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Hey, Everyone! ^_^

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Oh! And if you haven’t already noticed by now; I wouldn’t reccommend you reading us at work, ahahah!

My Female Erection in Virgin Space: Intro by Grandpa Dinosaur
My Female Erection in Virgin Space: Chapter One by Grandpa Dinosaur
Why Romance Must Die! by Davita Cuttita
Pu$$y! by Davita Cuttita

What is a Fake Feminist? A Miserable Pile of Secrets? by Grandpa Dinosaur
A New Kind of Anti by Davita Cuttita

Disconnect: Communicating With White People by Grandpa Dinosaur
“Why Is It So Typical For Asian People NOT to Marry Outside Their Race?”by Grandpa Dinosaur
Thinking of the Children: The Effects of Internalized Racism by Davita Cuttita
Racism, Pretty Privilege and Running from the Law by Davita Cuttita
Write Right White Words by Grandpa Dinosaur
The Failures of Anti-Racism by Davita Cuttita
Catching Hell by Davita Cuttita

Big Girl, Skinny Girl by Davita Cuttita
Thin Privilege, Please Don’t Eat Me! by Davita Cuttita

Have fun!

Anyway, as a side-note to our regular lover-la-dahs, I know I promised that we would give away extras of the first official PDDP zine that is a small compilation of Grandpa and I’s favourite postings thus far, but they are SOLD OUT and the very last copy for mail-out will be sent to Loopzilla: congratulations! However, for those of you into poetry, Grandpa Dinosaur has created a very special zine of some of her stuff called “The Melting Snowman” and we still have a few copies available so if you’re interested, please e-mail us at so you can receive your autographed copy with crazy Canadian nik-naks! I guess Grandpa will eventually post samples or whatever in the near future to help pursuade/entertain you.

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Canzine was full of hipsters and terrible, mind-raping music by horrible artists I never heard of nor care to hear again. However, the silver lining was definitely cupcakes, ecalires, and sitting next to Anita Fixx of Mary Duh zine who shared my confusion in regards to hipster culture and refered to them as “rich White kids listening to shitty music dressed in Goodwill clothes”.


I love her and purchased a jewlery box and a mind-blowingly orgasmic chocolate capcake from her. I could taste love itself and hear the voices of angels with every bite! She was also kind enough to give us a free zine! Check her out, she’s HILARIOUS!!

I guess that’s it for today. We’ll be updating again during the week. And as per PDDP custom, please accept these youtube videos of people shaking their asses and drag queens as a welcoming gift (which are also a few of my favourite videos of ALL TIME!!).

Enjoy and as our motto goes: did you bring protection?


~ by davitacuttita on October 26, 2008.

6 Responses to “CANZINE: THE AFTER MATH.”

  1. lol@Anita Fixx’s commentary. That is how every “DIY” thing I’ve been to lately has gone. Young men and women in grandma glasses, really tight pants, and bowl cuts listening to beeping noises and YELLING.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say: what the hell is up with that random tuxedoed white dude in the Moi Rene video. He’s just sitting there and pleasantly nodding, is he judging her performance? I hope he gave her FORTY FIVE GAJILLION out of ten, because that was some fierce business.

  2. Hahah, yeah, I love Anita!

    Moi Rene is one of the hottest things right now with my friends (although apparently, she passed away a while ago–suicide I hear)!!

    I don’t know what to tell you about the talkshow host. ALL of my friends ask me tha same question and all I can say to them is “He’s ENCHANTED! Fucking mesmerized!” so that’s my answer to you too, Loopzilla, LOL. The performance was on NY public access television which seems to be WAAAY more interesting than PBS, hahaha. I was dying at the “I don’t give a damn” swishing and ass-twirlings of the back-up dancers and Moi’s cracktastical lipstick.

    Also, please don’t forget to send us your contact info so we can mail you your prize! ^_^

  3. Hey, I just found this blog this week and have read some of the above posts you linked to. The one on “Thinking of the Children” made me wonder if you have read any of James Loewen’s books on history, especially “Lies My Teacher Told Me” where he discusses the way American history is taught from a White, male, Euro-centric view and how it prevents people who aren’t white males from identifying with history. He also has an interesting book on sundown towns which really made me mad at the place I live. He is from Illinois and I live in Indiana. His book focused on those areas and specifically mentioned the town I live in. While I have always been against racism, his books have long made me question more and do more research, which eventually led me here. Thanks for being one of the people who has caused this White person to open their eyes wider and question more.

  4. Hey Melissa,

    You’re welcome, I think it’s great you found the post informative and that they inspired you to seek out for information. This types of tidbits always make me all warm and tingly inside.

    I haven’t heard of any of the books or authors you’ve mentioned, my co-writer and I are both habitants of Canadada-land and I was just expanding on her “Eurocentric Eunce-Eunce” article which details the impact of Eurocentricism in Canada. The link is here:

    I’ll give the books you mentioned a peek, though. Thanks!

  5. I did indeed send my contact info, but I may have forgotten to say “HEY, THIS IS LOOPZILLA”. Because I rule.

    Anyway, I did label it “HERE I AM AND FEELING FIIIIIERCE” in honor of Moi Rene (RIP). Should I send it again?

  6. Hi Loopzilla!

    LOL! I loved that headline. We’ve received your info, thanks! A confirmation e-mail has been sent. Be sure to check your mailbox over the next 2 weeks or so for it and congrats again!

    Also, Happy Halloween!

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