from the massive amounts of French homework to bow deeply, clear my throat and say hello to you all. I am Davita Cuttita and this here blog is me and Grandpa Dinosaur’s zone to run wild on the universe Tyson-style. This is our ring.

Feministing 101! Now, I am aware that there is another blog by the title “Feministing”, I have never read it nor do I care to start but if you are a feminist I’m sure it’s an excellent place for you to go (although you’re more than welcome to stay here).

There are no feminist writers here.

I guess that sounds bad in the sense that it probably means I’m not advocating for women’s rights, equality and right to choose whatever they want to do with their bodies; this is not true. I’m all for that stuff (to a certain extent) but you probably won’t catch me in a picket line anytime soon and I will definitely never call myself a feminist.

I have a lot of problems with modern feminism. I can’t tell if it’s coming or going anymore—it’s like when you’re driving and some guy keeps indicating to go left but never makes the turn for miles to the point where you just curse under your breath and try to go around him. Then he cuts you off. I am “going around” feminism; let me elaborate…

The feministing I propose is a kick in the uterus, a hit of cocaine, a breath of fresh air, sex on the beach, a brisk run from the cops, the sound of a window smashing, frustratingly trying to locate your g-spot, a 10-page essay on politics, a scream in the dark. It is the anti to the anti; it’s a response to feminism and anti-feminism. We’re not feminists but we’re not misogynists either—we’re keeping it real, propaganda free and factual. Just to be clear, we’re not sitting on the fence and anyone feministing the fuck outta anybody knows the rules are never definite but the intentions are never muddled; they are definite.


“The Place of the Man”

Men are not above us. Nor are they beneath us—we’re level. But a problem I have with modern feminism is that it spends so much time defining the woman that the definition of what a man is or what a man “should be” is lost. So…what is he going to do now? Does he get to join in on this conversation or what? I’m not saying that we should be too keen on defining things and constantly placing them into neat little boxes, but what I am saying is if the men fucked this process up to begin with; how do we possibly hope to fix this, who gets to make the rules and why?

“It’s Snowing in Here”

I find a lot of white women tend to back feminism a lot. Every now and again there’ll be a Black, Hispanic, East Indian, Asian or what have you chick, but not often. Now, I’ve tried discussing the whole race issue with many a person, even feminists; but they simply do not seem to be able to grasp the seriousness of racism. THIS I can definitely understand. I can’t imagine white people in a white dominated country getting the daylights beat out of them by police for no reason other than their skin colour(this has happened to a family member of mine), being called a racial slur or being turned down for a job or promotion due to their race. What cheeses me to pieces though is that THEY DO NOT ADMIT that they don’t understand and if they cannot comprehend what you have been through (or even ACKNOWLEDGE that) or has any idea of what your cultural values are, how can they possibly expect to help you? They compare racial discrimination to an issue they are familiar with and all I can say is, “People, do not do this because it is not the same”. And don’t patronize me either.

I believe a lot of feminists white or otherwise, fail to realize that feminism is not the be all and end all for every single woman’s problem in the world. Many a culture will turn down feminism without batting an eyelash. For example, one of the virtues it touts is a woman being able to choose having an abortion or not. Fair enough. However, take this issue to my homeland—it would be completely unacceptable. The women would sneer, “How dare she run away from her responsibility!” or even say this of themselves. To surmise, I believe feminism is strictly a Western ideal and people who try to superimpose it upon other nations because y’know, Western society is so wonderful and infallible; are wrong. Sure, whatever, discuss your values with other people, the more we know about each other the better. Let’s eliminate the fear factor. But don’t go into their country telling them what to do or how to act. Different cultures, different values, different rules. Read a book, shut up and sit down.

On the other hand, one can’t be a misogynist about things. I’m a bit of a misanthrope and I wholly admit that I hate people equally based on their character and not the colour of their skin. Women and men deserve to be on equal ground, with equal pay and equal rights. All of us are as beautiful, articulate and intelligent as we want to be and any motherfucker beating on his woman (or if you’re a lesbo couple any cunt beating on her woman, if you’re a homo couple any dick beating on his dude violently; ha!) deserves to be put in the ring with Tyson; the King of Spousal Abuse. It’ll be a pay-per-view event and all proceeds will go towards paying him to fuck you up one more time once he’s done. He is an ass-whooping machine, incapable of emotion or sleep and driven by the primal urge to kill and crush testis/ovum. I don’t care how sexist this sounds and I’m sure you’d agree if you ever saw this video of the man.

I just want people to get practical. Where is the dialogue going and should I even pay attention anymore?

So what is Feministing exactly? Damned if I know all the answers. It’s not about being here just for the women, just for the men or even for the children. It’s about all the angles; good, bad and ugly—it’s not a trend, it’s not a philosophy and it’s not a lifestyle. It’s not revolutionary. It won’t sell t-shirts. There will be no “fair”. It’s the way this Black girl looks at women’s issues, human issues; without left or right.

~Davita Cuttita


~ by davitacuttita on March 4, 2008.

One Response to “Feministing101”

  1. There’s actually a really interesting article (sigh, i should really be prep up before i post my comments, eh?) about how constricted the flow of knowledge really is, especially in the area of feminism and feminist research and publication.

    Major academic publications all have panels to decide what content gets to be published. Of course, you need quality control … can’t have anyone publishing a paper that says, “Natural Disasters are a contributing factor to violence against women”. (I actually edited a university undergrad paper on this topic, which confused me to no end. It wasn’t just the English.) But at the same time, the panel is slow to adopt new ideas and paradigms. The more radical the idea, the harder it is to get through.

    So people would be like, screw you guys, why don’t I just publish my own journal of whatever? The reason is that people are less likely to take you seriously unless you have credentials, and the credentials come from being published in major publications. You don’t get to be guest speaker at whatever event, you don’t get to spread your knowledge and your ideas simply because you got rejected by these people who are slow to change.

    And that is just academia. Of course, out here on teh internets, it’s a totally different story.

    I agree with you; mainstream “feminism” is restrictive, but there are so many other branches out there … and I’m actually really happy to be here to read your blog, haha, I’m not even sure if i can begin to explain. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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